My Gym Partner's a Monkey

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  • Adam: What happened? Lupe: You went totally ape and stuff, but Nurse Gazelle got you back to normal. Principal Pixiefrog: Nice shooting, nurse, in spite of your itty-bitty brain. Nurse Gazelle: Thanks, but it wasn't the blowdart alone that did the trick. Jake: Yeah, it was booty killed the beast. What, you don't get it? Booty as in my butt. (students walk away) Jake: It's a play on words. Hey wait! (Ingrid walks away) Jake: Maybe I didn't sell it. (gets out an arrow and points it at his butt) Booty killed the beast!!! Heh, I guess some people don't appreciate great literature.

  • Jake: Going up. (climbs Ingrid's neck and talks to Adam) Adam, do you want to set monkeydom back to the circus age? Stop acting so uncivilized! (while Adam spills juice on Jake) You better have a juice box up there! (Adam throws a juice box at Jake)

  • Adam: Excuse me, Nurse Gazelle. Should I be worried that I got shot with a monkey booster? Nurse Gazelle: Worried? Don't be silly. You'll be fine. (to Principal Pixiefrog) I hope the school's insurance is paid up. Principal Pixiefrog: We need insurance?

  • Jake: (grabs something from Adam's hair and eats it) Ooh! Crunchy. Adam: Whoever said monkeys and humans share similar genes was an idiot. Jake: I'll say. Monkeys don't even wear jeans or any other pants for that matter. (wiggles his butt) They hide our best feature. Adam: Jake, could you be any more uncivilized? (while Jake spills juice on him with a straw) Thank goodness I'm not a monkey.

  • Coach Gills: Hard target at 12 o' clock, nurse. Aketa the otsha. Nurse Gazelle: Tiny, tiny brain. Coach Gills: Take a shot, you dope!

  • Principal Pixiefrog: Attention, students, attention. Today is Inoculation Day, so come on down to Nurse Gazelle's office for your shot, and don't worry. If you can't find us, we'll find you!

  • Kid: (to Adam) You forgot your lunch, monkey boy! (kid throws a banana at Adam)

  • Hornbill: Which reptile has poor eyesight? Ingrid: Snakes! Hornbill: Correct Ingrid. Here's your treat. (Slips puts on glasses) Hornbill: Which reptile has no ears? Ingrid: Snakes! Hornbill: Correct again! (Slips' glasses fall off)

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Notes (137)

  • Pilot episode and series premiere of My Gym Partner's a Monkey.

  • Apparently, No one can hit Jake in the butt with a shot because it will bounce right off.

  • This show officially premiered on 2/24/06.

  • Rating: It varies between TV-Y7 and TV-Y.

  • This episode aired during Sneak Peek Week on Cartoon Network on December 26, 2005.

  • Running Gag's in this episode are: 1. Kid's throwing a banana at Adam and calling him a monkey boy. 2. Someone offending Dingbang after he does some-thing wrong. 3. Mentions of the eighth grade.

  • Introduced Character(s): Larry Raccoon/Dingbang, The Penguin Trio.(Except Nate.)

  • "Lyon of Scrimmage." aired with "Shark Attack." after Codename: Kids Next Door "Operation C.A.K.E.D. ." on 4/15/06.

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Trivia (401)

  • In the intro Adam sings: "Cause Myon's ly last name"!

  • Ironically, the animal activists from B.A.A.A. (Because all animals are amazing) went to get a hamburger after they were done protesting. They want to protect animals when hamburgers are made of meat.

  • School Sign Gag: Biped Tryouts in Quad.

  • If Adam did not want to be in the Spiffies class (Advanced class), why didn't he resign in the first place?

  • Coach Gills is afraid of the boys' locker room.

  • Nurse Gazelle's brain is the size of a soy nut.

  • Credits: Sloth trying to spell "cat."

  • Running Gags: 1. The Nurse reminding the faculty she has a small brain. 2. One of the characters eating ticks. 3. One of the characters squirting juice at another. 4. One of the characters spelling derf if they try. 5. Adam and Jake contending in the spelling, but keep getting the words correct.

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Allusions (160)

  • King Kong: After Adam is cured, Jake says that "Booty killed the beast." This line is a parody of the famous last line in both the 1933 and the 2005 versions of the well-known movie. The last line in the movies originally being "Beauty killed the beast."

  • The school's name, Charles Darwin Middle School, is based on the 1800's scientist Charles Darwin who had the theory of evolution.

  • Adam going on Ingrid's neck and taking Principal Pixiefrog with him parodies a scene in the movie, King Kong.

  • Windsor: We lost Adam to the dork side. When Windsor mentions the Dork Side, he is referring to the dark side of the Force in Star Wars.

  • B.A.A.A.: Spoof Because Animals Are Amazing (B.A.A.A.) is an out-and-out parody of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (P.E.T.A.).

  • Karma Chameleon: When Jake is on the phone with George, he mentions Karma which is a reference to the musical group Culture Club (which Boy George was a part of) and their 1984 hit song of Karma Chameleon. The phone also has: Red, Gold, and Green (colors mentioned in the song) buttons, but not in that order.

  • while Jake is on the phone. he says "Kala did what?" Kala was the name of Tarzan's Ape mother in both the disney movie and the book.

  • The music that was playing before the football game is the same used by ABC/ESPN in the NFL football games on Monday Night.

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