A Womb With a View

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Quotes (2)

  • (After David and Maddie have a fight and walk out of the room, the 'baby' starts to cry, and the angel comforts him) Jerome: What's the matter, Baby Hayes, did the noise frighten you?... But that's just David and Maddie, that's what they do!

  • Agnes (to Bert): I need $8.17. Your share of the baby gift. Bert: Oh, jeez, Agnes, I’m sorry, I’m tapped out. Agnes: Yeah, I know. Glub, glub, glub. I’ll cover your share. Don’t get to Chez Jay later than 7:00 p.m. or you’ll ruin the surprise. Bert: Uh, listen, I’ve been meaning to say something—I can’t make it. Agnes: What? Bert: I’ve got other plans. Agnes: You what? Bert: Got other plans? (Agnes opens the door to an office and pushes Bert inside. She grabs him by the necktie.) Agnes: Ms. Hayes is having a baby! This office is giving her a shower! And you’re going to be there—(pulls the tie)—with bells on!

Notes (5)

  • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Art Direction for a Series.

  • Creator Glenn Gordon Caron and producer/director Jay Daniel provided DVD commentary for this episode.

  • This episode includes clips from The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice and Atomic Shakespeare.

  • The episode opens with the cast (sans Maddie) welcoming back the audience after the nine-month gap between new shows. (Herbert is still not particularly enthusiastic because of the lukewarm reception he received the previous year.) This leads into a dance number in which cast and crew promise to do their best to actually complete all 22 ordered episodes this season.

  • Music: "Baby Love" by the Supremes; "Mickey's Monkey" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles; "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong; David sings/Maddie hums "The Girl From Ipanema" by Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto; Jerome and the baby sing "Sunny Side of the Street"