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    Python's White Album

    By OmarCayenne, Jan 18, 2012

    A show that manages to hold together despite the fact that there really isn't that much great in the individual segments; you might call this one kind of like Python's White Album. Okay sure, there's the Bruces, Camp Boot Camp, the exploding penguin and the burnley...but nothing much ever is given time to coalesce before it's moving on, and they recycle some of their stuff too to add to the goofiness. And yet the ongoing conceit, the "How To Recognize" business, somehow keeps things moving and in the end makes the proceedings seem to add up to a lot more than the sum of the parts. A bit of inspired MP legerdemain, I'd say, and just exactly the sort of hocus pocus you'd expect these lunatics to be able to pull off. :)moreless

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    "The feather. Rare."

    By Lokar, Jul 17, 2006

    Learn a thing or two about our biology. And nearly get killed in the process.

    Everyone tries on that loveliest of fashion rages, the bikini.

    Then begins our rather unique anatomy lesson, including bodily aspects that range from the mundane, to the freakish, to the virtually nonexistant.

    The 'gentlemen' of the University of Wallamaloo gather to discuss the very strict standards of admission into their secret society.

    A man with an unusually pronounced name visits the travel agent.

    The Battley Townswomen's Guild reenacts a landmark medical operation; it's not the last startling demonstration we will see from them.

    The BBC brings us their remarkable theatrical take on the death of Mary, Queen of Scots.

    A parade of merry insanity, as usual.moreless

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