All This and Turkey, Too

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    Goodbye Quentin "Q" Brooks

    By bautistakenrick856, Aug 25, 2014

    From "The List"-to-this episode, this was Q's final appearance on the show. In this episode, Q visits Moesha on Thanksgiving, to which she is surprised. Q wants the engagement ring to pay the group that he is producing. The next day, when Moesha told Q the news, Q got so mad that he started an argument (about Mo telling his friend Khalib and about her not giving him the engagement ring). After their fight, Moesha breaks up with Q, meaning that the engagement is over. His last words on the show were: "But I promise you, this is gonna be one of those things where we can just look back on and laugh at". I honestly hate the Moesha-Hakeem Relationship, I like Mo with Q better. He was a greater boyfriend to Moesha.moreless

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