My Dad the Rock Star

TELETOON (ended 2005)
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  • S 2 : Ep 13

    Blind Date

    Aired 8/28/05

  • S 2 : Ep 12

    Chip Off the Old Rock

    Aired 8/21/05

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    Kant Buy Me Love

    Aired 1/30/05

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    Metamorphic Rock

    Aired 1/23/05

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    Big Willy on Campus

    Aired 1/16/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • Don Francks


  • Lawrence Bayne

    Rock Zilla

  • Sarah Gadon


  • Joanne Vannicola

    Willy Zilla

  • Kathleen Laskey

    Crystal Zilla

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  • show Description
  • What would life be like if you were the son of a rock star? Being the new kid on the block is hard enough; it's even harder when your dad is Rock Zilla, a super-popular seven-foot-tall billionaire rock star. Rock suddenly decides to go into semi-retirement, and moves the family to a house in the sleepy suburb of Silent Springs. Willy, Rock Zilla's 12-year-old son, thinks that all his dreams have come true. But he soon learns that when hotel rooms and tour buses are the only home you've ever known, living in a small town, as the son of a famous celebrity, can present a whole lot of unexpected challenges. Aided by komoto dragon Mosh and best friends Alissa and Quincy, Willy tries his best to live a "normal" life in the burbs. My Dad the Rockstar Opening Theme Lyrics It's so hard just to feel normal When everyone is completely paranormal and Everything is totally deranged And you're the only one who's sane Sometimes it gets So unbearable But mostly I feel Unbelievable Cuz I'm a freak And my dad is a rockstar, yeah My dad is a rockstar That's it, the party's over Turn off the lights, I'm leaving the stage I just wanna get a little more control So nobody can tell me what to do Sometimes it gets So unbearable But mostly I feel Unbelievable Cuz I'm a freak And my dad is a rockstar, yeah My dad is a rockstar, yeah, yeah Characters: Willy Zilla: Willy is 12 years old, likable and unspoiled by either wealth or reflected fame. After all, wealth and privilege has come with a circus attached to it, one that Willy has grown more than a little tired of. He is smart, considerate, friendly, and down to earth. He minds his own business; he's just trying to do his own thing without stepping on anybody else's toes. But his absolute lack of exposure to "ordinary life" gives him the pretext and the perspective To be curious about everything...and a reason for being befuddled by it all. Rock Zilla: The Dad. Middle aged ("says who?!") but fit and exuberant, Rock is torn between his attempts to remain a pop music icon symbolizing youth and father to a wife and two kids he's crazy about. Larger than life, and twice as outrageous, Rock tries to be a "normal" parent for Willy. But his attempts to fit in to the day-to-day routine of Silent Springs are about as subtle as a power chord blasted through a Marshall stack. Crystal Zilla: The Mom. A former model, Crystal looks younger than her years. An L.A. style New Ager. In other words, she's a nutritionally and spiritually conscious woman, but not a hippie Earth Mama; she likes her platinum Visa card as much as her Tarot cards, and her Gucci as much as Granola. Which isn't surprising, for someone born in the Chinese year of the D- hey, wait a minute, you could figure out her age from that, so forget it! Serenity Zilla: Willy's 16 year-old sister. A spoiled, bossy, sarcastic "princess". In the same way that Willy's situation makes him a heightened-reality version of a tween, Serenity's privileged position, her vanity, self-absorption, and domineering personality make her the heightened-reality version of the real-life older sister that every younger dreads. Although she can on occasion be affectionate and familial, she is too spoiled to be able to keep her narcissism in check for long, and remains focused exclusively on herself. Mosh: A stage prop who ended up becoming the family pet. Mosh's story is that he was supposed to be a giant menacing iguana ordered for Reptillian's stage show. But when Rock opened the shipping container, he found instead a large but very docile reptile of intermediate and dubious origin. Too cute and mushy to be a menacing rock 'n' roll stage prop, Mosh was supposed to be shipped back to wherever he came from. But in the end, nobody had the heart to send him away. Skunk: A roadie of indeterminate age. Younger than Stonehedge, but older than just about anyone else on the show. Claims to have once had a job as a gargoyle at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. And it may be true. He's seen it all -- and done most of it too. Rock's trusted lieutenant and chief roadie, he kept the Reptillian circus ticking along smoothly for longer than anyone can remember, and has been in the business so many years, he's reputed to have got his start as a young lad, looking after wah-wah pedals for Jimi Hendrix. Alissa: One of Willy's pals, whom he befriends in the first episode. A funny, quick-witted, plainspoken Janeane Garofalo type with the human observational skills of a sociologist and the timing of a stand-up comedian. Another fish out of water by virtue of being a bright girl who doesn't try to hide it, an original thinker who sees the world with unusual clarity. Her aim is true and she is intimidated by no one. Quincy: Willy's other best friend. And not surprisingly, Quincey is - guess what - another fish out of water type. Vaguely Afro-something, he admires black sports and music icons, especially his idol of idols, Jimi Hendrix (who just happens to be one of Rock's heroes too). But "Q" has a hard time making the pieces fit together, having been raised in a mainly white, middle-class neighborhood in a small city, by parents who are loving but conservative and straight-laced. Bobby "Buzz" Sawchuck: Willy's nemesis. The class bully, and as Willy puts it, "the most annoying kid on the planet. Make that the solar system." A year older than Willy and his friends, having flunked a year of school (rumor has it he has to repeat Kindergarten). A big-mouthed, brazen blowhole of a kid without a gram of real courage in his body, and with a tenuous self-identity.moreless

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  • Quotes (124)

    • Quincy: Hey, Lyss. 'Sup? Alyssa: 'Sup? Is there some kind of global syllable shortage that I'm not aware of?

    • Alissa: How long before she goes away to college?

    • Willy: So that's what a school bully looks like? Cool! Quincy: My name's Quincy but call me Q. Willy: My name's Willy but don't call me Dummy!

    • Serenity: I don't know one boy in that school that doesn't want to date Rock Zilla's daughter. Willy: Until they get to know you that is.

    • Willy: My name is Willy Zilla, and my dad is a rock star. It sounds cool but my family has been on tour before I was born. I never had a real home or real friends, except Mosh.

    • Willy: Rock Zilla is my dad. Quincy and Alissa: What?! Quincy: Well, that would explain why you're on the cover of his last album.

    • Alissa: I think our way of life could use a little disrupting.

    • Willy: I've never had a home, or real friends.

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    Notes (68)

    • Willy has the first ever line of the series.

    • The Zillas used to live in their trailer bus, until they moved to Silent Springs.

    • Initially, this series was to be about the band KISS itself, but it changed into the story of the Zilla family.

    • The concept for this show was developed by Gene Simmons of KISS. It was based on Simmons' book "My Dad the Rockstar: Rebel Without a Nose Ring."

    • This is the Pilot episode.

    • This is the first of many appearances of Scoop.

    • We learn that Rock practically has a fear of dentist offices.

    • Scoop has an obsession over Rock Zilla.

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    Trivia (25)

    • The Zilla family's last name is similar to that of GodZilla's name.

    • Goof: Scoop falls into the dumb bell rack and knocks everything off, but in the next shot, everything is back in place.

    • Goof: When Buzz runs up to the van with the CD, he says something but his mouth does not move.

    • The size of the flowers that Willy gets for Angela change drastically from the time he hands them to her and the time her parents seal them in the bag.

    • Angela's parents made Willy take his shoes off and replaced them with gray plastic things. Later on they kick him out of the house and he doesn't ever get his shoes back.

    • During some of the scenes of the music video Rock's snake tattoo is missing.

    • When we saw the D' Angelo's dog outside, it was inside of a type of bag that doesn't let germs get inside. But if the dog was in that, shouldn't he have suffocated by now?

    • One of the bootleggers from Episode 3 was seen in the episode right before Willy and his friends were about to sneak into the air vent of the studio to swap tapes.

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    Allusions (27)

    • The character Rock Zilla has an extra long toungue. This is a reference to Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS, who also shares the infamous long toungue. There are also many other similarities between Rock and Gene, and Gene also produces the show.

    • Serenity: What is this? I can't smell L.A. anymore! She is obviously referring to Los Angeles, California.

    • The title of this episode is a reference to the 1995 film Mr. Holland's Opus.

    • The title of this episode is a reference to the novel High Fidelity.

    • A design similar to the Millenium Eye appears in this episode and that is a reference to the show Yu-Gi-Oh.

    • When Rock said 'My son the rock star', it was an allusion to the show's name: My Dad the Rock Star.

    • The title of this episode is a reference to the MTV Unplugged series.

    • Rock: Rockstars don't where pink! Not even Pink Floyd whore pink!

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  • Fan Reviews (62)
  • This Show Lacked Episodes.

    By NatT96, Sep 28, 2013

  • I hate every character

    By ReviewGuy, Jan 11, 2014

  • Very good show :) My grandmother and I used to love it!

    By Zachary425-000, Dec 31, 2013

  • The idea is decent enough, but looks can be deceiving, and My Dad the Rock Star never used any of the potential it had.

    By That_TV_Dude, Mar 02, 2011

  • Cool.

    By lordozai890, Aug 20, 2008

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