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    Great Show

    By tonic_tears, Dec 21, 2014

    I saw it when i was 14-16 so for me back then was cool. Enjoy it. Was inlove with Emma.

    Nice memories.

    Haters are gonna hate and die :)

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    Boring, yet addictive

    By JoeMarmar, Aug 04, 2014

    It is one weird show. I basically stated watching it because:

    1. Hey, it's sci-fi.

    2. Emma and Shalimar are hot.

    The first two seasons have some decent episodes, especially the Gabriel Ashlocke arch. Once they kill off Adam and Emma, though, the show completely sucks and the actors are just dialing it in (think Richard Dean Anderson in Season 8 of SG-1).

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    Probably deserves less but it grows on you

    By Indigoowls, Jul 30, 2012

    Being honest, this show is appallingly made. The camerawork is so sloppy it gives me headaches, the actors were clearly chosen on their looks rather than their skill as actors and the scripting is a little painful.

    That aside, I have watched two full seasons willingly. If you force yourself to watch the first three episodes, you do get sucked into it, the bad acting becomes less noticeable and you become a little desensitised towards the awful directing. In fact, after a while, the bad quality becomes a source of amusement, you can still enjoy the episode and juts laugh off the flaws.

    Mutant X isn't without it's good points, the plot of each episode, whilst following a certain repetitive skeleton, can actually be quite interesting and dare I say it, cool. You learn to accept by episode five that whichever new mutant has been introduced will inevitably die by the end, but the twists and turns of the episode can still be pretty enjoyable.

    Minus the bad camerawork, the show also looks gorgeous. Sure the effects aren't all that snazzy, it was made on a low budget a few years ago, but the design of sanctuary (more so in the first season) is beautiful. Actors also were all seemingly chosen for this reason too.

    Finally, my favourite part of the Mutant X universe is the powers system. Even if you don't watch the show, go and research the filing of the powers and all the different ones. It's got a lovely sense of being extraordinary, but ordered. Making your own characters within this universe is made wonderfully slick and easy for their powers and just generally, the filing system is gorgeous.

    If you're bored and just want something you can maybe get into, give mutant X a try and watch three or so episodes, you'll eventually find you get into it. If you dislike the static, woodenness of season one's episodes, skip to the last few of S1and then the first few of S2 for the Gabriel AshLocke story arc which in my opinion, is definitely the best.moreless

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    Not very good.

    By da_dunker, Jan 26, 2012

    OK, I never saw this from the beginning of it's run, I just saw the re runs on SPACE. I remember the first season it was gonna be on, I saw the ads. They looked pretty good and I actually wanted to see this. So the first episode comes along, and I was a little disappointed. I mean, it was OK, but nothing special. The problems I had with it mostly revolved around the characters. I thought that the characters were a bit wooden and were a bit stock. But I saw the potential for this thing to become a dark twisted bio punk show and thought that perhaps the characters would evolve as the episodes went on. There was one minor thing that annoyed me. When the electrical one blasted the telekinetic mutant that was chasing him and ema, he was not effective because the telekinetic guy was wearing rubber shoes or something like that. Now that on it's own is plausible, however, the electric jolt actually knocked the telekinetic guy backwards. Now this is obviously contradictory, but I let it slip in hopes that the series would evolve from this point.

    Well let's just say, the show got a lot worse after this.

    After the first episode, the whole series fell apart. I think the characters actually became more wooden, mutant x becoming like the preppy popular club of the mutant world. Every episode consisted of the same thing. Mason Eckhart had some new mutant brought forth to capture other new mutants (why are they called new mutants?) This new mutant would come up with some plan to capture other new mutants, be thwarted by mutant x, be put into a stasis pod for their failure, and then repeat next episode. This got really redundant really quick. And some of the mutants had the lamest powers. I remember one had super hearing. He wasn't lucky enough to at least get super senses, no, he got super hearing. And the ones with good powers never used them properly. which brings me to my next point.

    The mutants powers were not used right. Take for example, Ema. now in the first season she was probably the least powerful of the group besides shalimar. However she was still useful. But when they were in a fight, instead of confusing the people mutant x was fighting, she joined in the hand to hand combat. What the hell, she has a pretty useful power and never uses it? In the second season when all the mutants got their powers upgraded, she was easily the most powerful of the group. The only one that could compete was that dude who could phase in and out of stuff, I forget his name. Even when she got the upgraded powers. she usually joined in the usually lame fighting scenes kicking and punching, yet she can kill people with her mind. The electrical one, Brennan, is another matter. One thing that annoyed me about him is how water was his weakness. Seriously, he can generate electricity through his body, yet can't get electrocuted by his own electricity? what the hell. And once again he almost never uses his powers when it's a good situation. He goes into the fights kicking an punching instead of electrocuting people. the one that phases in and out is one that should go into the fight kicking and punching because of what his powers are. However, he never phases out to dodge, except in exceptional circumstances, and never increases his mass to hit, except in exceptional circumstances. And then there's shalimar, who had her DNA spliced with a cats or some stupid thing like that. What the hell is her power, kung fu master? I know, i know, she's supposed to be super strong and super agile and stuff like that, but I guess the low budget of the show didn't allow it to be obvious, seeing as her fighting not only looked forced, but didn't even seem to be noticeably better than a normal human.

    Anyway, I only saw part of season one, a little of season 2 and none of season three, just because the episodes were so bad I couldn't watch them anymore. The only reason I watched them in the first place was because there was nothing else on I wanted to watch during the time slot and I usually have the TV on in the background when I'm on the computer. Anyway, I was really way to nice to the program in this comment, but I thought I'd write something at least a little constructive. The only reason I didn't give the show a 1 is because the concept was good, the writers just dropped the ball on it.moreless

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    This is NOT the X-Men...

    By oxana, Jan 06, 2012

    A cheap version of X-Men in every sense of the word:

    The plots were so ridiculous and childish that I'm still wondering to which age group this series was directed to. When I started to watch the first season, I was totally dismayed, and actually stopped watching the show once. I eventually wanted to push to the end, and it got better at some point... but not much.

    The show had a very strong pattern when it came to ending the episodes; it just so happened that the bad guys/key suspects died most of the time. Of course, that is a good way to end the plot, no repercussions, no questions, no loose ends. A clean slate.

    And it has to be mentioned; most of the beginning of season one ended with a ridiculous group shot of the team, often walking towards the camera, looking "cool". That had me rolling my eyes, every time. So not cool, but comical, rather.

    Especially on the first season, the "animation" was so terrible it was like a joke. The fighting scenes and Matrix-like slow motion didn't working at all, and it was easy to tell the punches and kicks didn't meet their marks. That got better on seasons 2 and 3, but the animation was still pretty bad.

    The characters didn't evolve much, and some of them went over the same problems over and over again in several episodes (like Shalimar, who often fell for the bad guy because they had some kind of "bond" - and usually said guy died in the end).

    I don't think I ever liked any of the characters for real, and while there was slight improvement in them by the end, they were kind of simple and repeating the same moves over and over again.

    All in all, I don't think I'm going to watch this show again. Going through it once was pretty painful, watching the stiff acting and weak plots. I think most of the viewers of the show could write better storylines, and that's kind of sad, because the idea behind Mutant-X wasn't bad at all.moreless

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    An X-Men ripoff. That's what it is.

    By putertrekkie, Dec 16, 2010

    Even if they said it was do to genetic engineering. They still are mutants like the x-men. And guess what, X-men was made first, so this show is the ripoff. What is wrong with people, that they feel the need to steal other people's ideas? Oh wait, I know now. It's so they can feel like a big person.

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    Trendy, Charismatic, Preternatural

    By SweetPeaSurry, Dec 16, 2010

    Only three seasons of this one, it was such a fantastic show, I wish we had it back. The characters, Adam, Jesse, Shalimar, Emma, Brennen, and Lexa were so diverse and incredibly formidable as well as charismatic. I have such an affinity for things super or preternatural and this show gave us a host of both. The development of the plot was spot on and trendy. The increase in the characters powers was well rounded. The writing and dialogue were terrific. The show did justice to the comic is was derived from. I would have liked to have seen more mutants with more abilities, staying more in tune with the actual comic book, but I suppose with a budget that would have been nearly impossible. Therefore, I think that with what the show had to work with, it was well done and very creative. It'll be a show that I'll miss yet will continue to watch when it's in syndication.moreless

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    Mutant X is the greatest show ever!

    By AlphaReign, Dec 16, 2010

    First, I want to address the X-Men fans. Mutant X is not a rip off of the X-Men!! Mutant X and the X-Men were created by the same company (Marvel Comics)!! The X-Men are natural mutants (they were given their power through natural biological process). The mutants of Mutant X were given their power through genetic engineering!! Fox sued Marvel for "trademark infringement". Fox lost more than once!! Now I want to address my favorite television show (Mutant X). I love this show. This show is not only entertaining but also touching. The main characters are tragic heroes who are hated by the world because they are different. It is the people who made them different that hat them them most. Also people closest to them (family and friends hate them). Also, the only people that new mutants can rely on is each other. Even one of the heroes dies.

    The plot of Mutant X is brilliant. It speaks of a distrust of big government and corporations which people feel in real life. It also speaks of science gone wrong. The story is awesome. Think about it. Mutant X is a group of four people who come together because of their gifts. And they use these gifts to help the world. These four people who were once strangers become almost like a family. These people are led, helped and sometimes protected by the man who made them the way they are. He didn't abandon them. The acting and writing are very good. The acting has a dynamic and unique style. That isn't often seen elsewhere. The dialogue is very good and has few if any "cliches". The fight scenes are awesome. The actors who were in Mutant X studied pugilistic arts in real life. When Emma and Shalimar were fighting it almost looked elegant.

    The music on Mutant X was great. Each scene seemed to have the music in it tailored for it. The soundtrack even has Vivaldi.

    The set and costume design were beautiful. The sanctuary set really looked like a warm and inviting sanctuary. The costume design by Laurie Drew was handsome on the guys and hot on the gals.

    The people who made this show put a lot of love, time thought and effort into it.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Four young people with superpowers, given to them by Adam Kane. Helping other people having powers.

    By PsionicNinox, Jun 19, 2009

    I really like the first season, it's original, I like the storylines and the development of the main characters. Even the special effects are pretty good. But then, the second season.. well.. At the beginning of the season the storylines are still pretty good, but after a few episodes, Mutant X starts looking more and more like the 'power rangers', and I really HATE the power rangers. Even the special effect aren't what they were in the first season. And when Emma dies.. well.. that's the point where I stopped watching. I don't like this Lexa-girl. Emma could've developed so much further. But still, it's a good show. The first season will always be one of my favorite tv-show seasons!moreless

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