Mr. Peepers

NBC (ended 1955)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 4 : Ep 30

    Episode 117

    Aired 6/12/55

  • S 4 : Ep 29

    Episode 116: "The Wally Cox Show"

    Aired 6/5/55

  • S 4 : Ep 28

    Episode 115

    Aired 5/29/55

  • S 4 : Ep 27

    Episode 114

    Aired 5/15/55

  • S 4 : Ep 26

    Episode 113: "Boat Trip"

    Aired 5/8/55

  • Cast & Crew
  • Wally Cox

    Robinson J. Peepers

  • Marion Lorne

    Mrs. Gurney

  • Patricia Benoit

    Nancy Remington/Peepers

  • Tony Randall

    Harvey Weskit

  • Georgianne Johnson

    Marge Bellows/Weskit

  • show Description
  • Wally Cox played a timid science teacher at Jefferson Junior High School.

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (5)

    • [Opening narration]: When Robinson Peepers arrived in our town There was no one to greet him at all Most reasonable act, Considering the fact, He should not have arrived until fall. When Robinson Peepers arrived in our town His reception was markedly cool But he came just the same With his strange little name His story begins at our school.

    • Deen: Do you like cold cuts? Peepers: No, I don't. I used to get them at home all the time. I remember one week Mother served them six nights in a row. Then on Sunday she served them a different way. Deen: How did she serve them? Peepers: Hot

    • Opening narration: "Robinson Peepers' arrival in town Wasn't strictly according to rule. But he came just the same, With his strange little name, And his story begins in our school."

    • Peepers: "I used to be boy soprano, but I had to give it up when I was thirteen. My voice changed. (pause) It got higher."

    • Weskit: "There's a new movie playing at the Bijou; it's all about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It stars Marilyn Monroe." Peepers: "Oh, I LOVE those panoramic scenes of Canadian wilderness."

    Notes (45)

    • This audition show ran longer than a normal half-hour episode (about 34:35 with no commercials).

    • This "audition" was performed without a studio audience.

    • The 5/3/1952 issue of Billboard magazine reports that this "kinescope audition" was filmed on 4/24/1952.

    • Walter Matthau is credited as "David Tyrell."

    • The UCLA Archives and the S'More Entertainment DVD release both list an incorrect date of 7/10/1952 for this episode. Mr. Peepers did not air on 7/10/1952 due to NBC coverage of the Republican National Convention.

    • The show was pre-empted the previous week (7/24/1952) for NBC coverage of the Democratic National Convention.

    • There were no closing credits for this episode.

    • Tony Randall is credited as "Anthony Randall"

    Show More Notes

    Trivia (4)

    • This audition show was titled "Peepers". When the show was picked up by NBC, it was renamed to "Mister Peepers".

    • In the opening scene, the train station sign says, "Jefferson City, Altitude 1 foot 6 inches"

    • A sign in the school cafeteria says, "Masticate your food thoroughly."

    • This episode introduces two running gags that lasted throughout the series:

      1) the complicated set of maneuvers required to open Peepers' locker

      2) the water cooler that seemed to bubble and dispense paper cups with a mind of its own.

    Allusions (1)

    • When Mr. Lautenschlager angrily slams the radio down, his wife says, "A regular Marlon Brando. Ever since he saw that picture, he don't like radios no more." This is an allusion to a scene in the 1951 movie "A Streetcar Named Desire" in which Marlon Brando's character, Stanley Kowalski, throws a radio out a window. Wally Cox and Marlon Brando were lifelong friends.

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