Mr. Monk and the End - Part II

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    about the episode

    By JordanWelch, Feb 08, 2015

    When I'm Gone had great song.

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    By AmandaArmstro1, Jul 28, 2012


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    Finally, a finale done right!

    By Rick_in_china, Oct 25, 2011

    This is how a finale should be done! Closure, hallelujah! Giving the series a few episodes to wrap up instead of rushing everything at the last minute let everything flow naturally, and more importantly, satisfactorily. And it did what every great finale should do, give you that sense that the characters have, A) matured over the course of the series, B) not strayed too far from their roots, and C) are still out there doing their thing. Cheers for including Sharona in the final arc. Well done MONK cast and crew! A A A

    A A A A A Amoreless

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    Thanx 4 being there, you were a beautiful Island to go to on Friday nights. I will miss that.

    By bshore3rd, Oct 25, 2011

    The evolution of the show was amazing. Who would of thought in this day and age that a show would last 7 years. It survived a witers strike and allowed the TV viewer to become a part of a family. The show handled its own trial and tribulations well, adding strong characters when need be. Tony Shalhoub certainly has come along way since being a taxi driver in Wings. I am sure that once the the box set of all seasons come out there will be many a Monk marathon parties. I know I will be throwing one. However the question is , What food would Adrian serve, certainly not one beer per person.moreless

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    What and ending? Best FINALE I've seen in a long while.

    By mystrk, Oct 25, 2011

    "Here's what happened..."

    I was not much of a Monk fan. In fact, I almost hated it at first, but my wife watched it from season 2 on. After being subjected to it for a few years, I finally became a fan during the 6th season. After re-watching all of the episodes leading up to the 2 part finale, I can honestly say that I was blown away by the completeness and feeling of closure presented at the end. While I could continue to watch Monk for a few more seasons, the finale was so well-rounded and complete, that I can truly say good-bye. The acting was top-notch. The script was brilliant, and the fact that the second half of the episode was devoted to bringing the well needed closure, places this at the top of my all time favorite tv episodes period.

    To all those that worked on this wonderful show, Thank you. May your future endeavors shine as bright.moreless

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    I wish the writer of the final episode should have watched the previous seasons. Esp. Season 5, Episode 6 ( Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion)

    By jgork, May 11, 2011

    Yes , I wish the writer of the final episode had watched the other seasons, esp. Season 5, Episode 6 Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion.

    I love the series, I love Adrian Monk. I'm sorry because it ended.But they did a big mistake at the end. At the tape , Trudy told that she had a big mistake before they met. But actually they met in 1981 , while they were both in college. They met in the library and Adrian memorized her phone number while she was writing on his back to give another boy. They told their love to each other at that college in the garden while sitting on a bench, which later Adrian showed to Nathalie. for more and details;summary

    But Molly's date of birth is January 1983...moreless

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    This was a wonderful episode...

    RIP MONK July/12/2002 - December/4/2009


    By Blue9832, Dec 13, 2010

    This episode was sad from the beginning towards the middle. What I didn't understand is Trudy said "before" they met she had an affair? Well not with him I guess. It's sad how Trudy died in the first place, the scum murderers on the bottom of Earth's Shoes. I am glad that Monk was not poisoned anymore and that he finally solved his most important case (in my opinion) and met Trudy's daughter. I did feel like Molly didn't want to be around Monk so much, but not like she hated him.

    Monk has been an outstanding series!

    Again, Rest in Piece...moreless

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    Mr. Monk and the Final Problem

    By JesseTehSkox, Oct 30, 2010

    It's hard to believe it's over. I've been a fan of this show since the beginning, and have developed a bit of a frustrating emotional attachment with it. So, as you can imagine, it feels weird to actually see it go. It seems even weirder to see it go with this. Not a bad episode by any means, but a little bit of a letdown in certain areas and considerably different in focus than I'd really expected. Only as a series finale could an episode of this caliber be a little bit disappointing; it's still pretty good, being the second best episode of the final season, behind Part One. (Note that this is, by its nature, a very spoilerific review. You have been warned.)

    Picking up where we left off last week, Adrian plays the tape Trudy left for him twelve years earlier. Apparently, she knew she might die, and she knew precisely why. To the surprise of no one who already saw the first part, Craig T. Nelson's Judge Rickover was responsible - it seems that he had an affair with Trudy many years prior, and fifteen years she had to be silenced to protect his precious political career. Instead of dwelling too much on the fact that he could've easily solved this case twelve years prior, he fights his poisoning to engage Rickover in a final rain-soaked confrontation. And then gets miraculously saved after Natalie, of all people, identifies the source of the toxin. At first, Monk feels empty - he's just closed the case that has kept him going for the past eight years. But he soon finds something to wedge into the gaping hole in his life in the form of Trudy's long lost daughter from the Rickover affair.

    The solution to the Trudy case is decent, albeit not as elaborate as I'd expected, and a bit rushed. It's rather disappointing how little detective work Monk actually has to do in this finale, as the killer's identity is just handed to him on a silver platter and it's Natalie who deduces the source of the poison. That just leaves the sundial thing, which I suppose is clever enough. It's also disappointing that we never learn how Dale the Whale knew so much about the case - indeed, the rotund fiend doesn't even make an appearance, which just might be a blessing given the steady decline in quality of the actors portraying him. While we're talking about the episode's negatives, I have to mention Monk's recovery from the poison, a part of the episode that is even more rushed (in that it happens entirely offscreen), completely throwing off the timeline of this episode. And though it's not much of a complaint, I will note that Police Chief Disher is actually sort of a terrifying thought.

    On the upside of things, Rickover is an interesting villain, played with just a sliver of sympathy despite having done some truly ghastly things, thankfully not being portrayed as single-mindedly over-the-top pure evil as I'd feared the writers would do with Monk's unknown archnemesis. Kudos to Craig T. Nelson for that. The Monk-Rickover confrontation is adequately tense, adequately dark, and ends on a rather shocking (by this series' standards) note that some fans will definitely find unsatisfying, but that I personally liked. And while Monk's recovery from the poison is, as previously mentioned, weirdly rushed, his semi-recovery from his emotional problems is handled quite nicely, enough to be noticeable but not to an unrealistic degree - no one fully recoils from anything immediately, and besides, we've learned he had his fair share of quirks even before Trudy's death. He'll always be a bit of a stick in the mud. Just, now he's a stick in the mud that can dress quasi-casually.

    And thus concludes one of the shows that changed the way I look at television back in the day. Devising a satisfying conclusion to any long-running series, I am well-aware, is tough business. And while this finale could have been better, at the end of the day, it's still an above average episode that'll put a smile on your face, with the skillful blend of comedy and drama typical of all the better episodes of this series. After drivel like "Mr. Monk and the UFO" and "Mr. Monk Goes Camping", it's wonderful to see that the final season could go out on a high note. Goodbye, Adrian Monk. I seriously need to invest in some of the DVD sets now.moreless

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    It's Over.

    By thefanof, Apr 10, 2010

    Monk's finally over. It feels weird to know that if I turn on USA Network on Friday Tony Shalhoub won't be on my TV screen talking about the cleanliness of the apartment in which a man was just murdered anymore.

    As far as finales go, this one was superb. Why? Because it was just another episode of Monk. There was a murder, there was a creepy killer, and Adrian solved it all in the end. It showed that the world will continue in California, just with a few minor changes as everyone now has somebody in their life.

    This show did a lot of things for television. It showed that a cable series could be better than anything on network TV. It showed that you can have an eccentric personality as the lead, paving the way for shows like The Mentalist and Psych. And it just showed that family humor can still be funny. I say that just about every week, but it is true. This show is rated PG, yet is just as enjoyable as Two and a Half Men, a show that averages a sexual innuendo every 2.5 seconds.

    The episode was humorous, sad, sincere and dramatic all at once. This was a well-done finale for a show that will be missed.moreless

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    After listening to Trudy's recording Monk discovers the identity of her killer. With Monk poisoned, its a race against time to finaly bring the killer to Justice.

    By rubencsj_2005, Dec 07, 2009

    After 8 seasons it is time to say Good Bye to Monk. With Mr. Monk and the End Part 2, it was the last time the show would bring us entertainment a Friday night. While during its course the show has had some great episodes and not so good episodes, I'm glad to see the series ending on a high note with a decent episode, with some very poignant scenes, but also lacking in some key areas.

    The problem with the whole end is that its a great episode as a standalone, but when put against all the build up and background we had for the Trudy story arc it feels lacking. The only time it really felt like an arc it was at the beginning with the recap adding flashbacks of the pilot episode and Sharona, and during the end with mentioning of the "stove" line, but as for the mystery itself, it felt like a simple one that didn't make use of all the clues we had from before except for season six's reveal of "The Judge", and that gift that Monk never opened. On the other hand we only get the six fingered man in a flashback and there is absolutely no mention of Dale the Whale. And they added new clues at the last minute telling us there was a missing midwife the same day Trudy died.

    I guess the choice of the writers was based in, being Monk primarily an episodic show, they didn't mention much of what had happened before. But in a subtle way they did close the arc and with the revelation they challenged Monk's love for Trudy. Having Monk find out that Trudy was not the saint and perfect image he glorified and obsessed over was, is a great plot twist, but maybe it was a little downplayed on the screen, what will all right jumping to the happy moments of Monk finding Molly and becoming better.

    Apart from writing, the acting was super on all sides, specially from Tony Shaloub. Having to portray anger, sickness, sadness, all in one moment is not an easy task, but Monk pulled it off beautifully. Craig T. Nelson was great in his role as the villain, and in my opinion the confrontation with Monk on the grave and digging wouldn't have worked if both actors weren't so good. Ted Levine was also great, as was the rest of the cast. Even Molly in her few minutes of screen time didn't do bad at all. The direction was nice, being a dark episode and all. The Monk confrontation in the rain had a goof, that in small shot I didn't really see any rain falling, and it was kinda inconsistent, but other than that it was great.

    All in all, a great episode, that in the end felt a little rushed, but provided closure for the entire series. A mention to Dale the Whale would have been nice, since he clearly knew about Sheriff Rollins, Frank Nunn, Warrick Tennyson and I bet about the Judge too. I guess he can just go down in Monk history just as the guy that was well connected and didn't say anything just because he hated Monk. Also it would have been a good detail to have Monk show more remorse over having the answer to Trudy's murder right in his house all this time. Also Natalie didn't get much of an ending. She stills work for Monk, and I'm guessing she is still with Steven Albright, but did they marry? did it work out? What really happened to Mitch? Did they leave some loose ends hanging for a future movie?


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