Modern Marvels

More Snackfood Tech

Season 12, Ep 65, Aired 12/20/05
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  • They crunch; they ooze; they crackle; they pop--mmmmm, yeah! Soft drinks, donuts, meat snacks, popcorn, and gum. What's your weakness? From the handmade treats of the earliest civilizations to hi-tech mass production, these snacks are borne of man's need to feed his cravings. Join us for an hour-long tasty treat as we examine the history of snackfoods and check out how they are made today.

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  • More Snackfood Tech!

    By jchamberlin, Jan 20, 2006

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    • Narrator: Crunchy, sugary, fizzy, popped, what do you hanker for? From hand made to high tech, these treats feed our cravings. So grab and handful, take a bottle, dink it down and pass some of that good stuff around. Now, More Snackfood Tech, on Modern Marvels.

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    • President John F. Kennedy (Archival Footage) Doug Zimmermann VP, Science/Technology, Cadbury Schweppes John Nese Owner, Galco's Soda Pop Stop Sharon Bonawitz Product Scientist, Cadbury Schweppes Jim Geer Atlanta Syrup Plant Mgr., Coca-Cola Mike Burns Pilot Plant Engr., Cadbury Schweppes Phil Mooney Director, Archives, The Coca-Cola Co. Hugh Dailey Warren Guest Relations, World of Coca-Cola Kevin Hoeing Manager, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts store Brad Well VP, Manufacturing & Operations, Krispy Kreme Ann Stalling VP, Operational Support, Krispy Kreme Ron Weintraub Owner, Randy's Donuts, Los Angeles Jack McAleer Exec. VP, Concept Development, Krispy Kreme Jim Rudolph Chairman & CEO, Rudolph Foods Rich Rudolph President, Rudolph Foods Steve Lackey Meat Procurement/Processing Manager, Rudolph Foods Todd Zwiebel Corp. Quality Assurance Mgr., Rudolph Foods Shawn Allen Pellet Facility Manager, Rudolph Foods Tony Caprella Packaging & Traffic Manager, Rudolph Foods Mick Tyler VP of Marketing, Oberto Sausage Co. Michael Devlin Dir. of Engineering, Oberto Sausage Co. Art Oberto Chairman of the Board, Oberto Garry Smith President, Jolly Time Pop Corn Greg Hoffman VP of Production, Jolly Time Pop Corn Bob Pruden Popcorn Grower William Higgins, VP Marketing Cadbury Adams, a Cadbury Schweppes co. Michael Glass VP, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Cadbury Schweppes Executive Producer: Don Cambou Writer: Beata Genin Producer: Beata Genin Line Producer: Paul Dzilvelis Editor: Motoshi Wakabayashi Narrator: Max Raphael Music: Alan Ett Music Group Producer: Bruce Nash Creator: Bruce Nash Production Manager: Shelia Collins Post Producer: Tim Knauff Clearance Supervisor: Katie Del Core Director of Research: Allison Boon Production Controller: Dani Eslin Accountant: April Brown Accountant: Lisa Casella Accountant: Sheridan Liu Accountant: Paulette Pantoja Researcher: Uldis Balodis Researcher: John Knapp Coordinator: Boni Osmani Coordinator: Brad Skiles Clearance Coordinator: Lawrence Givens III Clearance Coordinator: Aaron Zober Post Coordinator: Terrence Hartwell Voice over Coordinator: John Knapp Assistant Editor: Laura Steinhoff Assistant Editor: Josh Beckham Assistant Post Coordinator: Alexander Rubinow Post Assistant: Gaylen Kobayashi Post Assistant: Kevin McCartney Camera: Keith Barefoot Camera: Danny S. Chen Camera: David Hogoboom Camera: R. Kelley Marchal Camera: Mele Mason Camera: Brian R. Ochrym Camera: Eric Thornton Camera: Jed Udall Camera: Robert C. Van Camp Field Audio: Matt Bowman Field Audio: Denni Hrbek Field Audio: Matt Mason Field Audio: Pete Masengale Field Audio: Rory Nix Field Audio: Todd Schmidt Field Audio: Dusty Terwilliger Field Audio: Brian Wear Online Editor: John Price Sound Mixer: Ed Thacker Animation: Randall Rickert Animated Photos: Adam Goodwin Technical Consultants: American Pop Corn Company Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages The Coca-Cola Company Michael Devlin & Oberto Sausage Company Michael Glass Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Rudolph Foods Company, Inc. Special Thanks: Laforce & Stevens Popcorn Palace Executive Producer: Beth Dietrich-Segarra Produced by Actuality Productions, Inc 2005

    Trivia (4)

    • U.S. annual consumption of carbonated soft drinks - 15 billion gallons = over 50 gallons per person

    • Pork skin is a major ingredient in most commercially produced gelatin, which is widely used in the manufacture of other snack foods like gummy bears, marshmallows, and some Jell-O desserts.

    • In about 22 seconds, Krispy Kreme can produce enough doughnuts to make a stack the height of the Empire State Building.

    • If all the Coca-Cola ever produced was put in 8-ounce bottles laid end to end, it would reach to the moon and back almost 1,300 times.

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