Super Duper Super Sleuths

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  • Roo: Even without super-duper powers, you're still pretty super to us.

  • Darby: Tigger, maybe we're not the Super Duper Super Sleuths anymore, but we're still the Super Sleuths. We've solved plenty of cases without superpowers. And we can solve this case too. Just like we always do. Pooh: Which means, if I'm not mistaken, that we should think, think, think?

  • (Tigger just lost his superpowers, causing him to drop a giant rock on his foot. He pulls it out and starts hopping up and down.) Tigger: I'm okay. I'm okay. It only hurts when I hop. Owie! Owie! Owie! Why am I hoppin'?

  • Darby: There has to be a way to get past this cliff and reach Lumpy and Roo. Pooh: Think, think, think. Tigger: No need for that, Bear. We're super-duper now, remember? Who needs to think when you can fly? Hoo hoo. Am I wrong?

  • Roo: Hey, what's that up in the sky? Lumpy: Wait a minute, I think it's... Lumpy and Roo: Darby?!

  • Tigger: Solvin' cases is easier than peasy with our new super-duper powers. Darby: Yeah. It almost makes me wonder how we ever solved cases without them.

  • Tigger: Duper is the new super, you know. Turtle: You don't say.

  • Tigger: (regarding his super-strength) Hoo hoo. I never thought I'd say it, but this is even better than bouncing. Darby: And solving cases is gonna be much easier now that we have super-powers.

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