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    Why does this get such bad flack?

    By AmandaOwens4, Mar 13, 2012

    One of the things I always loved about the Monkees were the romps, and this episode is basically one great big romp. I love the Paris scenery, the music, especially the beautiful Michael Nesmith song "Don't Call On Me", and the short, though astonishing sequence in which Davy and Micky visit the church and cemetary, very moving, especially with the classical music composition used. And the very ending with the William Tell overture was simply the icing on what I thought was a rather delicious cake!moreless

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    One of the worst.

    By Brian4663, Jan 02, 2012

    This is one of the worst episodes relating to the tv series the "Monkees." However it isn't the worst thing they ever were in (33 and 1/3.) The Monkees Paris is basically an Anti-Monkee episode. The Monkees make it clear that they are becoming bored with the show and they kind of hijack the episode by going to Paris. In Paris there is no plot. Just the Monkees running away from fans. That's about it.

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