My Boys

Jack and Bobby

Season 2, Ep 8, Aired 7/31/08
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  • Episode Description
  • PJ and the gang head out to California for the weekend to attend Bobby's destination wedding. At the ranch of Bobby's father, PJ tries to hide her relationship with Jack from Bobby, whilst sibling tensions arise between the two brothers. Meanwhile, Mike meets an older woman.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jordana Spiro

    P.J. Franklin

  • Reid Scott

    Brendan Dorff

  • Kyle Howard

    Bobby Newman

  • Jamie Kaler

    Mike Callahan

  • Jim Gaffigan

    Andy Franklin

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • Everyone goes to Bobby's father's house for the destination wedding.

    By thefanof, Aug 02, 2008

  • No wedding but a funeral.

    By titan4lizife, Aug 01, 2008

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    • Bobby: Hey everyone? If you could gather around, we wanted to do a little toast. Elsa: Thank you so much for coming. I can't tell you how happy we were to have you all here. Bobby: Yes, thank you all for being here for our very special occasion. Jack: It's not that special. Dad's done it five times. Bobby: Come on guys, not right now. Jack: Relax, I'm just trying to light things up a little bit. Get this party started. Bobby: Well stop it please. Jack: Oh, okay. I just thought, you know, it's a wedding. Supposed to be a celebration. You know, fun? Oh, okay, I'm sorry. Go ahead, do your thing. Bobby: Uh, that's rude, you're being rude and insulting. Usually you're such a gentleman. Jack: Oh, really. I'm the bad guy. For getting you to try to loosen up? Bobby: I don't need to loosen up. Jack: Obviously. Having a great time Bobby. Bobby: Maybe I would be if you would stop talking. Jack: I will, okay. Give your little speech Skinny (knocks his wine into Elsa's dress) Bobby: Wow. Elsa: Look, it's okay. Jack: She's just got some wet clothes. It's all right (has his arm around Bobby) Loosen up buddy. Bobby: Can you get you arm off of me? (Shoves Jack) I'm serious, okay? Jack: What is your problem? (shoves him back) Bobby: Really? Okay. (leaps at Jack and the two start fighting)

    • (After Bobby starts stressing about the wedding) P.J.: Is there anything I can do? Bobby: If you wouldn't mind marrying my dad, I think that would take a lot of the pressure off. P.J.: (thinks it over for a minute) The question is, could I live with the hat?

    • George: It is so great to have you and your brother back here. I really miss those vacations when you used to beat the tar out of each other. Bobby: Oh, yes. Those were the days. Brendan: Who won? Bobby: You know, it's really not important. We were just kids. Kids wrestling. Mike: So Jack won. George: Every time. Jack: Well not every time. Bobby: Thank you. Jack: Sometimes you bit me. Bobby: Come on, when? Jack: (points to his arm) Scar right there. P.J.: Oh look. It's little Bobby teeth marks. Jack: He was twenty-two. Bobby: Okay, what about this one?(points to his side) You remember that? Your archery set? Mike: Dude that's nothing. (points to lip) Hockey stick. Kenny: (points to head) Beer bottle. Brendan: (points to heart) Wendy. Mike: Ah man, you made it real.

    • Kenny: A wine-tasting is just a classy way for people to get day-drunk. Mike: I hate wine. Can I get a beer? (Server shakes his head no) Alright fill it up. (Fills an inch) Keep it coming. (Fills another inch) Come on. Do it. Do it. (Fills to the top)There you go. Cheers. (Chugs the whole thing) Kenny: Like I said, classy. (Mike burps)

    • (Jack and P.J. are kissing and when Bobby calls for Jack they quickly back away) Jack: And that's why they call it California. P.J.: That is a fun fact. What's up? Bobby: Have you guys seen like 20 Swedes come by? P.J.: No. Bobby: I think I've lost half of Elsa's family. Jack: Already? They just got here. Couldn't have gone far. Bobby: They are a slippery people. (Runs off to find them) P.J.: Okay, that was too close. Jack: 30,000 feet. You think we could have a little privacy. (Leans in to kiss her but Stephanie walks by) And that's why California cheese is so dense. P.J.: It's okay. She knows. Stephanie: Good cover though. Never would have guessed.

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    • International airdates: Latin America: January 19, 2009, on Sony Entertainment Television.

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