Modern Marvels


Season 7, Ep 21, Aired 8/3/00
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  • They have been the backbone of the world's economy for centuries, but they have also been constantly reinvented over that time. And recent technological innovations promise to continue that trend, possibly revolutionizing the banking industry. From the influence of men like Alexander Hamilton to the creation of the FDIC, this is a fascinating chronicle of the institutions at the backbone of the world's economy. This show ventures back to the days of the Medicis and inside the mysterious workings of an ATM in this comprehensive look at the banking industry. We'll get the complete story behind such institutions as the Federal Reserve and the FDIC, and examine the influence of such notable figures as Alexander Hamilton, Henry Wells, Aaron Burr, William Fargo, A.P. Giannini, Andrew Jackson and J.P. Morgan. And experts and insiders consider the impact of comparably recent developments like the credit card and electronic banking, as well as the changes that the future may hold. More than just the storehouses of wealth, they have created fame and fortune and shaped the course of history.moreless

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    • Narrator: They have processed billions of transactions a year involving trillions of dollars. The money flows through both huge repositories and tiny computers. It is their job to make sure the wealth of the world is aboslutely secure. Now, Banks, on Modern Marvels.

    Notes (1)

    • Henry Wells (archival footage) William Fargo (archival footage) Amadeo Giannini (archival footage) Heddy Greene (archival footage) Jesse James (archival footage) John Dillinger (archival footage) Lester J. Gillis (Baby Face Nelson) (archival footage) Franklin D. Roosevelt (archival footage) D.W. Wright J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated Dr. Richard Sylla Financial Historian, Stern School of Business, NYU Duncan Knowles Retired Historian, Bank of America Paul D. Fiore Executive VP, New Ventures, Digital Insight Charles A. Hall Vault Erector Jim Nuss President, Hermann Associates, Inc. Frank Mullozzi Senior Lab Tech., Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Edward McDonough, CPP Business Development Mgr., Financial Services, ADT Dr. Eugene White Professor of Economics, Rutgers University Harold Anderson Wells Fargo Historian Meg Ventrudo Museum of American Financial History Peter Bakstansky Federal Reserve Bank of New York David Trade Transaction Services Region Mgr., Bank of America Rob Evans Director of Marketing, NCR Corporation Executive Producer: Don Cambou Writer: Mark Mohr Producer: Mark Mohr Associate Producer: Holly A. Murdoch Editor: John Parsons Line Producer: Paul Dzilvelis Producer: Bruce Nash Creator: Bruce Nash Music: Alan Ett Production Manager: Linda K. Clark Post Producer: Scott Berkson Clearance Supervisor: Charlotte Carpenter Clearance Coordinator: Katie Del Core Director of Research: Barry Hill Researcher: Anthony Lacques Researcher: Gloria Morris Historical Consultant: Richard Sylla Historical Consultant: Ed McDonough Footage Consultant: Ted Troll Camera: Gene Maynard Camera: Steve Nitzberg Camera: Dylan S. O'Brien Field Audio: Larry Farkas Field Audio: Michael Kimball Post Production Supervisor: Jason Steinberg Post Production Coordinator: Gary Reid Assistant Editor: Harris Cohen Post Production Assistant: Brian Volk Online Editor: David Rex Sound Mixer: Paul Ray Animation: Glenn Takakjian Production Auditor: Dani Eslin Assistant Production Accountant: Linda Scribner Assistant Production Accountant: Francis Ramey Production Coordinator: Kathy Exner Production Assistant: Maryalice R. Aragon Production Assistant: Gwendolyn Murphy Production Assistant: Suni Nivens Special Thanks: Jim Taylor Joe Hirschmuegel John Hourigan Kathleen Collins Museum of American Financial History Washington Mutual Supervising Producer: Beth Dietrich Executive Producer: Charlie Maday 2000

    Trivia (2)

    • If all the currency in the five-story vault of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas was stacked in a single pile, it would reach 17 miles high.

    • In 1986, burglars tunneled into a First Interstate Bank vault in Los Angeles. They stole $2 million worth of cash, jewels, and rare coins. The burglars and their booty have never been found.

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