Mr. Bean

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Quotes (6)

  • Student: Done your revision?! Bean: Uh, oh yes. I concentrated on trigonometry. Student: I've done calculus, mainly. Bean: Oh! I believe they concentrated on calculus last year! Student: Oh! Oh dear! (Bean chuckles)

  • (Mr. Bean has gum in his ears) Ticket Collecter: Tickets please! Mr. Bean: Dah!!!!!

  • Mr. Bean: Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean! (opens cracker)

  • Danny La Rue: 'Ere! That's my frock!

  • Cilla Black: What's your name, where do you come from? Mr. Bean: I'm number three, and I've come...from the dressing room. Cilla Black: Ah, bless his little cotton socks. No, but what's your name? Tell us your name. Mr. Bean: Oh, uh, Bean. Cilla Black: And your first name? Mr. Bean: Mister. Cilla Black: And what do you do for a living? Mr. Bean: Well, I don't go around asking people personal questions. (Audience cheers) Cilla Black: Well, I hope this is not too personal. Who is your ideal lady? Mr. Bean: Well, Shirley Bassey, obviously. (He sings) Goldfinger!

  • (Mr. Bean and Tracy are out fishing on their romantic getaway) Tracy: Oh, I don't think we'll really catch anything. Mr Bean: (To the camera) Well, I'm quite a catch.

Notes (20)

  • Roger Sloman returns later in a heart failure victim in "Mr Bean rides again."

    Rudolph Walker and Rowan Atkinson will also star together in "The Thin Blue Line".

  • As this is a pilot episode, the regular credits were not used until they were replaced by the regular ones for the DVD version of the episode.

  • The maid seen standing next to Mr. Bean waiting for the Queen will appear in later episodes as Irma, Mr. Bean's girlfriend.

  • First Mr. Bean episode to feature the Southwark Cathedral choir singing the opening and closing theme tunes.

  • This episode is a 9-minute short that is only on video.

  • Rowan Atkinson was nominated for the 1991 BAFTA TV Award for "Best Light Entertainment Performance" for this episode. This episode was also nominated for the 1992 BAFTA TV Award for "Best Comedy (Programme or Series)".

  • This episode is a 6-minute short.

  • Two of the writers - Robin Driscoll and Howard Goodall - appear in this episode.

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Trivia (39)

  • In this episode the regular lime green mini is not used, and an orange one is used instead.

  • At the beach, Bean goes down a lot of steps, and then decides to change into his swimming trunks. However, there is a man wearing sunglasses sitting down in a deckchair, and Mr. Bean doesn't want him to see him changing. He discretely puts his trunks on over his trousers, and very cleverly manages to get them off from underneath.

  • At the church the hymns sung are 'All Creatures Of Our God" and 'King Eternal Father, Strong To Save.'

  • Visible crew/equipment: When Mr Bean parks his car outside the examination hall, as he reverses into his spot, you can see a group of plain-clothed crew members pushing the camera as there is a reflection in the window of a nearby car.

  • Visible crew/equipment: Before the church scene, Mr. Bean drives into the car-park and knocks the blue car off the road. Look at the car closest to the camera, as Mr. Bean reverses, you can see a person and a crane above him reflected in the window. Also, in the blue car's window closest to the camera, you can see dolly tracks.

  • Freeze-frame moment: When the waiter exits the kitchen, you can see that the kitchen is actually a painted backdrop.

  • Just before the scene where Mr Bean meets the Queen, the commentary is actually done by Rowan Atkinson.

  • Revealing: In the extra 'Library' scene, the book that Bean is given already has the loose pages before he has been at them with the knife. (At one point the pages get pushed forward a little bit, meaning that they're not fastened into the book.)

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Allusions (3)

  • There are two film references in this episode, the first is Christine (the scene in the carpark) and the other is A Nightmare On Elm Street (which is similar to the film playing at the cinema).

  • Episode Title: Torville and Bean This is a play on the name "Torvill and Dean", a famous British figure-skating team, who appear as themselves on the ice with Mr. Bean.

  • Title: Goodnight, Mr Bean. This is a refrence to the war time set 'Goodnight, Mr. Tom.'