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    put it back on

    By megehlers7, Aug 01, 2013

    they need to put this show back on tv my son loved this show then they take it off I thought it was good and people need to remember its called my friends tigger and pooh not Winnie the pooh so its goanna be different but it was not bad for what it was and the young kids liked it and that's who it is for

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    Rats! This show is not on Disney Junior the Channel!

    By LDEJRuff, Mar 03, 2013

    Since Disney Junior launched on Disney Channel as a program block on Valentine's Day 2011, this show has not been on the air. Now that Disney Junior the Channel has launched, My Friends Tigger & Pooh is still not on the air! So thanks a lot, Disney!

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    Lacks the charm

    By JuanRobles4, Apr 09, 2012

    I'm not sure why, maybe it's because it's CG, and I grew up watching the original animated Winnie the Pooh adventures, but this version lacks the charm of the original.

    On top of that, I can't stand Darby! Granted, she's no Jar Jar Binks, but she just seems out of place.

    Seems to me the only people who would appreciate this version of Pooh would be younger viewers under the age of six.

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    First Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and now this. When will Disney stop butchering classic characters?

    By That_TV_Dude, Jan 02, 2012

    Winnie the Pooh is a classic that will forever be cherished by everyone. Everyone has seen him on TV, or read his books, and could appeal to everyone. Now did it ever have to be turned into an educational show at all. I know Pooh is aimed at a young audience, but this show butchers his name. The show is about Pooh and Tigger and a new girl named Darby with her dog Buster. They all form an organization called the Super Sleuths, and help the other animals of the Hundred Acre Woods with their problems. The show utilizes problem solving skills, and teamwork. The show sounds innocent enough to be a kids show, but falls short on multiple levels. The show is done in CGI, an to be fair it does look great and the animation for it is really good. The problem is that it's in CGI. Why does this need to be in CGI at all. They could have stuck to the old format of Pooh, and not do this. The characters are are terrible and lack the depth and personality that they had in the books. Some of the characters aren't even in this show. What happened to Owl? He was a personal favorite of mine. Of course the biggest question is where is Christopher Robin. He is never seen, heard from, or even referenced to in this show at all. That's a big insult to 2 of the most classical characters ever. Darby is an annoying girl who will NEVER fill the role of Christopher Robin and has no personality to her at all. The mysteries themselves are uninteresting and nothing new is added to them. Also the show does an occasional break the 4th wall which is a terrible feature in this show. Just because you can make your show have that doesn't mean you should add it in there. As for educational values, there are really none at all. There may be a few, but there's so little in this show. This is a complete disgrace to such classic characters, and I am sure if A.A. Milne were alive today he would be outraged, and sue Disney for butchering his creations. If you want to show kids Winnie the Pooh, show them The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh TV cartoon or get them some books on him, and don't let your kids see this mockery to a great character.moreless

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    why, Disney?...

    By CF3689, Nov 08, 2011

    why is Disney turning all their classic characters 3-D? it just doesnt work. anyway, this show isnt all that great. the show's about Tigger, pooh, & Darby having to solve mysteries. been there, done that. Also, Darby seems too happy. What happened to Christopher Robin??? each ep is repetitive. i've also noticed that Owl isnt in this show. What's that about? i dont really like the animation, either. i;m not into CGI type shows. personally, Disney should ditch this show & air the classic winnie the pooh shows. this is the end of my review. bye! wertyu cdjccndc dmcsdc cmdcc ,cdlcmoreless

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    Who the Drakken is Darby?!

    By Bartimpson, Apr 12, 2011

    Some show. Bring back The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, not this crap! Darby and Buster? Who are they? Are they supposed to be Christopher's cousins?! What? Also, Buster isn't funny. He's just an annoying dog around for the sake of irritating the viewers. Darby brings nothing to the plate, she's twice as annoying...and everyone else just isn't the same as they were in the Hundred Acre Wood. Speaking of Acre Wood, are we even in the wood anymore?! They give us NO indication of being in the Acre Wood, they just tell us we're in a wood. No, not even a wood...a forest. With trees. And wood. ...A.A. Milne, be still your beating heart. The show's still going. Duck and cover while you still can. Also, the girl and her mutt just pop out of NOWHERE and start wanting to play detective with them. Where's the buildup?!

    b. impsonmoreless

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    Be amazed by the very long rant of a fangirl...

    By DrakkenWasHere, Aug 03, 2010

    I've been a fan of Winnie the Pooh for seventeen years now. Grew up loving the original books, and then the Disney movies and show. Heck, I have a whole shelf on my 6ft tall book shelf just dedicated to the bear of very little brain. (And that's not including my dvds and VHS tapes.) So when I first heard about them making a new show, back in 2007, of course I was excited! I was ready to see my favorites (Rabbit and Tigger) back into action! You can imagine how surprised I was to not only see it in CGI, but my beloved Chistopher Robin was replaced by a red-headed little girl.

    That's right, I HATE Darby with a real passion. You can obviously tell she isn't based on a real child. And I'm not saying that because of how mature she sometimes act. No, her spirit seems..lacking. I don't think she really cares about the other residents of the wood as much as C.Robin did. However, don't get me wrong. I actually STILL like the show. If you put your animosity towards Darby to the side, it's actually a very cute program. Heck, just got done watching the new episode today. Rabbit still suffers from OCD. Pooh still needs a little smackeral. Eeyore is still in need of a good laugh. And Tigger is still the best at whatever he does. The show embodies the other characters very well. My only complaint, besides wondering why Disney unleashed the little demon girl on us, is one thing: Where is Gopher and Owl? Sure, Gopher technically wasn't in the books...But he was hilarious! "Hey there Sssssony!" I loved his little whistle while he talked. And Owl, who most certainly WAS in the books, hasn't showed up at all. Where the "Musical Too" movie pokes at the rodent not being around. Our other buddy doesn't even get a nod. Heck, give us a cameo!

    Speaking of "Tigger and Pooh: And a Musical Too", you guys need to own it! I laughed, I was melancholy, and I melted into a little puddle of bliss throughout the film. Being a Winnie the Pooh fanfiction writer, I sometimes make references to it. It's basically a movie starring Rabbit. What more can you ask for? Heck, Rabbit sings in it! That alone should make you want to buy it.

    Long story short: Darby needs to die in a ditch, blah blah blah. But everything else is pretty good. Even though I still prefer traditional style over CGI, I highly recomend the show. It's very fluffy. And hey, the kids seem to like it. Sending Fangirl Love,


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    While I had to watch this show a few times, it has really grown on my. Good thing, because my toddler could watch it 24/7! It was the first show that he really cared about watching. He loves the episode where Darby is looking for Buster.

    By megn81, Aug 03, 2010

    My young son absolutely loves this show. He would rather watch it than sleep! I hope they keep it around for awhile. I ordered him the few dvds that are out and must not have read carefully enough. I was a little disappointed when they came and they were just a collection of several episodes. He doesn't know the difference though, he still watches them intently. I ordered him the original Winnie the Pooh movies and he has no interest in them. It is something about this show that has caught his attention..maybe there are subliminal messages in them or something. Haha. We like 'em, keep it around!moreless

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    It's just not Winnie the Pooh.

    By rootaquiaargyle, Aug 03, 2010

    For a show focused on preschool level audiences this show is not as bad as others. But that doesn't matter. Winnie The Pooh should not have been made into a preschool show; it has compromised the value of the series. All of the wonderful depth of the characters and storylines that once was has been lost in this series. By making this another politically correct show--adding in the girl main character (who has about as much depth as a kiddy pool) and even throwing in little things about helping the environment--the show has lost it's originality and innocence. There is nothing wrong with a girl main character when she is well written, with love and care, but this one doesn't fit the series and they haven't bothered to give her any personality. Also the original stories with Winnie The Pooh introduced better values than this show just by giving kids quality entertainment and well thought out story lines. They didn't have to throw politics into it. By replacing originality and ingenuity with political correct garbage and stereotypical characters, "My Friends Tigger and Pooh," throws out all of the original elements that made this show so great. A.A. Milne would not be happy with this series and neither am I. I was impressed with the CGI; It is well done. But it is out of character for the series and lacks the artistic quality that the original 2D animation had. Along with the animation the music is almost nonexistent. Except for the sappy songs that the characters sing now and then all of the beautiful soundtracks from "The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh" have been abandoned. The character's have also lost their depth and their wonderful relationships that made the original stories so endearing. This show has lost all of the warmth and love that the originals had. "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" is just not really a part of the Winnie the Pooh series because it has lost everything that made the series great.moreless

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