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    By aldinmcclella, Mar 07, 2013


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    Mxc is brilliantly funny filth!

    By LizJulieStewa, Sep 04, 2012

    Bloody hilarious! Don't know how funny the original Takeshis Castle was, although its always satisfying to watch people fall over. The commentary on this is both rude and clever, somehow the dubbing really fits. We record them all off Challenge and watch them back to back and can honestly say we cry laughing at the antics, but it's the cheeky innuendo that seals the deal. Makes for a great night of side-splitting nonsense, how this isn't famous as the funniest show ever made beggars belief xmoreless

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    One of the funniest shows I've ever seen.

    By BradWildebeast, Jan 16, 2012

    Most Extreme Elimination Challenge or MXC is a popular, hilarious show on Spike TV. The show is actually recycled footage from an old Japanese game show overdubbed in English with some humorous lines. The show features some memorable characters as well. There is the host Captain Tenneal who has a way with the ladies, the psychotic, crazy, and dorky Guy LeDouche (who is sometimes replaced with his family members Gip, Gop, Gay and Goon), the beer-and-chick loving Kenny Blankenship and the underappreciated Vic Romano. Every episode of the show features a character named Babbaganoush as well. All of the episodes feature different characters from different professions facing off in some crazy games. Some of the best games are The Rotating Surfboard Of Death, The Impassable Stones Of Mt. McKidney, Elimination Idol, Log Drop, Sinkers And Floaters and Dope On A Rope. At the end of each show there is a segment called "Kenny Blankenship's Painful Eliminations Of The Day" which features some of the most painful hits and misses of the episode. The show also had an episode filmed in Florida pitting pro skateboarder Tony Hawk vs. pro snowboarder Tara Dakides. They are they only two characters to speak in English as well. This show could not get any better and will hopefully be on for a long time to come.moreless

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    Only funny for the first season

    By ThrillhouseLive, Jul 01, 2010

    The first seasonw as great. It quickly became one of my favorite show. after almost a year they bring it back with almost none of the edgy humour that it had before. You can also tell that they ran out of footage from the old japanese show when they show karaoke as one of the events.

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    i love how the creators don't get hurt by the dubs!

    By jocey11, Jul 05, 2009

    You are dumb if you say that this show is funny i'm always loling when i watch this show the dubs are smart and the funny names given to the people,challeges,and questions on some of them. people were so genius when they made this show i wish there are more OR are there? if yes i would be happy but if not the episodes they made were smart and i hope everyone would remenber this and know this good comedy! why aren't shows these good these days we need shows like MXC more oftten to know what good comedy is in this world.moreless

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    By unewton11, Jun 04, 2008

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    By assasin61, Feb 23, 2008

    so basically this show is about a bunch of idiot asians who sign up to win these crazy challenges and usually end up getting humiliating. the japanese people talk, in their language, but when they speak its dubbed with american voices. u know, kinda like dubbed anime excwept in this show, the words dont match at all lol but the actions do :P. when i first saw this show i laughed and loved it now i feel bad watching this because i dunno it shows people gettin humiliated and laughed at on public television and i know i wouldnt wanna be that person. well i guess thats what they get for signing up?O_o. well this show is an ok show and i try not to laugh but i just have to sometimes lol.moreless

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    This show is always funny

    By god234, Jan 21, 2008

    It's pretty obvious that the footage was from a Japanese game show in the 80s called Takashi's Castle. They just dubbed the voices for present day. I still love the show because there is always some sarcastic joke between Vic and Ken, and Guy Le Douche is a pervert. The way they explain the games is hilarious, and the contestant's stupid remarks only make the show more enjoyable. The games are nearly impossible to do perfectly, and contestants are put into two teams of random names. The captain always asks the crowd a yes or no question, which they usually respond yes to, and he contradicts them. This show is hilarious, and it's a personal favorite of mine.moreless

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    Great Show

    By crazygood06, Jan 05, 2008

    What I like about this show is they way people go down, it's so funny how some of these people get wiped out.

    This show is more of a comedy type show than a "Game Show", I don't even think that this is a game show, I don't know what type of show this is, well whatever type it maybe this show is great for laughs. The host's are always dissing each other and always have on funny wigs, costumes and masks. The only bad thing about this show is that it's in japenese or chinese and the host's and the people participating have american voice actors, but, all in all this is a great show and tune in to watch it, you won't be disapointed.moreless

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    This show is so funny, I always want to watch another episode.

    By rocket16, Aug 24, 2007

    MXC, which stands for Most Extreme Elimination Challenge is a show where Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship provide color commentary for people doing crazy stunts like jumping on rocks and other games like that. This show is great because the show always translates what the Japanese contestants are saying into crude, but humorous stuff. Kenny and Vic also talk the same way which always makes you laugh. Also, the stunts that the people do are hilarious and every time somebody falls flat on their face on a game you will laugh. The bad parts of the show is that the stunts are sort of repetitive and not as funny as they were the first time you watch. The show is great overall and worth watching.moreless

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