Murphy Brown

The Summer of '77

Season 1, Ep 20, Aired 5/8/89
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  • Episode Description
  • Eldin meets Corky for the first time and becomes infatuated with her. Phil reflects on the first time he met Murphy, when she first came to Washington to audition against Linda Ellerbee & Frank Fontana for FYI.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Grant Shaud

    Miles Silverberg (1988-1996)

  • Jane Leeves

    Audrey Cohen (Seasons 2-5, Recurring Afterwards)

  • Faith Ford

    Corky Sherwood

  • Pat Corley

    Phil (Seasons 1-9, recurring otherwise)

  • Joe Regalbuto

    Frank Fontana

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (4)

    • Murphy: You are trying to pick me up aren't you? Frank: Of course I'm trying to pick you up. It's a spontaneous thing that guys do. It's a primal urge like how we invented fire. It doesn't necessarily have to mean anything. Murphy: Don't waste your time okay. Go try it in a disco. Frank: I've never been to a disco. Murphy: Come on. You've got Bee Gees written all over you. Frank: I hate the Bee Gees. Murphy: Admit it you took hustle lessons. Frank: And what do you listen to? KC and the Sunshine Band? Am I right? Murphy: Get outta here. I don't own a record made past 1968. Frank: Oh, yeah? Johnny's in the basement, mixing up the medicine. I'm on the pavement, thinking 'bout the government. Murphy: Man in a trenchcoat, badge out, laid off. Says he's got a bad cough. Wants to get it paid off. Both: Look out kid, something you did. God knows when but you're doing it again. Frank: Okay, you pass.

    • Phil: So what brings you to Washington? Murphy: A job. Maybe. I got an audition across the street. Phil: Oh yeah, what for? Murphy: A new magazine show, FYI. Phil: Oh right I heard about that. It's gonna be live. Jim Dial's gonna anchor. They're looking for two co-anchors with good solid field experience. Considering a woman for one of the slots but it's gonna be an uphill battle with the network. Murphy: How do you know all that? Phil: I'm Phil. Murphy: Who played in the 1948 World Series? Phil: Cleveland beat the Braves, four games to two. How many electroral votes in the state of Kansas? Murphy: Seven. How many miles between New York and Bangkok? Phil: Depends. You flying into La Guardia or Kennedy?

    • Phil: What can I get you? Murphy: Scotch, rocks with a twist. On second though, make it a double. This is a dark day. Phil: Oh, how so? Murphy: Didn't you hear. Elvis Presley died. I heard it coming in from the airport. Unbelievable. Five minutes later I turned the dial and there's Shaun Cassidy singing 'Da Doo Ron Ron'. I almost hit an abutment.

    • Linda Ellerbee: (in the flashback to '77) And so it goes.

    Notes (3)

    • During the flashback to the FYI audition (in 1977), the tape shown of Linda Ellerbee is actual footage of her from that time on the evening news.

    • On the season 1 DVD set, this episode can be viewed with a commentary by creator/executive producer Diane English.

    • The opening of this episode features the cast at work very late at night, trying to get the coffee pot to work. The song used is "Midnight Hour."

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