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Season 12, Ep 59, Aired 11/16/05
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  • It's one of the world's oldest and most beloved beverages, revered by Pharaohs and brewed by America's Founding Fathers. Today, brewing the bitter elixir is a multi-billion-dollar global industry.

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    • Narrator: Its golden body and frothy head have enraptured human beings for more than 6,000 years. Malt, hops, yeast and water, but ad mashing and boiling, hot and cold, sweat and science and the results a lager, pale ale and porter. From micro brew to mega brew, from medieval monasteries to a pub near you. Now, Brewing, on Modern Marvels.

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    • Klaus Klages Munich Resident Doug Muhleman Chief Brewmaster, Anheuser-Busch Dan Driscoll St. Louis Brewmaster, Anheuser-Busch Jeff Pitts St. Louis Plant Mgr., Anheuser-Busch Alan Eames Beer Anthropologist, Author Dr. Patrick McGovern Sr. Research Scientist, U Penn Museum Gregg Smith, PhD Author, A Beer History Bryan Selders Lead Brewer, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Sam Calagione Owner, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Frank Peifer Brewmaster, Weihenstephan Brewery Bob Brandt Owner, Red Car Brewery Jim Koch Brewer, Samuel Adams Francine Katz VP of Communications, Anheuser-Busch Drew Beechum President, Maltose Falcons Ken Grossman (archival footage) Sierra Nevada Brewery founder Executive Producer: Don Cambou Writer: Anthony Lacques Producer: Anthony Lacques Line Producer: Paul Dzilvelis Editor: Bruce Hepler Narrator: Max Raphael Music: Alan Ett Music Group Producer: Bruce Nash Creator: Bruce Nash Production Manager: Shelia Collins Post Producer: Tim Knauff Clearance Supervisor: Katie Del Core Director of Research: Allison Boon Production Auditor: Dani Eslin Accountant: April Brown Accountant: Lisa Casella Accountant: Sheridan Liu Accountant: Paulette Pantoja Researcher: Uldis Balodis Researcher: John Knapp Coordinator: Boni Osmani Coordinator: Brad Skiles Clearance Coordinator: Lawrence Givens III Clearance Coordinator: Aaron Zober Post Coordinator: Terrence Hartwell Voice over Coordinator: John Knapp Assistant Editor: Laura Steinhoff Assistant Editor: Josh Beckham Assistant Post Coordinator: Alexander Rubinow Post Assistant: Gaylen Kobayashi Post Assistant: Kevin McCartney Camera: Manuel Brueckl Camera: Guy Defeis Camera: Daniel Desloge Camera: Ric J. Edevane Camera: Lon Magdich Camera: Jed Udall Field Audio: Rob Maerz Field Audio: Brigitte Schaller Field Audio: Ron Strobel Field Audio: Tony West Online Editor: John Price Sound Mixer: Ed Thacker Animation: Randall Rickert Animated Maps: Red Gypsy Animation Animated Photos: Adam Goodwin Special thanks: Catriona Anderson Craig A. Baggett Alan Eames Jacqueline Hogenauer Jaren A. Mariani Margaret Nathan Kelli Powers The Red Car Brewery Bryan Simpson Michalle Sullivan Manuela Weileder Executive Producer: Beth Dietrich-Segarra Produced by Actuality Productions, INC 2005

    Trivia (4)

    • Before October 14, 1978, there had been another kind of prohibition in America. On that day, President Jimmy Carter signed a bill making it legal to brew beer in the home.

    • By the early 20th Century, German and Austrian immigrants also established breweries in Mexico, creating famous lager beers such as Corona, Carta Blanca, Bohemia, and Dos Equis.

    • At a London brewery on October 16, 1814, a huge wooden storage vat burst open, flooding the streets with a 25-foot-high wave of beer. Eight people drowned in the flood, while dozens of others ran to scoop up the free beer.

    • Records from ancient Sumeria contain references to "red beer," "white beer," "premium beer," "beer with a head," and many others.

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