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  • Could you lock yourself in a haunted location for 24 hours? That's just what the Most Haunted team do. Lead by Yvette Fielding, the Most Haunted crew investigate some of the scariest places in the UK and other countries, attempting several different methods to explore the psychology and science behind reported ghostly phenomena, communicate with the long deceased and prove, scientifically, the existence of life after death.

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  • S 14 : Ep 10

    Weald and Downland (2)

    Aired 7/21/10

  • S 14 : Ep 9

    Weald and Downland (1)

    Aired 7/14/10

  • S 14 : Ep 8

    Gregynog Hall

    Aired 7/7/10

  • S 14 : Ep 7

    Belsay Hall

    Aired 6/30/10

  • S 14 : Ep 6

    Maesmawr Hall

    Aired 6/16/10

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    • Jason: (in the Hall's chapel) There's a weird feeling in here, like uh, like you'd stepped across a line, like you'd crossed something that... like you were somewhere you shouldn't be. Sort of that feeling you get when you're a child and you've been naughty, and you've done something wrong and you get that, sort of, 'I shouldn't be here!'

    • Jason: Whether there are any ghosts here is debatable, but people will have experiences because of what they expect to occur when they come here. You don't need to know that it has a spectral history to experience something here, whether it be 'Other-Worldly' or within your own mind, again, is open to interpretation.

    • Jason: We may see something, we may not, but you've got to remember noises in here are going to be massively echoed because of the shape of the building. So any small, tiny, probably insignificant sound will be blown into probably unnatural importance, so we need to keep our feet on the ground.

    • Jason: (when Yvette says she had been creeped out by a chair earlier) If you believe in haunted objects, and you believe in psychic emanations that can connect objects, then it's conceivable (if you believe that theory) that certain spirits will be connected to the chairs, the tables, but not necessarily the Lighthouse, so you may have picked up on something that happened to somebody in that chair somewhere a long time ago in another place. Yvette: No, I think I was being a big, girl pansy that's frightening herself to death as I always do!

    • Yvette: (as she labours to climb the Lighthouse's stairs) Now all the Lighthouse Keepers that worked here must have walked miles up and down these stairs, so if there are such things as ghosts, why on Earth would they want to come back and haunt these stairs?!

    • Bev: (after Marcelle freaks out all the girls with her overreactions) The scariest thing in this room is Marcelle just being herself!

    • Karl: (as they investigate the Ghost Train) D'you know, this is one of the weirdest places we've been, purely from the fact that we have the man made models of everything we're trying to find!

    • Rick: (after Karl panics and runs from the Haunted Woods for no apparent reason) It's mass hysteria! It's mass hysteria. Karl: (indignantly) There's only two of us, how 'mass' can that be?

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    • Most Haunted Unseen: On 13th January 2004, this episode was repeated containing previously unseen footage with an episode length of one hour.

    • Series 1 episodes aired from 8:30pm.

    • All Series 1 episodes had a duration of 30 minutes (excluding Specials).

    • Chillingham Castle was also investigated by the team of the Syfy Channel's Ghost Hunters International in the season one episode "Chillingham". It's also been investigated on The Scariest Places on Earth in its first season episode "Chillingham", and its second season episode "Return To Chillingham".

    • Most Haunted Unseen: On 20th January 2004, this episode was repeated containing previously unseen footage, with an air time of one hour.

    • This is the first episode to investigate two different locations.

    • Most Haunted Unseen: On 17th February 2004, this episode was repeated containing previously unseen footage, with an air time of one hour.

    • Most Haunted Unseen: On 3rd February 2004, this episode was repeated containing previously unseen footage with an air time of one hour.

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    • Also Featured: Patrick and Andrea Cooke - Property Owners

    • Also Featured: Sir Humphry Wakefield - Owner

    • Also Featured: Mark Fox - Theatre Archivist Patsy Rowlands - Actress

    • Also Featured: Sean Ryan, Owner of Leap Castle Ciera Ryan, Resident of Leap Castle

    • Also Featured: Daniel Swan - Landlord Stuart Yates - Deputy Manager Chris Pace - Assistant Manager

    • Also Featured: Nick Dolan - Property Manager Alan Lawless - Lighthouse Keeper Barbara Matheson - House Manager

    • Also Featured: Carol Rawlinson - Property Owner Susan Lovatt - Friend of Carol (the Owner)

    • Also Featured: Jonathan Cardale - Property Manager

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    Allusions (39)

    • The story, later made into a musical of Sweeney Todd, is said to be loosely based upon the serial murders committed by the pub's landlord Jarmin. Like the Ostrich's landlord, the barber Sweeney Todd lured rich men into his shop, killed them when their guard was down, then sent them through a trapdoor, where their bodies were cooked, as Jarmin's victims were in his pot of boiling oil. Unlike the Jarmins, however, Sweeney Todd had a more gruesome solution to disposing of the bodies- grind them up, and make them into meat pies sold to the unwary!

    • Derek Acorah: She was the lady of de Redman. The first family to own Levens in around 1250. With no other name given, we cannot trace this lady's identity.

    • Derek Acorah: The Countess' father comes here, James comes here. Catherine Grahme: Only surviving daughter of Colonel James Grahme. Died 1762. The Grahme family owned and lived at Levens Hall for many years.

    • Derek Acorah: Now I'm getting the feelings around me as if there's a man's presence here with me. Colonel James! He resided at Levens with his family and died in 1730.

    • Derek Acorah: There's a scurrying little black dog.
      The ghost of a little black dog has been seen on many occasions.

    • Derek Acorah: I want to say Howard. A connection with Howard.
      Another family that owned & resided at Levens Hall for many years.

    • Derek Acorah: I get a woman's voice, now, virtually ringing through my ears, here, at this level, saying 'Bellingham! Bellingham! Bellingham!'
      The family owned Levens Hall and refurbished it from 1570-1590.

    • Derek Acorah: Charles and Rupert. Is Rupert his son? No? Who is he, please? Right, Nephew! He was nephew to Charles I. They both took shelter here during the Civil War.

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