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  • S 2 : Ep 29

    Hey, Hey It's The Monkees

    Aired 2/17/97

  • S 2 : Ep 28

    Thirty-Three and One-Third Revolutions per Monkee

    Aired 4/14/69

  • S 2 : Ep 27


    Aired 11/6/68

  • S 2 : Ep 26

    Mijacogeo (a.k.a. The Frodis Caper)

    Aired 3/25/68

  • S 2 : Ep 25

    Monkees Blow Their Minds

    Aired 3/11/68

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  • The adventures of a musical quartet that goes from one outrageous circumstance to another that was inspired by The Beatles 1964 film “A Hard Day’s Night.” The enhanced descriptions contained within this guide are courtesy of trusted contributor Aaron Handy III (AH3RD) of the The Monkees Film & TV Vault. TRIVIA: The boys live at 1438 North Beachwood that later is stated as 1334 (their actual fan club address). The license plate number of their custom Pontiac GTO is PER 450. Broadcast History: NBC September 12, 1966-September 9, 1968 CBS Saturday Afternoon September 13, 1969-September 2, 1972 ABC Saturday Afternoon September 9, 1972-August 25, 1973 Original NBC Schedule: September 1966 -September 1968, NBC Monday 7:30-8:00 P.M. (Eastern) Original NBC A.C. Nielsen Ratings: SEASON RANK SHARE 1966-1967 N/A 31.4 1967-1968 N/A 27.2 Original Sponsors: The Kellogg Company Yardley Cosmetics of London Kool Aid Company (1969-72 CBS repeats only) Post Cereals (1969-72 CBS repeats only) Saturday Afternoon Schedules (Eastern) September 1969-September 1970, CBS Saturday Noon-12:30 P.M. September 1970-September 1971, CBS Saturday 12:30-1:00 P.M. September 1971-September 1972, CBS Saturday Noon-12:30 P.M. September 1972-August 1973, ABC Saturday 1:00-1:30 P.M. Exclusive Distributor (Syndication History): Columbia Pictures Television (1975-1985) Colex Enterprises (1985-1989) LBS Communications (1989-1996) Columbia TriStar Television Distribution (1996-Current) 58 Episodes in Color on Film Emmy Awards For The Monkees 1966-67 (presented June 4, 1967) Winner: The Monkees Outstanding Comedy Series Winner: James Frawley, "The Royal Flush" Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Comedy 1967-68 (presented May 19, 1968) Nominated: James Frawley, "The Devil And Peter Tork" Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Comedy Theme Song: Here we come, Walking down the street. We get the funniest looks from, Everyone we meet. Hey, hey we're the Monkees, and people say we monkey around. But we're too busy singing, to put anybody down. We go wherever we want to, Do what we like to do. We don't have time to get restless, There's always something new. Hey, hey we're the Monkees, and people say we monkey around. But we're too busy singing, to put anybody down. We're just trying to be friendly, Come watch us sing and play. We're the young generation, And we got something to say. Hey, hey we're the Monkees, You never know where we'll be found. So you'd better get ready, We may be comin’ to your town. Hey, hey we're the Monkees, and people say we monkey around. But we're too busy singing, to put anybody down. First air date: September 12, 1966 Last air date: March 25, 1968 Original air time: Monday 7:30:00 pm (Eastern)moreless

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    • (Micky has a safe hanging above the door) Peter: Are you sure we lost him? Micky What are you worried about? We got the door all rigged, and besides, they have about as much chance of finding us here as I do of becoming Miss America. (a loud knock is heard at the door) Mike: (singing) There she is, Miss America…

    • Bob: Peter, what'd you think about it, hey? Peter: Well, I thought it was alright except for the dueling scene. Davy: What ya talkin' about? That fencing scene was great. None o'ya coulda done it. Peter: Fencing scene? Great? Davy's, you know, short, and I coulda done it better. Davy: (mouth full of food) He's always pickin' on me cos I'm small! Micky: He's not short. Stand up, Davy and show him how tall you are. Davy: I am standing up. Bob: Fellas, wait, wait! Listen to me, all of you. What I wanna know is one thing, seriously now. Davy: That's two things. Bob: What, what, what do you really want this show to do for you? Davy: (smiling) I wanna go home! Bob: Whatta you gonna do when you get home? Davy: I'm gonna feed my dog; I'm gonna take a bath; gonna set my hair…

    • Bob: Monkees? Monkees? Uh, the show is over, but we've got one problem; we're one minute short. Micky: Hi there, America! (Davy starts laughing at Micky) Bob: Tell me, uh, Mike, what do you think of the show you just did? Mike: I thought it was one minute short.

    • Sigmund appears by the front door in the blink of an eye Micky: (to the camera) He's fast!

    • (Sigmund busts through the door leaving an outline of himself) Otto: Sigmund, how many times have I told you? Only when they're locked!

    • Mike: (stops the maid from leaving) Uh, work hard, play hard, get plenty of roughage in your diet and some day you will own this hotel. Maid: Thank you. Mike: Uh, miss. I have a tip for you. Maid: Oh, thank you! Mike: Buy International Steel at 28 1/2.

    • Maid: Look, wait a minute! What is this? Micky: That's W.H. Woolhat! The W.H. Woolhat! Maid: Who's he? Micky: You've heard of wool hats, haven't you? The maid nods yes Micky: (pointing to Mike): That's him!

    • Mike: What time does the sun come through that window? Peter: (to the maid) What time does the sun come through that window? Maid: About twelve noon, I think. Mike: No good! I want here by 10:30 in the morning. Peter: Right, W.H. 10:30 in the morning!

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    Notes (249)

    • 8,450,000 viewers watched this episode.

    • The Monkees' first single, Last Train To Clarksville, is #67 on Billboard's Top 100 during the week this episode is shown. It was #101 last week.

    • This episode was the third episode shot and it was filmed between June 7 and June 10 1966.

    • A table-read and rehearsal of “The Royal Flush” ocurred at SG Studios Stage 7, on Monday, June 6, 1966, the day prior to the beginning of shooting.

    • This was the only episode in the entire series not to have a reasonably full listing of songs in the end titles, which, in this case, were Boyce & Hart's “This Just Doesn’t Seem To Be My Day” and Goffin & King's “Take A Giant Step.” It showed the names of the composers (under an intricate "Songs by" credit), but not the titles of the songs they wrote.

    • “This Just Doesn’t Seem To Be My Day” appears here and in Episode No. 9, “The Chaperone,” in a alternate take, with an extra minute of music during the instrumental bridge not heard in the take on The Monkees’ first album.

    • The third Monkees episode to be filmed, “The Royal Flush” was the first to be helmed by James Frawley, an initial member of innovative NYC comedy troupe The Premise, who would go on to direct the bulk of The Monkees' 58 half-hour segments (32 to be exact). Frawley would soon be greatly rewarded for his efforts on “The Royal Flush”; it won the Emmy for Outstanding Directorial Achievement In A Comedy Series for 1966-67.

    • The harpsichord rendition of The Monkees' theme (arranged by underscore composer Stu Phillips) first appears here.

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    Trivia (438)

    • When the Monkees are listening to Otto tell Sigmund his plan, Otto is in a suit. A few seconds later, when Micky calls him, he is now wearing a smoking jacket.

    • During the dueling scene, the person wearing the sunglasses keeps changing.

    • When Davy is trying to convince the boys into going to the hotel with him, Peter's hands keep changing positions.

    • When Davy is trying to convince the boys into going to the hotel with him, Peter's part in his hair keeps changing.

    • During the musical romp scene, Davy and Bettina are wearing the same clothes they did when they left the hotel, but Peter and Micky are wearing different clothes. However, when Davy and Bettina arrive back at the Monkee pad Micky and Peter are back in their suits.

    • Bettina's back is toward Davy when he walks in, but the next shot she is facing Davy.

    • When Micky is on the phone with Archduke Otto, the boys start to leave to make the throne and Davy heads towards the chair they are going to use by the door. However, in the next shot Davy is in the middle of the room with Mike and Peter.

    • When Davy hangs up the phone he is still holding it, but in the next shot the phone is now on the desk behind him.

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    Allusions (18)

    • When Micky tells Mike that, "They have about as much chance of finding us here as I do becoming Miss America!" Mike sings "There she is, Miss America!," when Archduke Otto and Sigmund find them at the apartment. This is the first line of the popular Bernie Wayne-composed tune which is heard each year at the annual Miss America Pageant.

    • The title of this episode is based off the old saying "monkey see, monkey do".

    • Micky does his impression of Groucho Marx.

      Groucho Marx was one of the four Marx brothers. The others included Chico, Harpo, and Zeppo Marx. Many people said that the Monkees were a combination of The Beatles and The Marx Brothers.

    • When Micky picks up the phone in the CIS office he does his Agent Maxwell Smart impression. Agent Maxwell Smart was Don Adam's character from the television series Get Smart! that ran from 1965 through 1970.

    • The title to this episode is based off the movie The Spy Who Came In From The Cold.

    • As Davy rubs a lamp on a table, a genie appears as a parody of the series "I Dream Of Jeanie."

    • Chester: Problem, huh. I better go get Mr. Dylan. Davy: Marshall Dillon? Chester: No, Bob Dylan. He can write a song about your problem. Marshall Dillon is off of the long running television western Gunsmoke that ran from 1955-1975. Bob Dylan was a famous folk singer in the 1960's.

    • The man that walks into the apartment and starts cleaning is suppose to be Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean is an advertising character that sells cleaning supplies.

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  • Absolutley Brilliant

    By SFBarbear, Oct 18, 2012

  • The Monkees are AWESOME!!!

    By JuliaWilkinso, Jul 27, 2012

  • "The Monkees" television show was an entertaining escape from the troubled late sixties. Only lasting two seasons, the series left the world the gift of some of the best pop music of the era, not to mention the first regular use of the music video clip.

    By Nasamike, Jan 15, 2009

  • Keeping in mind that when I watched these when they originally aired I was just a 12-14 year old girl . . .

    By SamTherra, Apr 02, 2008

  • The Monkees...the classic sitcom which gave not only television, but popular music a great, big breath of fresh air.

    By AH3RD, Jun 21, 2005

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