Mr. Belvedere

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    Sleeper hit comedy show of the 1980's.

    By piccolomaster, Jul 01, 2010

    Mr. Belvedere is indeed a sleeper hit in the 1980's. I love this show very much. The story is simple. Mr. Belvedere is a professional housekeeper (or butler) who traveled all over the world and finally landed in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. He happens to be a great problem solver too. I love this show very much. In fact this show was going to be cancelled but the people have spoken and ran from 1985 to 1990. Here is an interesting fact: Three cast members appeared in all of the episodes. Ilene Graff, Christopher Hewitt and Brice Beckham. Please forgive me if I spell their names incorrectly. I love all the cast members. The DVDs are extremely popular, least in my mind. I have all four seasons so far. I highly recommend everyone to get all four seasons of Mr. Belvedere. I hope that seasons five and six come out soon.moreless

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  • 7.6

    A funny show

    By angelsxo, Jan 31, 2006

    Though the show had some humorous part to it, it seemed to be a take off on one show or another. The humor was good at times but not outstanding. It may have been the time frame it was in as there were many show's of it's kind. The theory would be an interesting concept to try again now when there are not so many shows of it's kind airing.

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  • 7.6

    can a horse talk?

    By angelsxo, Jan 31, 2006

    Can a horse talk? Of course not. But in this show the creators had you believing that a horse could talk. The show was interesting and entertaining but to unrealistic to have a long running series. The funniest part of the show was the interaction between the horse and the humans and his thoughts that remained unheard by them. Not a real block buster but still it had some funny parts.

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  • 9.8

    This show rocked the Casbah!

    By KCCopperhead, Jul 08, 2005

    I loved the character of Lynn Belvedere. He brought so much class and statliness to the family he patiently worked for and mentored. I loved Wesley's relationship with him - tense and rebellious, yet loving, as he grew to appreciate Mr. B's old-world, austere disciplinary ways. Everyone needed Mr. B, and way down deep inside, Mr. B needed to be needed. The shows were creative and funny with good plots and resolutions. The character of Mr. B contrasted with that of Bull in a China Shop dad George was priceless.moreless

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