Moral Orel

Adult Swim (ended 2008)
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  • S 3 : Ep 14

    Beforel Orel

    Aired 11/19/12

  • S 3 : Ep 13


    Aired 12/18/08

  • S 3 : Ep 13


    Aired 12/18/08

  • S 3 : Ep 12


    Aired 11/19/08

  • S 3 : Ep 11


    Aired 11/17/08

  • Cast & Crew
  • Scott Adsit

    Clay Puppington, Doughy, Various

  • Jay Johnston

    Coach Stopframe, Sal Figurelli, Principal Fakey, Miss Censordoll

  • Carolyn Lawrence

    Orel Puppington

  • Dino Stamatopoulos

    Billy Figurelli, Various

  • Britta Phillips

    Bloberta Puppington, Nurse Bendy, Miss Sculptham

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  • show Description
  • Moral Orel is a TV-MA clay-mation series on Cartoon Network's [adult swim] segment, which centres around the life of Orel Puppington, a young boy who consistently fails in his attempts to understand and abide by Protestant Christian values.Orel takes his cues from the authority figures around him; his parents Clay and Bloberta, school coach Stopframe, Reverend Putty, and others. Unfortunately for Orel, he always misunderstands the actions of his mentors, who are mostly shown as bitter, jaded, and merely paying lip service to their religious beliefs.These misunderstandings often lead to circumstances where Orel believes that he's following the Lord's wishes by doing things such as smoking crack, re-animating the bodies of dead townsfolk, practising euthanasia, or even impregnating sleeping women with a sperm-filled pastry bag. At the end of each episode, Orel's misbehaviour is discovered and he is taken to his father's study for a beating and a twisted explaination one might not expect from a responsible adult.Season 2The second season episodes of Moral Orel somewhat eradicated the repeated narrative structure seen in Season 1 episodes, which dramatically changed the way the stories unfold; creating a fresh new approach. The majority of episodes 11-30 focus primarily on other townsfolk and their relationship with Orel, whilst still creating twisted situations. The stop-motion animation improves enormously with the Season 2 episodes; creating a richer quality in picture, with more detail. New locations and townsfolk are also introduced and expanded upon.Season 3The third and final season took the show to the next level. These episodes revolve around events leading to and following the Season 2 finale, which proved to be the series' turning point. These episodes also incorporate elements of other episodes from the past two seasons, mainly from the viewpoints of other characters, ultimately tying the entire series together and wrapping it up nicely.Overview & HistoryAlthough the show slightly resembles the visual animation of the 1960s series Davey and Goliath, Dino Stamatopoulos, creator of Moral Orel, has said that it is not a parody, stating that "there's no getting around that it's religious, but the word parody to a comedian is a dirty word, because one has to know what the show is parodying to like it."The show originally stemmed from the concept for a send-up of a Leave It to Beaver-like 1950s family comedy, that would star Iggy Pop. The idea eventually grew and evolved into a cartoon."It's an incredibly tightly written show, with probably the strongest narrative structure of anything we have on the network."- Nick Weidenfeld (Head of Development at Adult Swim)Production Companies:Fragical ProductionsWilliams StreetShadowMachine FilmsThe name of Dino Stamatopoulos' production company "Fragical Productions" came from a song his daughter wrote about him being "fragical." The animation sequence for the company was animated by Dino himself and uses a fairy (magical) in a wheel-chair (fragile); making up the company's name. The "hello-goodbye" heard is said by his daughter, Tigger, and is a saying that she created.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (262)

    • Bloberta: Orel, for goodness sake. Do whatever he wants so he won't scream anymore. Orel: But Mum, I'm all the way over.

    • (a song heard on the radio) Singer: All I want for Christmas is my two front eyes. All I want for Christmas is my two front eyes.

    • Protesters: Every time you hear a bell, an angel burns in Hell!

    • Orel: Dad isn't Shapey's father! Bloberta: I know, Orel. I know.

    • Radio Jingle: If the Lord were alive today, what would you give him this Christmas? Give him a twenty dollar gift certificate at Pizza Joe's! Announcer: Merry Crust-mas from Pizza Joe's.

    • Orel: Hi, dad. Pretty great, huh? Clay: No, and wash that smile off your face, young man. You're in trouble. I think you should meet me in my study.

    • Orel: Gee, dad, I was just trying to stop those dead people from spitting phlegm on to God's face. Clay: That much I understand, Orel, but there are other ways of preserving God's gift of life. Orel: How? Clay: Well, for one, reading this book doesn't say the dead have to be naked. Orel: Well, it doesn't really, but some of their clothes were stinky and messy with blood. Clay: Their clothes didn't smell, Orel, their bodies smell. Their disgusting, exposed bodies.

    • Doughy: My Grampy just ate his brain.

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    Notes (59)

    • Though intended to be the season finale, [adult swim] aired this episode first as a sneak preview to coincide with the Christmas season.

    • The credits are placed over the opening sequence made for this episode. The Fragical Productions and Shadowmachine Films logos are not placed on the end, but the Williams Street logo and the Cartoon Network/Skull copyright are.

    • This epsiode first premiered on the Internet during the [adult swim] Friday Night Fix on January 20, 2006.

    • A portion of this epsiode was screened at the 2005 San Diego Comic Con, as well as the 2005 Dragon*Con.

    • This epsiode first premiered on the internet during the [adult swim] Friday Night Fix on January 27, 2006.

    • There are only two epsiodes in season 1 in which the Puppington family do not visit the church, this being one of them. The other being episode 8 "Maturity."

    • Jay Johnston suggested the Open/Closing/Closed sign gag.

    • Scott Adsit suggested that Orel jumps up on the store counter.

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    Trivia (139)

    • When Orel thought Shapey was the son of God he got him a $4.83 gift certificate to "Pizza Jo's" instead of a $20 gift certificate.

    • The person heard on the radio at the beginning of the epsiode saying "and now back to the joyous sounds of Christmas" sounds exactly the same as Coach Stopframe.

    • Opening gag credits include 'Filmed in Righteouscope,' 'Directors of God's Planimation' and 'God's Planimators.'

    • Clay and Bloberta's beds are separated by the 'Lust Guard 6000.'

    • Orel sprays the Christmas tree with 'Tree Up Your Nose,' a fake pine-scent enhancer.

    • The sign display at the front of the church reads 'Yes kids, we lied about Santa, but Jesus is for real.'

    • During the opening title sequence we see God's hand across the state and his finger is pointing outwards as a bird goes to land on it. However, in this episode God's middle finger is showing which is not shown in any other episode.

    • One of the zombies is modelled after the Moral Orel creator Dino Stamatopoulos.

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    Allusions (15)

    • Fahrenheit 451 This book is seen in the pile of books to be burnt. A 1951 novel by Ray Bradbury, it is the story of Guy Montag, a firefighter who lives in a lonely, isolated society where books have been outlawed by a government fearing an independent-thinking public. It is the duty of firefighters to burn any books on sight or said collections that have been reported by informants. After Montag falls in love with book-hoarding Clarisse, he begins to read confiscated books, and it is through this relationship that he begins to question the government's motives behind book-burning. It was later made into a film in 1966 starring Oskar Werner and Julie Christie in a double role.

    • How Stella Got Her Groove Back This book is seen in the pile of books to be burnt. The novel is about Stella, a highly successful, forty-something San Francisco stock broker. She takes a vactation Jamaica and soaks in the beauty of the island. She encounters a young islander, Winston Shakespeare, and his pursuits for her turn into a hot and steamy romance that forces Stella to take personal inventory of her life and try to find a balance between her desire for love and companionship, and the responsibilities of being a mother and a corporate executive. It was later turned into a film in 1998 starring Angela Bassett, Whoopi Goldberg and Taye Diggs.

    • The Wizard of Oz A group of protesters are seen outside the Moralton cinema protesting the showing of this movie. The movie title can be seen on the board; this being a direct allusion to the 1939 MGM movie The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland.

    • Animal Farm This book is seen in the pile of books to be burnt. Animal Farm: A Fairy Story is a satirical novella (which can also be understood as a modern fable or allegory) by George Orwell, ostensibly about a group of animals who oust the humans from the farm on which they live. They run the farm themselves, only to have it degenerate into a brutal tyranny of its own. The book was written during World War II and published in 1945, although it was not widely successful until the late 1950s. Animal Farm is a satirical allegory of Soviet totalitarianism. Orwell based major events in the book on ones from the Soviet Union during the Stalin era. Orwell, a democratic socialist, and a member of the Independent Labour Party for many years, was a critic of Stalin, and was suspicious of Moscow-directed Stalinism after his experiences in the Spanish Civil War.

    • Necronomicon This book is seen in the pile of books to be burnt. The Necronomicon is the title of a fictional text in the works of American fantasy/horror author H.P. Lovecraft and other writers in the Cthulhu Mythos genre of horror fiction.

    • Rice Bubbles The brand of cereal, Sugar Poppin' Loud-eez, that Orel is seen eating is a parody of the popular cereal brand Rice Bubbles. The cereal name refers to the characters of 'Snap, Crackle, and Pop' and how children normally cover them in sugar.

    • Gatorade The container Orel uses to store his 'Formula #1' health drink in at the stand uses the exact same colours as the popular Gatorade brand, which was actually the first major sports drink.

    • Mike's Hard Lemonade Clay drinks 'Spike's Hard Milk' which is an allusion to Mike's Hard Lemonade, a Canadian-based manufacturer of 'alcopop beverages,' also known as 'malternative' or flavored malt beverages.

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  • Fan Reviews (30)
  • Adult Swim, please cancel Mr. Pickles and bring this show back!

    By 03bgood, Sep 30, 2014

  • thank god adult swim clearly reads feedback properly *insert squidward laugh here*

    By megasone, Nov 09, 2012

  • Love it

    By HuibonhoakidW, Feb 25, 2012

  • A wonderfully crafted coming of age masterpiece that is more intellectual than a single episode may lead you to think. Both touching, and hilarious. I promise you, it isn't the "Christian-bashing trash" that you have been led to believe it

    By Kanotynes, Jul 04, 2009

  • A show that's so satirical and hits so close to home that it got cancelled. I am a Christian and I approve this show.

    By hiphops_savior, Nov 12, 2010

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