Mork & Mindy

ABC (ended 1982)
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  • S 4 : Ep 22

    The Mork Report

    Aired 5/27/82

  • S 4 : Ep 21

    Gotta Run (3)

    Aired 5/20/82

  • S 4 : Ep 20

    Gotta Run (2)

    Aired 5/13/82

  • S 4 : Ep 19

    Gotta Run (1)

    Aired 5/6/82

  • S 4 : Ep 18

    Cheerleader in Chains

    Aired 4/22/82

  • Cast & Crew
  • Robin Williams (I)


  • Jonathan Winters


  • Conrad Janis

    Fred McConnell

  • Jay Thomas

    Remo Da Vinci (1979-1981)

  • Gina Hecht

    Jean Da Vinci (1979-1981)

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  • Mork & Mindy was a sitcom that ran on ABC from 1978 until 1982. The series starred a relative newcomer Robin Williams as Mork, an alien who came to Earth in a large egg-shaped space ship from the planet Ork, and Pam Dawber as Mindy McConnell, the human woman who he lives with. The series was a originally a spin-off of Happy Days where Mork first appeared in the season 5 episode, "My Favorite Orkan". In that episode he threatened to kidnap Richie Cunningham and take him to the planet Ork, however his plan is foiled by Fonzie. In the spin-off series Mindy discovers Mork after he lands near Boulder Colorado. When she finds out he is an alien she vows to keep his identity a secret and allows Mork to move into the attic. Afterwards, many hilarious situations arise. Story-lines centered on Mork's attempts to understand American culture and human interaction. At the end of each episode Mork reported to his boss back on Ork (Orson) and said what he had learned on earth in that episode.moreless

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    • Eugene: Hey, Mork, I'd like to see you again. Where can I find you? Mork: I'll be up at Mindy's place. Come by any time. Eugene: (leaves) Hang tough, man. Mork: What it was, my main man. Fred: You'll be at Mindy's place? Mork: Yes, we're living together. (Mindy's laughs awkwardly) Mork: Catch you later, Jack. On the rebound, clown. Your mama.

    • Mork: A pie in the face. How did you Earthlings come think of something so original, so unique?

    • Orson: There's an insignificant planet on the far side of the galaxy. From the fragmented reports we have on it, the people are, well, uh... Mork: Real nimnuls? Orson: Exactly. That's why I think you'll fit in there, Mork. Mork: You're too kind, sir. What is the name of this hellhole you're sending me to? Orson: Earth.

    • Mork: Good morning, Orson. Orson: Orson. You call me Orson to my face but behind my back you call me fatso, rocketship thighs and star tush. Mork: You forgot laser breath.

    • Mindy: Thank you, how do you say thank you? Mork: We spit. Mindy: Do you mind if I don't say thank you?

    • Mindy: It's not nice to sit on your face. Mork: Then why did God put it there?

    • Fonz: (while trying to decide who to fix Mork up with) Now who am I gonna fix him up with? ... Gloria Hockney? ... Nah, I don't wanna put her in a tizzy right away. The Hoper triplets? Now there's a six pack to go! ... Nah, I don't wanna put HIM in a tizzy right away!

    • Mork: No sweat off my front!

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    Notes (54)

    • Parts 1 and 2 of this pilot episodes originally aired as an hour-long show. They were split into two episodes for syndication, but opening and closing credits were not redone for each episodes. As a result, they credit guest stars that were not in the individual parts.

    • Robin Williams originally played the role of Mork on the February 28, 1978 episode of "Happy Days" entitled "My Favorite Orkan".

    • Henry Winkler appears as Arthur "Fonzie/The Fonz" Fonzarelli, and Penny Marshall as Laverne De Fazio, roles that they both originated on "Happy Days". Marshall was then appearing in that role on "Happy Days" spin-off "Laverne & Shirley".

    • Mindy's boyfriend is not referred to by name, until Episode 7, Mork Goes Public, where we learn his name to be Bill Mason. Oddly, early closed captions refer to him as "Bob."

    • Elizabeth Kerr does not appear in the second part of the pilot.

    • Original UK airdate LWT (ITV1) Friday 16/03/1979

    • This is the first episode with the word "Mork" in the title.

    • First appearance of Exidor played by guest-star Robert Donnor

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    Trivia (27)

    • Mork's space suit is alive and sentient, being made up of billions of tiny living cells. It is capable of talking to him in an alien language, even though he speaks to it in English, which it seems to understand, and it is capable of limited movement, notably in the elbows which are capable of lifting the lower arm and hand. As it is alive, it also gives off it's own body odor.

    • Mindy's mother's name is disclosed to be Elizabeth.

    • The space suit costume worn by Mindy's father is made up of two costume pieces worn in the original Star Trek series. The body suit and gloves were from the red protective suit from the episode "The Naked Time", and the helmet came from the silver environmental suit from the episode "The Tholian Web", although the silver areas of the helmet were painted red to match the suit.

    • Mork owns a pair of dark-blue Nike sneakers with a large red Nike symbol on the side, and white rubber soles, which he keeps in a shoe box under his space suit in the closet.

    • Fred proudly declares himself Fredzo from Scherzo. In the episode Mork Runs Away, he scolded Cora for calling him "Fredzo." He claimed it sounded like a detergent.

    • Clint Mullet works for the Boulder Evening Sun. There is no such newspaper.

    • When Mork says "I'll make that plant rise into the air" and points at the plant, if you look just to the left of the plant you can see a stagehand push it off the ledge.

    • Mork explains that his finger laser works by affecting molecules.

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    Allusions (31)

    • Mork says Dolly's ankles turn all the way around like Linda Blair. This is a reference to the movie "The Exorcist", in which Linda Blair's character becomes possessed by the devil and at one point her head turns all the way around.

    • Mork went to the movies and saw Here Comes the Fleet, featuring two characters Biff and Margie. This alludes to the 1934 James Cagney movie Here Comes the Navy. Pat O'Brien played Biff Martin; Dorothy Tree played Gladys Hawkins, whom the episode writers renamed to Margie.

    • Mork asks Eugene how to let someone down easy, to which he replies, "There must be 50 ways to leave your lover." This is an allusion to a Paul Simon song, "50 Ways to Leave your Lover". He then quotes the song at Mork, telling him to "slip out the back, Jack; make a new plan, Stan; drop off the key, Lee, and get yourself free." Mork misquotes it later in the episode as he tries to put it into practice. He also notes, "I should have got the other 46 ways."

    • The title is a pun of the BJ Thomas song "Raindrops keep falling on my head".

    • When Cora concedes to Mindy, "Mork's no actor," the direct context was to keep him ignorant of his role in an FBI sting. This was also a playful slam on Robin Williams, who at the time was better known for stand-up comedy, and had very little acting experience.

    • When Mork's fear emotion speaks it is an imitation of the trademark eerie voice of Peter Lorre, who became famous in horror movies in the 1930s.

    • As Mork's emotions take turns speaking to Mindy, Hope takes a turn. Instead of acting out Mork's hope, Mork sings "Thanks for the Memories." This alludes to the signature song of Bob Hope.

    • Mindy's party guests are playing Tangle, an allusion to the Hasbro game Twister.

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  • Fan Reviews (15)
  • Good show!

    By Cook87, Sep 04, 2013

  • Excellent show, excellent cast. Who would have thunk it to make an alien from outter space, played by the comic genious Robin Williams be so funny. I know alot of the show was adlibbed, and I think that is what made the humor the best.

    By Marshyliz, Sep 12, 2008

  • mork and mindy 1978 1982 starred robin williams as mork pam dawber as mindy mcconnell.

    By justmaz, Jun 14, 2008

  • Mork and alien from Ork goes to earth to learn about our customs and life. Meets Mindy and halarity ensues.

    By cgscelgallery, May 31, 2007

  • Classic TV!

    By blue4t, Mar 30, 2007

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