My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star

The WB (ended 2002)
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  • S 1 : Ep 13

    The Deal


  • S 1 : Ep 12

    The Betrayal


  • S 1 : Ep 11

    One Night Only


  • S 1 : Ep 10

    The Wedding Singers


  • S 1 : Ep 9

    The Competition


  • Cast & Crew
  • Emmanuelle Vaugier

    Sarah Nelson

  • James DeBello

    Danny Whittiker (Drummer No. 1)

  • Kris Lemche

    Lucas Zank (Drummer No. 2)

  • Kevin Rankin

    Victor "Doc" Pike

  • Oliver Hudson

    Jason "Jace" Darnell

  • show Description
  • Remake of The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star, a wildly popular British comedy series, this highly-stylized, musically-driven fantasy is shot in a frenetic, fast-paced single-camera style. Through earnest yet delusional monologues, Jace lays out his master plan for world rock ‘n' roll domination in easy-to-follow-steps. Despite the discouragement of his disgruntled dad, a heavy metal dinosaur played by Michael Des Barres (formerly of the rock groups Detective and Power Station), Jace keeps dreaming of stardom for himself and his struggling band SlipDog. His group includes entrepreneurial con man Doc, free-loving punktress Joe, and a long line of drummers that include dim-witted jock Danny, rebellious Lucas and odd but sweet Owen. Opportunity strikes, however, when Jace finds renewed hope in his slightly older (un)employment counselor, Sarah Nelson, who just might be his ideal muse and who also happens to be the hottest DJ mix artist in town. Originally named after the original UK version of the show the title was changed to avoid having people confuse it with The WB network's other music oriented series Popstars (also an American remake of a British series). Originally planned as a fall show, The WB pushed it back to mid-season and promoted it as their first ever Super Series. The promotions also promised that it would run for its scheduled six weeks. Unfortunately the network failed to live up to their promise and never gave the show a chance to find the audience it needed. The WB network aired back-to-back episodes of My Guide... on Thursday nights at 8pm right before Charmed. But only for 2 weeks. After excessively promoting the show, it didn't deliver the ratings the network wanted and the WB pulled it without airing the remaining episodes. Fortunately the remaining episodes got to see the light of day when Canadian music network Much Music ran the entire series from beginning to end. Note: Air dates refer to a show's original run (in this case the show's original run was in March 2002 on The WB Network). So, although the "unaired" episodes have been shown on other networks, they'll still be known as "unaired" because they were never shown during the show's original run.moreless

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  • Quotes (1)

    • Doc: why were you dancing with Lucas? Jace: why do you have a panda?

    Notes (35)

    • The entire series has been shown in Finnish SubTV channel, which began August 11, 2002 on Sundays, while interestingly another Finnish channel Nelonen started the original British version next day.

    • In real life Shannon Tweed really is married to an aging rock star; Gene Simmons of KISS.

    • TV Guide says, "TV neophyte Oliver Hudson is engaging as the narrator and star of this rock-and-roll comedy." Oliver is the brother of Oscar nominee Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) and son of Goldie Hawn (The First Wives Club).

    • According to Seventeen magazine actor Oliver Hudson does indeed provide the vocals for SlipDog.

    • The only character name that appears in both the US and UK version of the series is "Joe". In the original UK version Jace's name is actually "Jez".

    • Originally aired back-to-back with the episode "The New Drummer".

    • John Lydon ("Johnny Rotten") originally played Jace's father but the episode was reshot with Michael Des Barres taking over as his father.

    • This episode was originally supposed to be followed by "Inspiration" but The WB network followed it with "Fame" instead.

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    Trivia (1)

    • When lucas goes to take the picture of doc and jace jace puts his arm aroud doc but in the picture jace has his hands folded in his lap

    Allusions (2)

    • Title: The Yoko Factor
      Upon her involvement with John Lennon singer/artist Yoko Ono was believed to have been responsible for causing friction between John and the rest of The Beatles ultimately causing them to break-up.

    • Title: The Wedding Singers
      There is also a film called "The Wedding Singer" which was an Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore romantic comedy set in the 1980's in which Sandler played the lead singer of a band that catered to weddings.

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