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  • S 1 : Ep 7

    All That Glitters Is Not Glass

    Aired 7/11/09

  • S 1 : Ep 6

    My Mate Mumbai

    Aired 7/4/09

  • S 1 : Ep 5

    Dating Season

    Aired 6/27/09

  • S 1 : Ep 4

    Boy To Man

    Aired 6/20/09

  • S 1 : Ep 3

    Good Sellers

    Aired 6/13/09

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar

    Kenny Gupta

  • Nitin Ganatra


  • Henry Goodman

  • Daisy Beaumont

    Terri Johnson

  • Sophie Hunter

  • show Description
  • Kenny Gupta (Sanjeev Bhaskar), a British-born Indian, is sent on a transfer to Mumbai, India to work in the Teknobable call center. When arriving in India however, Kenny soon realises that the manager, Dev, is using the office to fund his own side business. Mumbai Calling is the first locally produced series for HBO India. A full series has been ordered by ITV1.

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    • Sarika: Sir, people's houses are being flooded. Water is coming out of dishwashers, out of washing machines, and toilets are overflowing raw sewage. Dev: Aarggh, totally gross, man! Floating crap like surfaced submarines. Can you imagine it, Sarika? U boats from the U bend! Torpoodoes! Sarika: Yes, but, Dev… Dev: Is that the remote control? No, it's poo! Are those my slippers? No, they're poos. Do you fancy a cereal bar? Don't touch that, it's poo! It's disgusting. (Dev heads over to Amit) Sarika: Thanks for the advice, sir. It was invaluable…

    • Kenny: Let's go to work! (The staff start to file out. Kenny goes into Hill Street Blues mode) Kenny: And people - let's be careful out there. Prem: Why? Is there construction work? Kenny: No. Amar: Should I wear a hard hat? Amit: We haven't got hard hats, Mr. Gupta. Kenny: No, no. Just... answer the phones. Bindya: And no hats? Kenny: No hats. Lovely: And our turbans are allowed, yes? Kenny: Yes, your turbans are allowed. Lovely: (Quietly) Woo! Amit: But what danger should we...? Kenny: (Shouting) Just go and answer the phones, for God's sake!! (The staff skulk out.) Dev: Your people skills... You can't learn that. That's instinct, isn't it?

    • Terri: Sarika, could you ask Mr. Gupta to see me in my office when he gets in? Sarika: He's in his office, madam. He's been in there for hours. Terri: (Checks watch) What? Is he drunk? Sarika: No. Terri: Hungover? Sarika: No. Terri: (Beat) Has he got a girl in there? Sarika: No, madam. Terri: He didn't go in there with a bunch of magazines, did he? Sarika: No. Just one... and a box of tissues... and some potato chips. (Terri heads towards Kenny's door, confused.) (Terri's about to knock, when she stops and leans against the door, attempting to listen. The door opens suddenly and she falls into Kenny's arms. She straightens herself up quickly.) Kenny: Whoa, lucky I caught you. You might've ended up on the floor. Terri: The floor would have been preferable. Kenny: Yeah, on the floor... all splayed out, buttons popped on your blouse... screaming the four letter word. You don't want to come in again? Terri: Yeah, do you want a four letter word? Kenny: Yeah. Terri: Work! Kenny: Oh! You're such a tease!

    • (Kenny is watching something on his PC, secretly. Terri bursts into Kenny's office without knocking.) Kenny: Oh, Jesus... Terri: The staff has got to learn to stand up for themselves. (Kenny jumps out of his skin and tries to hide his monitor from her.) Terri: What were you doing? Kenny: Nothing. Terri: You dirty, old, middle aged man... Kenny: What? I was... I'm not harming anyone. Terri: I can't believe you are doing that sort of thing at work. Kenny: Well... it's nothing. It's just a little... Terri: (Shocked) Oh, my god!! That's... That's... (Gasp) It's not what I think it is? Kenny: (Resigned) Yeah, yeah... It is. It's Wembley high street. Terri: My god, look at that! Look at the traffic! Bumper to bumper. Kenny: The Wembley webcam refreshes every 20 minutes. Sometimes, the cars haven't moved. Terri: Can you get Bond Street on this site? I think the sales are on. Kenny: You dirty girl!

    • Sir Rupert: Now, these bashes are jolly good fun – provided you're completely sozzled in time for those god-awful speeches. Kenny: I'm staying focused. I'm delivering the 'god-awful speech'. (Sir Rupert is utterly unfazed.) Sir Rupert: Oh, quite right, too. Now what's the last line of your speech? I want to beat the rush for the bog. Kenny: Ah, well, actually... (Pats jacket) It's quite an uplifting, final... (He pats his jacket again. A worried look descends. He pats the other side of his jacket. A look of panic. Quick cutaway to his speech, still sitting on the printer.) Kenny: Shit! Sir Rupert: A final shit? Too late, old man, you're nearly on.

    • Dev: With the British, everything is about sex. Therefore, a dating agency is not about dating, it's about sex. Sarika: So, when they say they're hoping for friendship? Dev: They're probably looking for sex. Prem: And when they say they want a 'companion'? Dev: They are definitely looking for sex. Bindiya: And when they say they want sex? Dev: They are rampant sex addicts! (The staff seem shocked.) Dev: Everything they say is loaded with innuendo. (Terri looks into the conference room.) Terri: Ah, Dev, I need you right now. (The staff exchange glances.) Terri: There's something I can't put my finger on. Perhaps you can help... (Dev looks uncertain. Terri pauses. She turns to look at the staff. The staff are all staring at her, open-mouthed, in shock.) Terri: Have I come at the wrong moment? (The supervisors are shocked and everybody sniggers.) Terri: Look, I seem to be getting calls for you in my office. From a 'Hardeep'? Dev: Ah yes, thank you, Miss Terri. (Hastily) That's a work call. Terri: Well, he says he's having problems trying to get it to stay up.

    • Sarika (on the intercom): Mr. Kenny, the supervisors are waiting for you in the conference room. Dev: Ah yes, you have to tell them how to handle these dating calls. Kenny: But, Dev, I'm dredging words from the very pit of my soul here. Can you do it? Dev: Dredge the pit of your very soul? (Shudders) Euugh!

    • Lovely: And what was wrong with the last man we fixed you up with, madam? Caller: Absolutely nothing. He was great! Lovely: (Reading off the screen) Tall, Swedish, athletic... Caller: Yep, great body. Great. Lovely: So why don't you want to see any more of him? Caller: Well, I don't think there's any more of him to see, darling, if you know what I mean. Got any short Scottish redheads this time? Lovely: Certainly. Caller: But something that really packs the kilt.

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    Notes (10)

    • Original International Air Dates: Czech Republic: September 1, 2009 on HBO Comedy

    • The show is produced by Allan McKeown Presents.

    • The full series, scripted by a 12-strong UK team, was filmed on location in Mumbai, India in 2008.

    • The seven new episodes were originally scheduled to be broadcast in a prime-time slot in ITV1's 2008 Winter Schedule. ITV changed its mind and shelved the episodes. The new episodes were first seen on HBO India in 2008 and this episode did not appear on UK screens until the end of May 2009.

    • Original International Air Dates: Czech Republic: September 2, 2009 on HBO Comedy

    • Original International Air Dates: Czech Republic: September 3, 2009 on HBO Comedy

    • Original International Air Dates: Czech Republic: September 4, 2009 on HBO Comedy

    • Original International Air Dates: Czech Republic: September 7, 2009 on HBO Comedy

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    Trivia (3)

    • At the end of this episode, ITV gave the following continuity announcement: We would like to clarify that the National Floodline featured in the programme is a fictitious service and not in any way connected with the Floodline operated by the Environment Agency.

    • The show is recorded without a laugh track.

    • The star of the show, Sanjeev Bhaskar, actually worked in a call centre after he graduated from university, selling spare parts for photocopiers.

    Allusions (1)

    • Title: Good Sellers alludes to the 1990 Scorsese film Goodfellas about gangsters. This episode deals with a Mumbai gangster demanding protection payments from Teknobable.

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  • Kenny Gupta, an Indian living in London, unwillingly finds himself running a Call Center in India. Throughout the show, we see him and the other employees getting to know one another, falling in love and answering the craziest and stupidest of questions.

    By karinrauh, May 21, 2009

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