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    Had me liking Mexican wrestling!

    By anastasia1243, Aug 10, 2014

    Most ep (02-06, 09, 14) WB

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    It was a decent and entertaining WB cartoon at first.

    By Orca36, Mar 04, 2014

    Mucha Lucha was a cartoon that premiered on WB when I was probably 11 or 12. I remember back then that I liked it okay. In fact I would always tune in to watch new episodes of it on Saturday mornings. What do I think of Mucha Lucha today? Well... it's got some interesting characters and their powers are kinda... unique. But also, it might be more controversial then I had realized.

    I don't know, I kind of have the feeling that for some people, this show might be a little stereotypical, if not slightly racist, with it's portrayal of Mexico, and the Lucha Libre lifestyle. Especially considering that no one in the show ever removes their mask, even outside of the ring. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Luchadors don't walk around on the streets still wearing their masks. Then again, that might just be a comedic aspect of the show, and I might just be reading into it too much. Me personally, I don't think it's really that offensive to Mexican culture. If anything, my problems with Mucha Lucha stem from the fact that after the first season, it just got dull.

    Though I do really like the opening theme. I also like some of the characters. Rikochet and Buena Girl are really cool, as they best represent the honor and tradition of masked-wrestling. Headmistress is pretty funny, even if she's just a typical angry headmistress. But I think my favorite character is El Ray the action figure. He's so funny, and I always wondered how the heck he can talk to Rikochet. However, I have to be honest and say that The Flea was unbearable in this show. Most of the humor that seemed to stem from him was gross humor, not to mention he can be kinda selfish. In fact, a lot of the humor in Mucha Lucha was gross, which I'm not particularly a fan of.

    So yeah, the first season was pretty good, and for the most part Mucha Lucha does follow the spirit of Lucha Libre (except for the bizzare powers). However, with the uncomfortable notions of possible racism, Flea being annoying, many plots being ridiculous, and a lot of gross humor, I can't really say I like it anymore. But it's not a completely bad show, just sort of a mixed-bag. If your curious, then I say check Mucha Lucha out and judge for yourself.moreless

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    lol this

    By Aaran24, Feb 14, 2014

    esta loca

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    Pretty awesome.

    By Lyoko88, Mar 18, 2013

    This was a pretty awesome cartoon.

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    Racism? I think so.

    By DreadAngelus, Jun 20, 2012

    This is somewhat a disgrace to mexicans, depicting their culture incorrectly. It's crap in anyways. The plot sucks, characters' personality are crap, and actors act in the wrong place! Overall, it's terrible.

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    I think Mucha Lucha is a pretty good flash cartoon.

    By lapinata, Feb 11, 2012

    Mucha Lucha is a flash cartoon that have mask wrestling and the actions of the show is very interesting and I loved the humor the show like the mask wrestlers turning into inamite objects and humorous lines from the show and I don\'t really get why people hates this show much.Maybe because the people who hates this show only watched Mucha Lucha for 2 seconds and thinks the animation is horrible.Just because the animation is horrible that doesn\'t mean you have to hate it,and I like how the mask wrestlers have their own theme like for example a mask wrestler named \"Zero Kelvin\" shivers during role call and I think that plots are pretty humorous and I think Mucha Lucha is the best flash show in my opinion.

    No offense but I feel like people who thinks Mucha Lucha is racist only saw it for a microsecond since I found no racism in there.moreless

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    By Southparkfa, Sep 25, 2011

    This show is about a group of mexican friends who go to a mexican wrestling school, where they face many challenges on they're way to graduation. Now on paper (and more importantly on your tv guide) the concept doesn't sound too bad, but once we actually get to an episode, it's an apalling disjointed mess. Firstly, apparently mexican figurines can talk and give advice and stuff. boring. secondly, it's the exact same thing every episode: They learn a new move, fight something, fail to use the new move properly, and then make a comeback. boring. So in my opinion, this show is boring, apalling, and sterotypical of mexicans in general. 0/10 F-moreless

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    An insult to fans of Mexican Wrestling everywhere

    By That_TV_Dude, Sep 25, 2011

    To be honest, seeing promos of Mucha Lucha made it look promising. The show was about three friends who go to a school about masked wrestling and fight for honor, family, tradition, and for some reason doughnuts. They also face dangers from within the school and go on adventures to prove themselves as the best wrestlers ever. Maybe the show sounds OK on paper and not too bad, but once again looks are deceiving and this show proves that fact again. The characters on this show are all terrible and generic. Ricochet is just a standard kid who wants to be the best and wants to do things right. Buena Girl is just a typical goody two shoes and smart girl. The Flea is just a run of the mill slob and is filthy, and to be fair he is the only decent character on this show and managed to make me laugh here and there.. The principal is generic tough person who rules the school by fear, and it just keeps on going. I also find it stupid that this show portrays Mexico as nothing but masked wrestling lunatics and consider it a God. There is also stereotypical Mexican areas and everyone is a Mexican stereotype. I also have to point out that for someone who fights for Honor, Ricochet somehow always screws up and gets into more trouble. Also if Buena Girl is so smart, how come in one episode where Ricochet lost his mask that she couldn't tell the difference between a mask and the mailbox Ricochet was wearing? Speaking of the masks, why is removing it so taboo? We never learn why removing your mask is bad and they never bother explaining it at all. We are supposed to accept it with no questions asked at all. Also why is Doughnuts somehow part of Mexican wrestling tradition? Where do doughnuts or any food have to do with wrestling, Mexican or not? Once again, never explained. The artwork is OK, but why do most of the characters have humongous heads that look like eggs or ovals? As for the animation, it's horrible in every way. It's really stiff, there are barely movements to the characters, and it is choppy most of the time. As for the plots, they are all boring. It's usually either the 3 heroes learning a life lesson, or facing a danger in or out of school. When the kids do the fighting moves, they do special moves that turn them into either a pinball, tractor, fly swatter, and so on. They come off really stupid, but at least they are creative, so I will give the show the benefit of the doubt. The humor is next to nonexistent in this show. I only got laughs from The Flea every now and then, but there was no other funny stuff in the show. This show may have worked as a wrestling cartoon, but stereotypes everywhere, bad jokes, boring stories, and logic that makes no sense ruins this show. This show has very little value at all, and even if you are a die hard wrestling fan, do yourself a favor and stay far away from this show.moreless

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    3 words: classic, cool, and cute!

    By Sailormoonfan44, Aug 28, 2011

    If you wanna see a show see this one! It doesn't end bad and doesn't leave you ending up in a coma. The characters are loveable, the plotlines are amazing, the humor is great, and the movie must see it now! Here's the plot!:

    ┬íMucha Lucha! is an over-the-top comedy-adventure about honor, family, tradition... and donuts. The series explores the Latino cultural phenomenon known as "Lucha Libre." In a world where no one removes their colorful mask ever and success depends on having a "signature move," three mascaritas - Rikochet, Buena Girl and The Flea - study and live the "Code of Masked Wrestling" and go to school at the Formost World-Renowned International School of Lucha.

    This bold comedy combines irreverent humor and visually dynamic fantasy-action in two fast-paced 11-minute episodes and is the first-ever all-flash animated series on broadcast television.

    Character Bios:

    Rikochet - The main Luchador of the show, Rikochet wants to be the school's greatest Luchador ever! He's master of the "Pulverzing Pinball" attack, as well as the "Spinning Top" and other attacks.

    Buena Girl - Buena Girl's knowledge of the Code of Masked Wrestling is surpassed by none, giving her an edge in matches. Her special attack is "The Buena Bulldozer of Truth", and she stands for all things Buena.

    The Flea - The Flea, Buena Girl, and Rikochet are like the three amigos, literally! But they call themselves the Three Mascaritas! The Flea is kind of the nasty one, the only things that can beat him are showers, killer masked toilets, and good hygiene! The Flea also refers to himself in the third-person perspective.

    See that show is not that bad! It aired on Saturday, August 17, 2002 and it's still going strong! Don't listen to the hater's see it now!

    Well bye!moreless

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