Mr. Belvedere

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Quotes (28)

  • Mr. Belvedere: (to Wesley's party guests) Punch and cookies? Wayne: No thank you, I ate before I came. Mr. Belvedere: Ms.? Rona: Yes please, everything looks so delicious. (Mr. Belvedere hands her a glass of punch) Rona: Don't spill!! Mr. Belvedere: Young lady, I wouldn't think of spoiling such a lovely party dress. Rona: Don't patronize me, Hazel! Mr. Belvedere: (about her dress) Is this flammable?

  • Wesley: I remember this kid at school that kept picking on me, and I wished something would happen to him, and he fell off the monkey bars and broke his arm. Mr. Belvedere: Wesley. Wesley: Then I had this teacher that kept calling on me, and I wished something would happen to her, and she got pregnant. Mr. Belvedere: Wesley, I'm certain you had nothing to do with that... Wesley: But I have this power! Mr. Belvedere: Wesley, this is Beaver Falls, not the Twilight Zone.

  • (George cooking breakfast) George: Okay folks, how do we want our eggs? Kevin: Scrambled. Wesley: Poached. Heather: Fried. Mr. Belvedere: Florentined.

  • Angela: Hi, Mr. Velveeta. Mr. Belvedere: Hello Angela. And it's Belvedere.

  • Mr. Belvedere: Hello Angela. Angela: Hello Mr. Belafonte.

  • Kevin: (to Mr. Belvedere and Marsha) Oh hey, are you guys planning on using the house tonight? Mr. Belvedere: No Kevin. Tonight's the night your mother and I usually go sit in the gutter.

  • Wesley: I'm not going to any stupid Swedish movie. It's probably Pippi Longstocking. I hate that broad. Mr. Belvedere: WESLEY!

  • Mr. Belvedere: (coming into Heather's room) Sorry ladies, I just came in to change the linen. Angela: Oh, it's okay Mr. Bellbottom.

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Notes (22)

  • The series begins its run, airing on Fridays.

  • Casey Ellison makes his first appearance in the recurring role of Miles Knobnoster.

  • Winifred Freedman makes her first appearance in the recurring role as Wendy.

  • This may have been one of the first sitcoms to deal with the AIDS epidemic that erupted in the early to mid-80's.

  • Willie Garson makes his first appearance in the recurring role of Carl.

  • ABC aired a Parental Advisory prior to this episode airing.

  • Tracy Wells does not appear in this episode.

  • Norman Bartold makes his first appearance in the recurring role of Skip Hollings.

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Trivia (14)

  • Tricia Cast is better known for her role on The Young and the Restless.

  • Albert Hague is better known for his role as Benjamin Shorofsky on Fame.

  • Instead of ending the episode with Mr. Belvedere writing in his journal in his bedroom, this episode ends with him writing in it as George puts everyone to sleep with his speech at the award ceremony.

  • Brian Robbins is better known for his role as Eric Mardian on Head of the Class.

  • Jason Bateman is better known for his roles as Michael Bluth on Arrested Development and David Hogan on Valerie (a.k.a.) The Hogan Family.

  • Danny Cooksey is better known for his role as Sam McKinney on Diff'rent Strokes.

  • James Gregory is better known for his role as Inspector Frank Luger on Barney Miller.

  • Doris Roberts is best known for her role as Marie Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond.

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Allusions (4)

  • The name of this episode is also the same name of the 1961 Tokens song The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

  • (Mr. Belvedere answers the phone) "Owen's Residence, Mary Poppins speaking". Mr. Belvedere mentions Mary Poppins, a British nanny (played by Julie Andrews) who takes care of a family (played by David Tomlinson and Glynnis Johns) and their kids (played by Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber). The movie was released in 1964.

  • The episode title is also the name of the 1988 movie Big, a movie (directed by Penny Marshall) that a 12 year old boy makes a wish at a carnival to be big and gets more than he bargained for.  He turns into a 35 year old man (Played by Tom Banks) who has a cool job with a toy company and a girlfriend (played by Elizabeth Perkins).

  • George tells Keith:  "Who taught you to do that, Freddy Krueger?"  George was talking about Freddy Krueger, a character created by Wes Cravens and the 1984 horror film Nightmare On Elm Street (that starred Robert Englund, Heather Lagencamp and Johnny Depp) as Freddy Krueger, a stalker who kills teenage kids in their dreams and has to survive.  The film went on to have more sequels in the 1980s.