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    Maddie and David, what a couple... Always trying to get on each one's nerves. A funny show, indeed!

    By frosty_ice, Jun 24, 2009

    This is probably one of the best comedy series that was ever created for television. The concept and the ideas were fresh, and there was also that great sense of humour throughout the entire series. The way the characters interacted with each others was amazing. Maddie and David always trying to get along with each other, but that proved to be a tough thing to do, with them always yelling at each other and slamming doors, especially when she was Miss Perfection, and he was an adult with a mind of a 10 year-old kid who was always trying to relax while in work.

    Another high point in this series was the way their secretary, Agnes DiPesto seemed to always get into trouble, without even realizing it. Plus, the way she answered the phone was hillarious and very poetic: "Blue Moon Detective Agency..."

    Although more than 20 years have passed since this series first was showed in TV, it's still one of the most hillarious.

    Wouldn't mind to see the actors once again doing a series like this one. 10 out of 10!moreless

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    Moonlighting was a terrific romantic comedy.

    By D-LinkUK, Jan 02, 2008

    Moonlighting was one of those shows that I didn't watch at first but once I caught an episode I was hooked. The constant sparring of Maddie and David was excellent with a lot of acknowledgement to the camera. I even enjoyed the episodes where Agnes Dipesto and Herbert Viola were given more screen-time.

    Like other classic shows, it holds up beautifully in re-runs. It was funny, inventive, and different than anything else on TV. The writing allowed the show to move easily from comedy to romance, and even some drama. But it was the chemistry between Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd that made the show work. Although he was unknown when the show started, Willis' star quality was apparent from the beginning. It's amazing that network executives initially didn't want him for the part. What a find! Both he and Shepherd were perfectly cast in these roles. The banter and sexual tension between them has never been matched by another TV couple to this day. What a great show. Now available on DVD it's another classic TV show to ad to my collection.moreless

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    Again, the tempest of forbidden love that comes to the surface.

    By Canyonwhisperes, Nov 25, 2007

    This show was slow to grow on me. Maybe it was Cybil Shepard, maybe it was Bruce Willis but it took a full season for this show to go the distance and capture my imagination. Once my imagination was captured, however, I was hooked. I had taken the hook, line and sinker. Another love story that in itself was slow to grow. You could sense it, smell it, wish for it. Then slowly it unfolded. It was great. TV should look back before reality shows there was real TV with real emotions that made you sit and watch the the commericals that were hawked during the short breaks. Again, love killed the show. I haven't figured out why that happens but it seems to be the writers fault as if they become allergic to the stories themselves.moreless

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    One of the best surreal shows of the 80s.

    By SoylentYellow, Jan 15, 2007

    This series made a box office star out of Bruce Willis and gave a boost to Cybil Sheppard.

    Havent seen this one since it went off the air the same time as another classic Miami Vice. But I do remember it was must see TV with one liners, jokes and off the wall plots.

    The character of Agnes DiPesto must have been the inspiration for "Ugly Betty". The series did go downhill after Dave and Maddie finally succumbed to their romantic impulses towards each other. The would they or wouldnt they tension kept the series fresh and once they did it. The suspense was over. Although I think the real reason was Bruce Willis started sleepwalking thru the final season on the heels of his big screen box office winner "Die Hard" - it was clear he wanted to leave the series for the big screen.

    The series was odd in that a usual season has 22-24 episodes but Moonlighting never had more than 16 in any one season and a 5 year average of 13 episodes per season. Supposedly thats why its rarely seen in syndication.

    They did end the series on a strong note as they disassembled the sets as the series ended. That was hilarious.moreless

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    Two opposites become partners in a Dective Agency. They fight crime while fighting off each other.

    By GameraTrekkie, Oct 25, 2006

    This series is a classic and one of the greatest TV series of the 1980s. It made a star of Bruce Willis and made Cybill Shepard known to those who haven't seen her previous work. But what made this series so amazing that it is still referred to even today? It was the great chemistry between David and Maddie. It is almost the live action version of Lady and the Tramp. You have Maddie, a high-class woman and then you have David, the blue collar single man who loves to party and takes very little seriously. You put these two opposites together and magic is born. And it was.

    Some say that the series went down hill after season three, and maybe in someways it did. But it still had some moments that were truly special. On the outside, this TV series looked as if only women would enjoy this seris. But it also appeals to men as well. Action, Drama and Romance appeals to everyone because it is real. The best thing about this series is that it hasn't aged! The styles of clothes and music have, but the core story is as true today as it was then.moreless

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    The best dramedy show of the 1980's to watch. The show is about former fashion model Madeline "Maddie" Hayes goes broke after her assets are sold to Blue Moon Detective Agencies. She becomes the owner of the detective agency.

    By RaineRP, Oct 15, 2006

    I was a fan of the show since it began as a mid-season replacement in March 1985. I was four years old, when the show started. I was eight years old, when the show ended. I remember it was on the Sundays at 9pm timeslot, then the Tuesdays at 9pm timeslot, and the show was moved back to the Sundays at 9pm timeslot. The show did made Bruce Willis famous at the time. Cybil Sheperd did make a lot of comebacks, after being famous as model turned actress, which she starred in films from the 1970's. One of my favorite moments is when David and Maddie finally did it in the bedroom.moreless

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    In my opinion this is the best show ever.

    By jkalen81, Sep 30, 2006

    Moonlighting has everything. Every episode has several layers to it which makes it well worth watching over and over, there's always something you missed. There's always this attraction between Maddie and David, ever since the Pilot, that is just outstanding. The writers knew it and kept teasing with these dream sequences so we at least would get to see them together without jeopardizing the storyline. I am grateful they did!

    My favourite moments are the hilarious scene from the beginning of Somewhere Under the Rainbow, the sweet intimate kiss in Maddie's Turn To Cry and the serious talks in Eek! A Spouse and Maddie Hayes Got Married.moreless

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    A good romantic show.

    By sfviewer, Aug 16, 2006

    This show was good except for the last episode, it's gotten weird for some reason the producers never explained. let's talk about the first 3 seasons, which were really good, it's got a good chemistry with cybill shepperd and bruce willis. depesto makes a good secretary. this show have a good amount of action and adventure in it. the stories weren't dull, bruce willis had some heroic personalities with this show. it was a really good show. you really get a good laugh out of it, i really can't speak much about the last season which was downright silly, it was weird.moreless

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    Moonlighting the best series of the 80's hands down

    By nikkie_fikkie, Aug 10, 2006

    Moonlighting was by far one of those shows that grabbed you after just one viewing. It was like crack for your eyes, once you had a taste you were hooked. I remember when it first came out I was about 11 or 12 years old and I would pretend to go to bed and shove a towel under my door so the light from the tv wouldnt shine out and I would curl up in the bed and just watch it and love every scene. I think it was one of those shows that only happens once. The cast was amazing and Cybil and Bruce were so totally wonderful together. I recently bought the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seasons on DVD and I have fallen in love with it all over again. All I can say is thank you to all of the people involved for this show.moreless

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