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    By tonybwgc, 5 hours ago

    The first episode was an absolute load of rubbish! No medium, no paranormal investigator, no historian, no new (or even old) technology - NOTHING! As a result there was no information about anything and it was totally amateurish and boring. Even the titles were old ones recycled, because the programme was clearly done on the cheap. To get rid of everyone who made it interesting and replace them with nobody as all is incredibly stupid. Do Yvette and Karl think we will all be watching with delight just because they are back on our screens? That's the impression I got, because there was no substance to the programme at all. Well, darlings, I hate to tell you but I'm not going to tune in just to see you floundering and yelling without anybody there to guide us, inform us or actually make the programme watchable. You have ruined what was once a good programme, whether of not we believe it was real or faked. I used to think that the rumours about Yvette being a diva were nonsense, but with all the sackings, arguments, people walking out etc. I have come to the conclusion that hey are true. They have lost some very good people and replaced them with nobody - is it because now nobody wants to work with them? Well soon nobody will want to watch them either, because if next weeks' show is as bad as the first one, I won't be watching again. Goodbye Yvette and Karl - you have destroyed your own creation!moreless

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    not gotten any better

    By Pearlie1970, 6 hours ago

    have watched this series on/off over the years. I've always thought that the first series was a lot better (being they were all new to the that it became theatrical and wonderfully ridiculous. half of it was staged managed and the mediums felt it was mediocre. Yvette's for ever screaming and Karl's always out of shot when somethings moved or someone's the new episode I noticed that the board did not move when Karl left the room and who takes a make up artist on a ghost hunt with time take a priest I truly believe you all need blessing!.moreless

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    how could it be worse ?

    By anna_thornton, 12 hours ago

    I can't believe that the new episode of most haunted (2014) could be even more rubbish than some of the earlier episodes. It might as well be a radio show because you see nothing except a good view up Carls nose or evettes big black ringed eyes ! I recorded it for a bit of entertainment not serious paranormal findings but it was not entertaining, just screaming, shouting bad camera work and a supposed ghost who loved to play with tape of all shapes, colours and sizes. NO NO NO Most haunted pack up and please dont come back I have deleted the show and shall not be watching it again... at least when Derek was a medium on it we could have a good laugh at his fake take overs ! Rated 1 because there is no -10moreless

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    New Most Haunted?

    By tarrybell, Aug 01, 2014

    I hope the upcoming season in August 2014 is not a repeat of all the screaming and blundering about in the dark of previous shows. If you want to be involved in the making of this kind of program the presenters should not be so easily scared, after all, they are in these locations looking for ghosts. It would be a much more enjoyable show if I didn't have my eardrums assaulted by people of a nervous disposition who seem to think that this is entertainment. It would be much better to be able to see and hear what is actually going on. They need to be more professional . I think if I was a ghost I would be insulted by the constant requests to throw things and knock repeatedly. Can the producers not find any questions to ask during the seances, such as, "What is it like being dead?". I'm sure viewers could think of interesting questions for the show.moreless

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    should be called silly faces

    By boycey, Dec 19, 2013

    i have watched the program with great anticipation... many times and all i get as a viewer is constant close ups of silly presenter faces, i wonder if they actually point the camera elsewhere other than each others close up we the viewer might actually see something, i do understand how important it is for them to show their faces on tv "but come on" at least 90% of each program is their silly faces, all they do is video each other blocking 95% of what is around them.. the familiar phrase " what the hell was that" well we wouldn't know would we... and another phrase " did you hear or see that Brian or whoever " well no because your pointing the camera in my face, is what should be the reply.. i feel the focus of this program is on the silly faces of the presenter and not much else.. how about putting the camera in a stationary position instead and letting it record, instead of letting a frantic presenter holding and shaking it when a noise is heard or something is seen, and all we can see is their blurry faces whilst they are screaming the place down.... when are we the viewer going to see something or hear something.. never i feel as the 3 way conversations over the top of everything and silly faces blocking out everything any noises or views that they say are there..... very boring yawn yawnmoreless

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    love this show

    By avonwhitleigh, Nov 28, 2013

    i think all the team have been great its not fake paranormal does excist and this show brings it to many peoples attention amazing i hope they carry on makeing shows as i love it i say if you dont belive any of the shows then before judgeing there good work go and stay overnight at the same location yourself before judgeing there experiances

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    should be called ORB HUNTERS

    By heatherpullum, Apr 28, 2013

    Most haunted was the first paranormal show i seen but was hooked on ghost hunters when it came out, then ghost adventures and now stranded.. started watching deep south paranormal but i dont know if i like it or not and paranormal state was shit house!

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    If you have the nerve

    By 8691, Mar 05, 2013

    I would like to see Most Hounted at Market Bosworth hall To spend a night in the tower were it is closed down because no body of this life will ever go, the blood stain on the wall appears and it does not matter how many times it was painted over, the Grey Lady has been seen walking, And i all so have witnessed Her and i give her respect,. If they survive that; I would like to send them to Building 15 on the Caterpillar works This is a part of the old air field and in this building, electric stops doors open and many people will not enter by them self after dark, Flight air men have been seen walking about waiting for their plains from the 2nd world war These were Lancaster bomber pilatsmoreless

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    so dame fake

    By DaveLolz, Feb 19, 2013

    most hunted is so fake

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    most haunted

    By stevestokesy, Feb 04, 2013

    Too much swearing and squawking to hear what's going on. Totally unprofessional.

    Why are they so surprised at the reactions they get from the spirits. Isn't that what they want? Duhh!!

    And why so many people on the crew, from admin assistant to make up, and probably anyone who answers the phone. It all adds to the confusion. I think they should take a leaf out of Ghost Adventures book, now there's a professional team that get results!!

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