Zero vs. Epyon

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  • 9.0

    This episode was a great one, full of action and yet something deeper is involved as well.

    By ankush22, Nov 11, 2006

    Really good episode, this is probably one of the two reasons i watch this series; the action battles, comparing the two gundams, and in my opinion the 2 strongest ones was a good move. Throughout the series there are several motifs and then there are sub motifs like this one, the Milliardo/Zechs and Heero rivalry. This episode was just straight action and is a definite must watch. I gave it a 9.1 and not a full 10 just because the actual battle itself could have been more captivating, though it is understandable because this series was made around the mid 90s so that kind of action would be appropriate.moreless

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