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  • S 8 : Ep 16

    Mr. Monk and the End - Part II

    Aired 12/4/09

  • S 8 : Ep 15

    Mr. Monk and the End - Part I

    Aired 11/27/09

  • S 8 : Ep 14

    Mr. Monk and the Badge

    Aired 11/20/09

  • S 8 : Ep 13

    Mr. Monk is the Best Man

    Aired 11/13/09

  • S 8 : Ep 12

    Mr. Monk Goes Camping

    Aired 11/6/09

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tony Shalhoub

    Adrian Monk

  • Traylor Howard

    Natalie Teeger

  • Jason Gray-Stanford

    Lt. Randall Disher

  • Ted Levine

    Captain Leland Stottlemeyer

  • Bitty Schram

    Sharona Fleming

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  • show Description
  • Former police detective Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub), whose photographic memory and amazing ability to piece together tiny clues made him a local legend, has suffered from intensified obsessive-compulsive disorder and a variety of phobias since the unsolved murder of his wife, Trudy, in 1997. Now on psychiatric leave from the San Francisco Police Department and working as a freelance detective/consultant on difficult cases, Monk hopes to convince his former boss, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine), to allow him to return to the force. Stottlemeyer, who wavered between admiration for Monk and annoyance at his eccentricities during the first season, becomes more of a friend to Monk as the series develops, frequently calling him in to help, as much for Monk's benefit as for his own. However, he knows Monk's limitations as well as his strengths and still harbor doubts about the wisdom of allowing Monk to carry a gun or subdue a perpetrator. Stottlemeyer's second-in-command, Lieutenant Randall Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford), also develops both admiration and compassion for the man he once labeled "the defective detective." Despite flaws and inadequacies all around, the three become an increasingly effective team, with additional help from Monk's personal assistant. From the double-episode pilot through the first half of season three, Monk was aided by his nurse, Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram). But in the tenth episode of the third season, Sharona was replaced by a new assistant, Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard). Like Sharona, a divorcee with a son named Benjy, Natalie is a single parent, a widow with a daughter named Julie (Emmy Clarke). Unlike Sharona, Natalie is not a nurse but a former bartender with a fresh perspective on "Mr. Monk," as she still addresses her new boss.moreless

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  • Quotes (1726)

    • Stottlemeyer: Monk, what are you doing here?
      Monk: I want to help.
      Stottlemeyer: You want to help, say a prayer for the man.
      Monk: I can do more than that, Captain. You know I can.
      Stottlemeyer: Can you imagine what that man's going through?
      Monk: Yes, I can.

    • Sharona: Adrian, don't you want a closer look?
      Monk: No, I--I can see from here.
      Sharona: Would you like us to move the crash site a little closer to you.
      Monk: No, I'm fine.

    • Stottlemeyer: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was my office. Yeah, see, I'm confused because my name is on the door.

    • Monk: I'm not good at parties.
      Sharona: It's not a party. It's a memorial service. This is a nice place. Obviously whoever lives here doesn't work for you.
      Monk: The late Mrs. Ashcombe was richer than Canada.

    • Ashcombe: You understand, right? I mean, you lost your wife.
      Monk: Uh, understand what, sir?
      Ashcombe: The natural desire to pack her things away. You don't want them around to... remind you.
      Monk: I guess I had the opposite reaction. I haven't thrown anything of Trudy's away. Not even a hairbrush. Not even a hair from a hairbrush.

    • Sharona: What are you doing? You can't look through people's mail.
      Monk: I'm not stealing anything. I'm just combing through. I don't want to live in a world where a person can't comb through another person's mail.

    • Jennifer: Are you a psychic, Mr. Monk?
      Sharona: He's a psychic who doesn't believe in psychics.

    • Sharona: The former Commissioner isn't just another suspect, Adrian. He is connected. He is the Man and you'd better be sure about this.
      Monk: I'm as sure as I can be without any, you know--proof.

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    Notes (330)

    • Music: "Finding The Pebble" by Jeff Beal

    • Beginning with this episode, Canadian child actor Max Morrow replaced Kane Ritchotte as Benjy. (Kane returned in the second season when production moved from Ontario to Los Angeles.)

    • Ashcombe's mistress is named after the production assistant, Jennie Zeppetelli.

    • Music: "Fat Suit Folly" by Jeff Beal

    • This was the first regular episode to be produced. "Mr. Monk and the Psychic" was the second. For unknown reasons, USA Network reversed the sequence.

    • Music: "Rejection" and "Have Fun" by Jeff Beal

    • Hrant Alianak, who plays the unnamed judge at the Stokes hearing, also appeared in "Dale the Whale."

    • The first victim in this episode was John Gitomer; a cop in the first episode was also named Gitomer. John Gitomer was played by Rob Stefaniuk; a murder victim in the pilot was played by Fred Stefaniuk. Coincidence? Probably not. My guess is that the two Stefaniuks are brothers. But two Gitomers?

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    Trivia (620)

    • When the victim is on the stretcher, why is she given neck support as if she were still alive?

    • On the widescreen DVD version, the dissolve-scene still image of the house and cars at the 00:13:20 mark is filmed in fullscreen and stretched to fit the widescreen frame. Look for the Cadillac skateboard in the driveway.

    • Monk turns off the tap with a towel to protect himself from germs, then dries his hands with the same side of the towel. What about the germs on the towel?

    • In the scene shot from inside Monk's refrigerator, just after he says, "Relax, I've been handling refrigerators since I was fifteen", you can see Sharona's boom mike drop briefly into view to pick up her response (19:23 in the episode).

    • In this episode Monk willingly goes in the lift but later on we find out that he has a fear of lifts.

    • After examining the footprints left by the perpetrator, Monk simply concludes that they are "big." But the depth of a footprint is an excellent indicator of weight.

    • When Stottlemeyer and Disher are in the office trying to figure out how Dale could have committed the crime, the overhead lights are down low and there is a lamp on (which would mean that it was night), but the overhead lights outside Stottlemeyer's office are on full brightness.

    • It seems odd that Monk just blurts out to the two lemonade girls what his psychological condition is. It sets up the running lemonade gag but otherwise it's rather awkward.

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    Allusions (99)

    • Mrs. Teal: I used to say that I married Batman. Batman is the DC Comics superhero who dresses in a bat-like costume and places himself in dangerous situations in order to apprehend criminals.

    • Monk: I'm not afraid of change I just don't want to be there when it happens. This is a send–up of a Woody Allen quote regarding death.

    • Disher: Where are you staying, Monk? The Bates Motel? The dark humor of Disher's question and Monk's response, "No, but I have a feeling this place is run by the same company," depends on the viewer's knowledge that the Bates Motel was the scene of an infamous movie murder--the stabbing of Janet Leigh's character in a motel shower in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960).

    • Darryl Wright: Danger, danger, danger! Australian Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin is often associated with the phrase "Danger, Danger!"

    • TV: "Tobor the Great!" Typical cheesey 1954 sci-fi movie about a robot that develops human emotions thanks to a young boy who befriends it. Might have been used because it features a young fatherless boy whose mother is dating. Benjy and Sharona, anyone?

    • Stottlemeyer: Well he may be live from Folsom Prison. This is a reference to another country-western artist, Johnny Cash, who really did play a concert at Folsom Prison in 1969. The idea for the concert came when Cash received letters from inmates, writing about how his music had been influences to the prisoners.

    • Adrian Monk: Oh, yeah, the Ramones. . . . I love that song they do about loving that woman all night long. The Ramones, although quite prolific, don't have any songs or covers that feature this subject or these lyrics. It's possible that Monk was jokingly referring to the AC/DC song "All Night Long," instead.

    • Willie Nelson: No I don't, and you don't either. Willie's response to Monk's question, "Do you smell that?" alludes to Willie's well-known marijuana use.

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