Monarch of the Glen

BBC (ended 2005)
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  • Inspired by the highland novels of Compton Mackenzie, this show follows Archie MacDonald as he finds himself thrown into the role of the new Laird of Glenbogle, his family's financially failing Scottish estate. With the help, and sometimes hinderance, of his family and faithful retainers he works to get the noble estate back on its feet.

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  • S 7 : Ep 6

    Series Seven - Episode Six

    Aired 10/23/05

  • S 7 : Ep 5

    Series Seven - Episode Five

    Aired 10/16/05

  • S 7 : Ep 4

    Series Seven - Episode Four

    Aired 10/9/05

  • S 7 : Ep 3

    Series Seven - Episode Three

    Aired 10/2/05

  • S 7 : Ep 2

    Series Seven - Episode Two

    Aired 9/25/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • Paul Freeman

    Andrew Booth (Series 4-5)

  • Richard Briers

    Hector MacDonald (Series 1-3)

  • Julian Fellowes

    Lord Angus Errol Sharon Kilwillie (Series 1-4)

  • Tom Baker

    Donald MacDonald (Series 6-7)

  • Susan Hampshire

    Molly MacDonald (Series 1-7)

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    • (Killwillie & Hector standing at the end of a bridge)
      Killwillie: You're back in business, anyway.
      Hector: It's out of my hands, I'm afraid. I'm taking rather a back seat these days.
      Killwillie: Hm. Probably for the best. Marvellous job though I have to say.
      (Man walks up to Killwillie & Hector)
      Man: Well, it should be. That's 100 year old seasoned oak.
      Hector: Whose wood have you got for that?
      Man: Mine. I supplied it. Stuart McKintosh. (holds out a card to Killwillie)
      Hector: McKintosh?
      (Stuart nods)
      Hector: Do you realize your on MacDonald land?
      Killwillie: Hector, this is the 21st century, and the clan wars are long over.
      (Killwillie reads the card the man handed him)
      Killwillie: 'MacClain Building Materials'?
      Stuart: I had a delivery a couple miles away so I thought I'd stop by and see the finished article.
      (Horn honks)
      Stuart: Last you for generations, that will.
      Killwillie: I rather think that's about to be put to the test.
      Stuart: Who's this maniac?
      Hector: That maniac is a loyal family retainer. He's been across this bridge more times than you've had hot muffins.
      (Car comes flying down the road)
      Stuart: (Yelling at the men working on the bridge)Watch out!
      (All the men run off the bridge & Stuart jumps behind the bridge wall)
      (Hector & Killwillie look at each other & take one step back & the car comes screeching to a halt right at the end of the bridge beside them, Duncan smiling in the driver's seat)
      Killwillie: (Walking towards the car) Muscular, agile, dynamic, 24 valve, 204 BHP, 4.4 V8 engine, and a glove-box you could hold a jamboree in.
      (Hector laughs)
      (Killwillie opens the car door)
      Killwillie: After you old man.
      Hector: (As he's getting in the car) No wonder we lost at Culloden.
      (Stuart scowls from behind the bridge wall)

    • Lexi: Can I help you? Stuart: Uh, yeah. I was looking for the Laird. Lexi: Well, you won't find him in there. Stuart: Yeah, you're probably right. Let me give you a hand with those. Lexi: That's OK. Stuart: Ah, come on, just so I can boast to my friends. Lexi: What are you talking about? Stuart: I can tell them, truthfully, that within a minute of meeting the most gorgeous woman, I had the clothes off her. Lexi: Well, in that case, be my guest. (Lexi hands the laundry basket to Stuart)

    • Hector: No news about the wake then?
      Molly: For the last time, Hector, they're not having one.
      Hector: It's a damned disgrace! Music and dancing, that's what I want when I go, and plenty of it!
      Molly: Oh, belive me dear, there will be.

    • Killwillie: And, most importantly, no fillies, so you can always loosen the old trouser belt without fear of reprisal. Hector: Sounds like Heaven on Earth. Killwillie: Oh, better than that. Hector: Why wait till now to ask me? Killwillie: Well, 'Out of darkness cometh light.' Its only on the death of a member we can bring in flesh blood. Hector: I see. This chap, do I know him? Killwillie: Whose funeral do you think we're going to? Hector: Aah! Killwillie: Ah.

    • Archie: I'm not going anywhere till you talk to me Lex. I can stay here for days. I've got the Times crossword.
      Lexie: You're useless at crosswards.
      Archie: Exactly.

    • (Hector, locked in dungeon, hears dogs barking)
      (Duncan comes through the floor of the dungeon)
      Hector: Duncan.
      Duncan: Hector.
      Hector: Why don't you use the door like everyone else?

    • (At the bridge opening)
      Reporter: It'd be a better photo if you gave the scissors to the lady.
      Lexie: Nope, better not Arch, because the ribbon wouldn't be the only thing that I'd be snipping in half. (Lexie walks up to Stuart) I think you left these in the car. (reads card from the flowers) 'Stella, let's try again. The champagne's still on ice if you change your mind.' Well, she might not have, but I certainly have. (Lexie hits Stuarts with the flowers she is still holding)
      Lexie: Did I give you permission, to court courting me? (Hits!) Did I give you permission, to break my heart? (Hit!) Your nothing but a lying, cheating, two faced waste of space! (Hit!)
      Molly: Give him one for me Lexie!
      (Lexie give Stuart a final hit with the flowers that are now all over)
      (Lexie walks over to Stella)
      Lexie: If you want him, you can have him. But keep that sleazeball outta my way!
      (Lexie storms off
      Archie: (hands scissors to Molly) Mother.
      (Archie jogs to catch up with Lexie)

    • Molly: Trust my luck, Duncan. I've backed long shots before, and won.
      Duncan: Aye, but my luck's not that great, and it's me that's doing the digging.

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    Notes (46)

    • Main cast: Richard Briers, Susan Hampshire, Alastair MacKenzie and Lorraine Pilkington are all credited in the title sequence of this episode.

    • Alexander Morton, Dawn Steele and Hamish Clark are added to the main cast. Anna Wilson-Jones is added too, but not with pictures.

    • Jason O'Mara and Julian Fellowes replace Anna Wilson-Jones in the main cast.

    • Claire Nielson is added to the main cast (no pictures of her in the title sequence)

    • Niall Buggy and Flora Montgomery (both without pictures in the title sequence) replace Claire Nielson in the main cast..

    • This is the first time Lexie is called Alexandra.

    • Gerald Lepkowski is credited as Gerald Leprowski.

    • Hilton McRae (no pictures in the title sequence) replaces the 2 added in the previous episode's main cast.

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    Allusions (1)

    • Hector: What are we having. Fatted Calf? I hope not
      This is a reference to the Bible story, the Prodigal Son. In that story, the youngest son takes his inheritence and leaves home, spending every penney. He soon realized that he made a mistake and returns home, deciding to become his father's servent, since he could no longer feel worthy of being his son. However, when the son returns, the father thows him a giant party, with the prize fatted calf being served for dinner.

  • Fan Reviews (5)
  • Disappointing on many levels

    By MichaelFenton, Jul 01, 2015

  • Never too late....

    By jca, May 01, 2014

  • I did like this show for the two first seasons. Then I think it started to fall behind and just go on and on with not much new. And I really miss Hector in all the rest seasons. Althou he really did die in a funny way.

    By castro_the_one, Jun 02, 2007

  • Set in the Scottish Higholands, this drama follows the turbulent life of laird Archie MacDonald (Alastair MacKenzie), his wife Lexie (Dawn Steele) and other various characters along the way.

    By Irishdancer01, Nov 27, 2006

  • A great show showing Scotland at it’s very best! !

    By potterja, May 09, 2006