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    love this sitcom

    By DarrenHansbed, Jul 03, 2013

    This is the best sitcom among others!!!!! It's very smart and sidesplitting ahaha!!! Candice rocks the show and she really deserved the Emmy trophies! Because of her excellent job for making this TV series really great and of course the rest of the cast, they did a great role, too! Too bad the series stopped after 10 years reigning the primetime television. Thankfully, the DVD set I purchased from memorylanedvd .com was made of vivd images and nice sounds! I'm really glad to see this show once more and thanks to memorylanedvd .com for giving me this chance!moreless

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    Murphy Brown

    By Edie70, Jan 17, 2013

    I watched the reruns of this masterpiece when I was a kid (about 10 years ago). I loved Murphy, her colleagues, twisted mother, smart little son, her sassy painter and the workplace comedy being mixed with the family humor. Yes, this woman is a recovering alcoholic who dedicated her life to her beloved profession. Being a successful journalist is what she does best.

    I must say that not many shows (especially sitcoms) would give the main character a cancer-storyline in it's last season to spice it up a bit. This show will be remembered forever. So many wonderful memories, but it would be so much better with just 8 seasons (everybody knows that 9+10 were kind of weak and the comedy was not that great in those last two years). And for that I'd give it a solid 8.0/10.moreless

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    Bring it Back in 2012

    By KarenCucurul, Aug 24, 2011

    I loved this show and still do. The person asking about Audrey, she went on to Fraser and now is on Hot in Cleveland. I really wish the wrtiters and Diane English would consider bringing back Murphy Brown for the 2012 election.....

    Bring it back please :)

    I think Diane and Candice could have had a blast in 2008 with Sarah Palin and the rest of the canidates.

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    Still my favorite sitcom

    By latfan, Jun 02, 2011

    I watched Murphy Brown for the first time when I was about 10 - 12 years old. Back then I couldn't grasp even half of the jokes in the show but nevertheless it fascinated me. The characters were extremely well written and had wonferful interaction between each other. It was a pleasure to watch them fighting, laughing, or whatever they were doing. The reason is that all of them had many flaws and all of them were more or less self-centric (of course, Murphy's ego was huger than anyone else's). Certainly, the formula wouldn't have worked without the brilliant ensemble cast which (in my opinion) was the basis of the show's success and the superb writing. Later, when I was older, I came to appreciate the other wonderful aspect of Murphy Brown as well - the satire. The ability of the writers to balance the funny and the serious has always impressed me. Some people find the show preachy but I strongly disagree.

    The only season I found weak is season 9. But the 10th was great and the show returned to its origins with it. It was a perfect way to say goodbye.moreless

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    I didn't care for it too much. It was sort of funny but that was about as much substance as it had.

    By kevinb4444, Jun 02, 2011

    Candice Bergan plays the same character now forcing her beliefs on people as she did on Murphy Brown. There were som funny jokes, but when you use a show as propaganda for your beliefs, political, religious, or any other I don't really care for that too much. It's kind of sad that these people feel like they have to do that, because that was really the only thing wrong with Murphy Brown. The unfortunate part was that the only the wrong was used during about 80% of the show especially towards the last few seasons that is was on the air.moreless

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    This show was one of the best shows on the air from the 80's until the 90's. It hit America's funny bone hard and never let go. It was one of the earliest shows that I got hooked on and watched until the day that it sadly went off the air.

    By Frankburnsflagg, Feb 05, 2011

    I wish that there were more shows like Murphy Brown out there today, that actually make the audience think. I had a blast seeing Murphy and the gang go through daily life and the many problems in it with such class, character and humanity. Each episode, for the most part, was special in their own way.

    My all time favorite episode was "Waiting to Inhale", the episode where Murphy is fighting breast cancer and Jim goes and tries to get her some marjuana from a drug dealer. What happens next is just pure Murphy Brown. It cracked me up when I first saw that episode back when it originally aired and it still does today.

    Too bad more shows don't have that much guts anymore. The writing just isn't as original and that kind of thing in todays' shows. In fact, Murphy Brown kind of predicted the coming of reality tv in a way. There was an episode where everyone was in one of the bosses' offices' and they showed the board where all of the new shows were listed on, and all that were on it for the most part, were reality tv shows. Kind of ironic, when I look back at it, and rather sad as well.

    Murphy Brown will always be missed for its' sharp humor and insight into life and the world itself, and will be remembered for it as well.moreless

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    By wmegii, Jul 07, 2007

    I think this show is really great. I love Murphy and also Corky and whole cast. The first seasons were the best, but the rest of seasons wasnt also bad.

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    Never should of gotten cancelled.

    By tv-fanatic, Jul 10, 2006

    This is a good show you have to admit. When it first came on I wast to intrested but later on I got more and more into it and now I like it. I havent seen alot of episodes but I still do like it. This show had a future no matter what anybody said.

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    Murphy Brown always gets the story. And sometimes the story gets her. Hilarious and intelligent tales of a news crew in Washington, D.C.

    By Lokar, Jun 11, 2006

    Journalist Murphy Brown comes back from a successful battle against her former alcohol problem to find the newsroom more of a zoo than ever. Truth is still stranger than fiction. She can't accept any of the rankly incompetent folks who try to fill the chair of the secretary's desk outside her office; her new boss looks fresh-faced enough to still be in college; and her co-anchors are sometimes more trial than help. Add to the mix a house-painter, Eldin, who comes to work on her house and can't quite get the hang of leaving, and Phil, owner of the best bar in town and a friend who makes sure Murphy now orders nothing stronger than club soda.

    The show cribs generously from other classic comedies, the most obvious being "Mary Tyler Moore," but has plenty of individuality as well. One of the most clever and memorable shows to come down the pike. Still excels much of what's on the air today.moreless

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