Muppets Tonight

ABC (ended 1998)
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  • S 2 : Ep 12

    Daryl Hannah, Johnny Mathis

    Aired 2/8/98

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    Andie MacDowell, George Takei

    Aired 1/4/98

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    The Gary Cahuenga Episode

    Aired 12/27/97

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    The Best of Muppets Tonight

    Aired 12/21/97

  • S 2 : Ep 8

    The Cameo Show

    Aired 12/7/97

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kevin Clash


  • Frank Oz

    Miss Piggy / Fozzie Bear / Sam the Eagle / Animal

  • Jerry Nelson

    Lew Zealand / Statler / Announcer

  • Steve Whitmire

    Kermit the Frog / Rizzo the Rat / Beaker / Andy Pig

  • Dave Goelz

    Gonzo / Dr. Bunsen Honeydew / Waldorf / Beauregard / Randy Pig

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  • show Description
  • "Muppets Tonight!" was a short lived new version of the classic 'The Muppet Show', that hoped to appeal to a new generation. This series continued with several traditions that the original series did. Each episode revolved around a celebrity guest and there were new Muppet skits throughout the show. New Muppets are introduced throughout the series who would later appear in the newer Muppet films. The show itself gains a new host as Kermit the Frog passes the torch to a new Muppet named Clifford who hosts the show. In February 2004, Disney Enterprises bought two major Jim Henson properties: the Muppets and Bear in the Big Blue House. "Muppets Tonight!" premiered its first 10 episodes on ABC. The remaining episodes aired on the Disney Channel until the show's cancellation. Theme Song Kermit: It's Muppets Tonight with our very special guest star(s), (guest star's name(s))! YAY! OW! Clifford: If you're a human being, take a break from the race. Take a load off your feet. Wipe the look of your face. We got a lot to do, And we'll do it for you, where everybody takes your place. Muppets Tonight! Chorus: You're gonna see something better to see. Clifford: Tonight's the night! Chorus: You're gonna live with the memories. Clifford: We got a show for you. Guaranteed brand-new. All: Where here come the Muppets Tonight! Clifford: Yeah! (whistle) All: We got a show for you. Guaranteed brand-new! Where here come the Muppets. Here come the Muppets! HERE COME THE MUPPETS TONIGHT!!!moreless

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  • Quotes (89)

    • Waldorf: Nurse, there's something wrong with this TV. Statler: What's that? Waldorf: It's on.

    • (Clifford is convincing the rest of the muppets to feel good about the new show) Nigel: 10 seconds! Clifford: Yo yo yo! And no matter what happens, have fun! Nigel: We're on the air!! We're on the air!! (as all the muppets are running and screaming everywhere, Clifford takes it calmly, and locks himself in the supply cabinet) Kermit: Clifford! Clifford! That's the supply cabinet! Clifford: I know that, it's a nice supply cabinet too. Nice and quiet. Let's cue the announcer, shall we?

    • Clifford: The only thing that's gonna save us now, Rizzo, is if a world famous super-star walks through that door. (that door opens on Clifford, knocking him off) Rizzo: Or that door.

    • Gonzo: Clifford, your problems are solved, I've got an act thats gonna knock your socks off! Clifford: Well, put them on, man. Gonzo: Your socks? Clifford: No, the act!

    • Announcer: And now it's time for Muppets Tonight and here's the host of our show - Clifford! Rizzo: You're on, Clifford! Clifford: I'm Clifford, your homey made of foamey!

    • Kermit: So, who want's to volunteer to host this new show? (all the muppets leave the room except for Clifford, who was talking on his phone) Clifford: (to the phone) Oh, baby, I love you! You know that! Kermit: Uh, congratulations, Clifford, you've got your own show. Clifford: (to the phone) Hold on baby.. (to Kermit) Ma own show? I've always wanted to have my own show. Man, this is great! So when does it start? Kermit: Oh, in about thirty seconds... Clifford: (takes it slowly, then uses his phone) I'll call you back, babe (faints)

    • Gonzo: Here on Monday we have Murphy Prawn and The Single Duck in the City with his Apartment Full of Friends. And for this evening's show right now we have TBA followed by the X-Flies. Kermit: Excuse me, Gonzo, but TBA means to be announced which means we don't have a show for tonight!

    • Clifford: Hey, man, have you seen the Dancing Cheeses? I wanna thank them for all their hard work! Rizzo: Sure! (pats stomach) Thank you, Dancing Cheeses, for all your hard work! Clifford: Oh man, you ate the cheeses?? Rizzo: Of course I ate the cheese, I'm a rat! They eat cheese! It's the circle of life..

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    Notes (25)

    • Clifford's intro: The show that's going to change the face of television, and make it look a little something like this... (one of the Koozbanian dancers pops up, laughs at the audience, and then kisses Clifford before running off stage)

    • Nigel the director looks a lot like a lighter-colored version of Droop.

    • Andy and Randy from Muppet Theater appear, but instead of brothers, they're Miss Piggy's nephews.

    • Clifford's intro: The show that has people all around the world saying... (the Koozbanian dancers pop up and shout something incomprehensible) Clifford: Whatever that means.

    • "Pigs in Space" is brought back with Miss Piggy as the only original member.

    • This is the first (and probably only) time her nephews call Piggy by her name instead of "Aunt Piggy".

    • Clifford's intro: "Welcome to Muppets Tonight, the show critics everywhere are calling 'Muppets Tonight'."

    • Sam the American Bald Eagle brings back his editorial with Randy and Andy Pig now as continous guests throughout the series. Poor Sam.

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    Trivia (8)

    • George the Janitor, a cranky old guy from the first season of the Muppet Show, is seen at the end of the episode.

    • This is the first time Rowlf has spoken since Jim Henson passed away; he is voiced by Bill Barreta

    • Muppeteer Jerry Nelson makes a cameo in a scene in which he welcomes back John Goodman.

    • When Kermit interrupts his Frogateer frog count, he says that Stu has said his name five times, but Stu said it only four times.

    • Goof: Instead of "terifi", the card that Clifford reads says "teriei".

    • The show includes the best of the outtakes, such as: - Sandra Bullock blowing a line - Martin Short as the agent getting a smelly hand from touching Kermit - Jason Alexander blowing a line with Seymour and Pepe - Gary Cahuenga blowing a line with Prince

    • Song: Helen Reddy's Muppet version of "You and Me Against the World". Includes some photo clips with Johnny Fiama, his mother and Sal in various funny situations.

    • Running gag: - Clifford and Rizzo the Rat shocked stares - Sal having accidents after finishing the letters he wrote to reunite Jonnhy Fiama and his mother.

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    Allusions (5)

    • One of the Frogateers has L. Ron written on his shirt. That is probably an allusion to L. Ron Hubbard, the head of the scientology church.

    • The "Phenomena" sketch is a parody of the classic "Manha Manha" sketch.

    • Mad Bomber: If ratings drop below 50, the studio will explode! This is a direct reference to the movie Speed, which starred Sandra Bullock.

    • Jason: Now I'm just a short neurotic bald guy with a New York accent. Where can I possibly fit in? Miss Piggy: A sitcom? Jason: Get real! This is a direct allusion to the show sitcom Seinfeld, where Jason Alexander plays the character of George Constanza, a short, neurotic, bald guy with a New York accent.

    • Clifford: Supamagimarvelmagniterifibrillcoolwity. This is an obvious pun of Mary Poppins's famous word, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

  • Fan Reviews (16)
  • Never saw the show.

    By teenagersrule15, Mar 03, 2007

  • i love kermit, he was a hero to my cousin..RIP tanner

    By samantha_perez, Dec 07, 2007

  • There go the Muppets Tonight!!!

    By Soulwoman, Sep 17, 2008

  • The Muppets revamped for the 1990s.

    By MightyElroy, Feb 05, 2008

  • this show was great, I thought it was the muppet show at first, this was good but not as godo as the muppet show.

    By kevinb4444, Aug 08, 2007

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