Murphy Brown

Seems Like Gold Times

Season 10, Ep 17, Aired 4/13/98
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  • Episode Description
  • Jerry Gold returns from Germany and it seems just like old times for Murphy and Jerry and the gang. Even Kay sees it as she tells the gang how she thinks there perfect for each other. Murphy and Jerry take the day off from work and feel the old sparks again. He inquires on her health Jerry: Did it hurt. Murphy: At first yes, but it doesn't hurt now Jerry: I can't think of anything hurting you Jerry and Murphy end up in bed together and Murphy tells him she does not want a relationship. Jerry says like wise because he's getting married. After Murphy tries to kick Jerry out of her house he tells her he wants her to be his best man because he cares so much about her. Murphy agrees with much begrudging. Murphy pretends she's not hurt, but Kay can see it. She even goes so far as to say Jerry is in town so she will stop the wedding. Murphy: Kay, Jerry Gold is not the man who got away. Kay: Really, because I would have guessed you two ended up in bed yesterday. Do you want to tell me or do you just want me to know it. And Murphy says nothing. AT the wedding Jerry and Murphy fight over why he's in town. Jerry think she dosen't want him to get married. They each blame each other. Jerry gets cold feet and admits he still cares for Murphy and does not want to lose what they have which will happen when he get's married. Murphy convinces him that if he really loves this women he has to do this. They say they love each other and Jerry gets married.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Faith Ford

    Corky Sherwood

  • Joe Regalbuto

    Frank Fontana

  • Lily Tomlin

    Kay Carter-Shepley

  • Candice Bergen

    Murphy Brown

  • Charles Kimbrough

    Jim Dial

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    • Jerry: I was going to tell you right after I touched your breast. Murphy: Well Let's just disect that sentence and see if we can't find the hidden flaw in logic. GET OUT!

    Notes (1)

    • This episode was shown out of order, so Murphy is still in the midst of her chemotherapy.

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