Models Inc.

FOX (ended 1995)
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  • S 1 : Ep 29

    Sometimes a Great Commotion

    Aired 3/6/95

  • S 1 : Ep 28


    Aired 2/27/95

  • S 1 : Ep 27

    By Crook or by Hook

    Aired 2/20/95

  • S 1 : Ep 26

    Adam's Family Values

    Aired 2/13/95

  • S 1 : Ep 25

    Really Big Problems

    Aired 2/6/95

  • Cast & Crew
  • Linda Gray

    Hillary Michaels

  • Cassidy Rae

    Sarah Owens

  • Carrie-Anne Moss

    Carrie Spencer

  • David Goldsmith

    Eric Dearborn

  • Kylie Travis

    Julie Dante

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  • show Description
  • This spin-off of Melrose Place focuses on the glamour and intrigue of the world of modeling. The tough and ambitious Hillary Michaels operates the agency Models Inc., whose models all share a luxurious beach house but are often at odds with each other. They include Sarah, a naive newcomer straight from the Midwest; Julie, the resident bitch who eventually develops a softer side; Linda, a troubled young woman with an abusive boyfriend and a scandalous past; Carrie, the "over-the-hill" model struggling to maintain her foothold in the industry; and Carrie's sister, Teri, a rising star whose ambition leads to a tragic downfall.Despite heavy promotion and several crossover appearances on Melrose Place by Hillary (whose character was the estranged mother of Melrose Place's Amanda Woodward) and Sarah, the show never really took off in the ratings. It was cancelled after one season, ending with a cliffhanger. Surprisingly, the cliffhanger was resolved (for the most part) in a new version of the finale that aired overseas and on E! The show has not turned up in repeats for several years.FOX Broadcast HistoryJune 1994 - December 1994: Wednesdays 9:00 PMJanuary 1995 - March 1995: Mondays 9:00 PMmoreless

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    • The scenes involving the characters played by Teresa Hill and David Goldsmith were shot at the home of Tv.Com contributor Fastfilm. The big slapping scene in the Pilot between "Linda" and "Eric" played beneath a portrait of Fastfilm's husband during his rockstar days. The location was utilized for the first eight episodes all throuighout the house. Most popular with the neighbors was Hill's dash outside onto the front porch, wearing nothing but her lingerie. This house was chosen because, with Fastfilm's collection of music and instruments, it looked, to location scouts, as if it were the house of a musician. Somewhat typecast, it also looked as if it were the house of a musician to location scouts for the film "Chasing Destiny," the first film by "Gilmore Girls" actress Lauren Graham, which also featured Roger Daltrey of the Who, Christopher Lloyd ("Back To The Future," "Taxi") and Casper Van Dien.

    • When Stephanie Romanov appeared on Melrose Place in the episode Devil With the G-String On, her character's last name was given as Stevens. Now, however, it seems to be Spencer.

    • Kaela Dobkin later had a recurring role on Melrose Place as another secretary--Kary, who worked for the Burns/Mancini/Cooper medical practice.

    • "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" by Prince was used in promos for the series.

    • This episode is 90 minutes long. It aired at 8 PM, and was followed by a repeat of Living Single.

    • Show and Zuniga appear as their Melrose Place characters. Cassidy Rae and Linda Gray appeared on five episodes of that series, and Stephanie Romanov made a brief appearance. Hillary is the mother of Melrose's Amanda Woodward.

    • The "porn" footage that is eventually shown is the same footage of characters Linda and Eric being "affectionate" (nudge nudge wink wink) on the upstairs blue bedroom's bed, as seen in the mirror of an armoire. You can see the bevelled edges of the armoire's mirror in both usages.

    • This is the final episode for Teri Spencer played by Stephanie Romanov. As of this episode, Stephanie plays a new role, Monique Duran.

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    • Title: The title for this episode refers to the motto "In God We Trust," which appears on all United States currency.

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  • Cheese Supreme for a nighttime soaper! And who doesn't love cheese, oui?

    By fastfilm, Feb 04, 2007

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