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    About the series

    By JordanWelch, Feb 08, 2015

    It had great acting for Tony Shalhoub in season 1, 3-4 and Main Title Theme Music in season 1-2.

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    Not so good!

    By kikkapi, Jan 01, 2015

    Appropriately, "Monk" is USA's lead-in for the highly superior dramedy The two shows are both billed as mystery comedies, but that's about all the similarities between them. While "Psych" is a clever and original show that does fresh and funny things every week, "Monk" is an unintelligent show that ran out of fresh and funny things after the first few episodes. You have Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk, the "defective detective," who is far too OCD for his own good. You have Bitty Schram (older episodes) and Traylor Howard (newer episodes) as his assistants, who put up with the worst out of him just because of his intelligence (as far as IQ goes; not emotional intelligence). Then you have the cases every week, which I think are always murder investigations. The point is, there's only so many things you can do with that when you refuse originality. The same holds true for the obsessive-compulsive jokes that come pouring out of this show like moviegoers from a Rob Zombie flick. Moments are funny (some in scattered episodes even verge on hilarious), but if you want a terrific show, stick withmoreless

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    More Seasons For Monk!

    By Fashionangel23, Sep 14, 2014

    I know that it must take a lot of time and effort to make 8 whole seasons , but just stopping the best detective show on tv. , when I felt like I was really getting to know the characters is unacceptable . They should go to at least season 10 ! I have watched all the seasons , and even though they revealed who killed Trudy does not mean they have to stop there , the network really had something going for them there !moreless

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    bring monk back

    By femac21, Jun 19, 2014

    Monk is the best detective show anyone has ever did and i think they should do another series.... i love watching monk episodes back to back but we need new ones please bring it back...

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    A detective show unlike any others

    By lcdavis430, Aug 25, 2013

    Monk is a detective show unlike any others. Monk is a great show with hilarious moments and great mysteries.

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    The Show Summary is Incorrect

    By lisapettiwhea, Jul 22, 2013

    The show summary is incorrect. It states that Monk did not suffer from OCD and the various phobias until after his wife was murdered. However, in at least two episodes this is proved to be incorrect, episode 815, Mr. Monk and the End Part 1, and Episode 109, Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man. In Episode 815, in the very beginning, it shows Monk as a detective, before Trudy's death. He is at a maternity clinic investigating a murder of one of their midwives. There is a fake newborn baby model, with the umbilical cord still attached. As you may know no umbilical cord is straight, so of course this one isn't, but Monk is trying to straighten it. In Episode 109, we find out that Mr. Monk was on a track team in high school. He quit after an 'incident', in which his shoelaces are uneven. He loses the meet because, instead of running, he is trying to make his shoelaces even. This is the best show ever. I'm addicted, and I may be developing OCD because of it!moreless

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    i was "Monked"

    By jal1973, Feb 14, 2013

    I was waiting to take a couple of doctors to the laboratory to do research. While waiting, I casually aligned the verticle file of papers on the admin assistants desk and aligned the box of tissues, then used my palm to adjust the alignment of the two. Suddenly, the secretary laughed, "You should watch Monk! you'll have to see it on NetFlix, though, cause it's been Yep, i'm hooked!

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    Best Detective Show

    By Vendetta, Oct 18, 2012

    It's such a shame Monk had to end, Monk is definitely my favourite detective show of all time with Psych following it. Tony Shalhoub, easily the best actor out of all the cast members, his portrayal of a person with OCD was excellent and outstanding.

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    Something for all kinds of people.

    By jhamil, Jul 24, 2012

    I'm not as bad as Monk, to which my wife says "Thank God!" But I can see how a person could get that way. I know that's why I loved this show even though detective shows don't usually interest me. I empathize with him a great deal. No. I would never be that good of a detective, but maybe that's why I was that good of a draftsman. This show had so many things to offer a viewer. If you liked comedies, or detectives, or dysfunctional comic situations, this show had it all. Even the catchy theme song was brilliant. I sadly expect it will be many years before another show this good comes back to television. I had two thoughts. Has anyone every listed all the things Monk was afraid of? Has anyone ever listed all the methods used to murder in this series?moreless

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    I love MONK!!!

    By lulureading59, Mar 28, 2012

    I just discovered Monk in January of 2012, crazy right, before I don't know were I've been, I love the way Monk is, he is so funny and amazing, I fell in love with the Captain, I love the way he acts and those beautiful eyes, well I love him, I like Natalie better then Sharona any day and Randy he's a great sidekick for the Captain, all in all Monk, Captain, Randy & Natalie are the best cast together and I wish they'd all come back together!!!moreless

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