Mutant X

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Quotes (278)

  • Allison: What's your power? Emma: I don't have any powers. Allison: Ah, the power of denial.

  • (Thorne runs away from Brennan)
    Shalimar: Well, I guess it is true.
    Brennan: What's that?
    Shalimar: The bigger they are, the faster they run.
    Brennan: That's because he knows I can light him up like a Christmas tree.

  • Shalimar: It was like bam. The second we laid eyes on each other. Adam: Hm. An instant feral attraction. Shalimar: No. It was more than that. I mean, you hear of love at first sight... Adam: It's basically a shift in brain chemistry. Shalimar: Believe me, Adam. My brain had nothing to do with what happened back there. Adam: Of course it did. You found yourself in a highly charged situation. The dopamine and phenylephalamine released in your brain created a euphoria. Simultaneously, the norepinephrine triggered an adrenaline release, which stimulated flushed cheeks, heavy breathing, sweaty palms, and this sudden shift probably triggered a limbic system takeover, allowing reduced integration of your cortex, resulting in feelings of infatuation. Shalimar: Whatever. It was hot.

  • Brennan: Check it out. I've got 2 to 1 odds, $100 that Shalimar won't go through with it. Jesse: You know, this is the most important decision of her life. How could you be so cold? Brennan: Even odds? Jesse: You're on.

  • Emma: (using telepathy) Apology accepted. Jesse: Huh? Emma: I accept your apology for your obnoxious attitude earlier. Jesse: You know, you should let me apologize for myself. Emma: You wouldn't have done it nearly as quickly as I did it for you.

  • Richard: You're good. Shalimar: Obviously.

  • Barry: You know what? Brennan: What? Barry: You throw energy. I am energy. Brennan: Your parents must be proud.

  • Mason: You honestly believe I'd shed a tear if your freakish monstrosities were wiped out? Adam: If New Mutants disappear so does the GSA. Mason, overnight you're obsolete. Mason: Obsolesence in the wake of total victory is a mixed blessing, but a blessing nonetheless. Adam: For a man whose life is completely defined by the thing he hates the most, this could be your undoing.

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Notes (75)

  • This episode occurs on or about October 15, 2001, according to the second season episode "Final Judgment."

  • Tom McCamus is listed in the secondary credits (i.e., just after the opening credits) as Dr. Mason Eckhart. He will continue to be listed this way throughout the season, as essentially a guest star, even though he is in every episode.

  • Much of the backstory of Breedlove's ouster can be found at the Genomex website.

  • Entertainment Weekly gave this episode a "D-".

  • When Sonya calls Jesse a Kreesa (spelled Êðûñý in Russian), it translates into "Rat" in English.

  • Daniel's last name is "Benedict", a not-so-subtle reference to his role as a traitor in this episode.

  • We find out that Jesse can only remain "phased" for 30 seconds at a time without danger of it becoming permanent.

  • This episode takes place April 14, 2002, according to "Final Judgment."

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Trivia (174)

  • It sounds like when Sonya is arranging a meeting with Daniel she calls Eckhart 'Marcus' rather than Mason.

  • When Mutant X confront the Russians at the end of the episode Shalimar jumps over all the computer equipment. Not so strange in itself but for the fact that there's a guy in a black t-shirt and cap looking on from behind said computer equipment.

  • When Donna jumps on top of the gate/fence, you can see the stunt wires.

  • Why is Adam so unfamiliar with Marlowe's powers? From on-screen dialogue you get the impression that Adam himself worked on Marlowe's genetic structure. Plus Mutant X has the database with all known New Mutants and their powers, which they refer back to on many occasions. So why isn't Adam clear on how Marlowe's "invulnerability" works?

  • Since Marlowe is unaffected by the plague throughout the episode despite repeated exposure, why does Adam have to wait until he finds out Marlowe's power involves cellular regeneration before he even thinks of trying to use Marlowe's mutation as a cure?

  • Why does Marlowe's rapid regeneration apparently protect his clothing in the fire blast?

  • When Jesse and Shalimar are waiting for Ashley to draw power from the pylons Shalimar takes off her sunglasses. In the next shot when her and Jesse are running they still appear to be in her hand. However when she jumps they're gone.

  • In the last simulation before the actual attempt, when they fail, Adam states he doesn't know why the alarms went off. Huh?!? What's the point of running simulations if you can't get useful feedback on why you fail so that you can alter your approach?'s a computer. Unless Adam deliberately put a "well there's a random chance we fail" factor in (which would be pretty much useless for training purposes), the simulation uses information Adam provided. It's his information: why can't he check and see what information caused the alarm to go off?

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Allusions (11)

  • Title References Walt Whitman's "I Sing the Body Electric" from his work titled Leaves of Grass.

  • Kilohertz: Don't you know that resistance is futile? A reference to the Borg in various Star Trek movies and series.

  • Brennan: In a soap opera it takes a year to tell fifteen minutes of drama. In the ring it's over in fifteen seconds. Victor Webster (Brennan) played Nicholas Alamain on the long-running NBC soap opera Days of our Lives from 1999 to 2000.

  • Title
    The title is an allusion to the Lindbergh kidnapping, often described as "the crime of the (Twentieth) century."

  • Emma: I guess I'm just worried about the immunity challenge. A reference to the reality-TV Survivor series.

  • Title: The title of this episode is the beginning of the first line of Robert Frost's famous poem, "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening."

  • Eckhart: When are you going to learn there's nothing you have I can't possess?
    Closely parallels Belloq's line to Indiana Jones in Raiders: "Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away."

  • Eckhart: No, Mr. Mulwray, I expect you to die.
    Brennan's comment "You expect me to talk" and Eckhart's response almost exactly echo a similar exchange between James Bond and Goldfinger in Goldfinger.

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