Shark Attack / Me Adam, You Jake

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    Cartoon Planet, what's wrong with you

    By minimew2020, Dec 10, 2012

    This show is an unoriginal piece of shit, period. It's a complete rip off of Ren and Stimpy and there's nothing original or creative it's just a wannabe Ren and Stimpy only crappier. The animation copies, the jokes copy, and they even have firggen cutaway gags for fucks sake! WTF happened to originality? Being original is what makes a cartoon good, not completely copying and pasting! we was deeply disappointed when CP included this BS expected much better because Toonami is hilarious and original. If you wanna good Cartoon Network program, stick to Adventure Time, Regular Show, Almost Naked Animals, Naruto, and Samurai 7. Those shows are all original, and they are all great without having to copy anything, unlike this crapmoreless

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  • 2.2

    This episode made the show terrieble

    By flcl_Wizard, Mar 22, 2007

    The show has potential! I can't stress that enough. With some classic characters like Neardy Crockidle it really wants to be a much more interesting animated comedy then it's mediocre status currently. While a lot of the jokes fall short there is a twisted series trying to burst out of its shell. While the majority of the characters, including the leads, feel wasted even in this pilot, they definitely have room for improvement and tiny parts of their sadistic ways shine through (they try to maim themselves so they can be in a Tazan play; they attempt to steal a fish'es wish, trying to be a fool in a carival among other bizarre attempts).

    Where this show at the moment fails is in its voice acting. Everyone’s voice for no apparent reason is sped up meaning you miss half of the jokes that are being said. Only Pixiefrog really catches your eye with his smart comments and his warghog helper..

    One funny moment is being van full of students while they avoid Bat Guaru & Hornbill sid says, "Boys, is there somthing you want to shere w/ the rest of the class" and & fightenly jumps of the Van that was out of controle. More random things like that and the show could become interesting.

    ** (2 stars out of 5)

    For the moment this is a very shallow attempt at a new age CatDog & Yakkity Yak. Lacking any sense of structure, with the third episode containing four different problums, it was hard to get into the show's format. Maybe this will improve? Hopefully so with the next episode! Low on laugh’s but there are a few cackle worthy moments in there within the 25 minutes.moreless

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