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  • S 1 : Ep 26

    Shining Days

    Aired 3/31/05

  • S 1 : Ep 25

    The Moment of Destiny

    Aired 3/24/05

  • S 1 : Ep 24

    Love is a Battle

    Aired 3/17/05

  • S 1 : Ep 23

    Love and Friendship, Heartlessness

    Aired 3/10/05

  • S 1 : Ep 22


    Aired 3/3/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tomokazu Seki

    Yuuichi Tate [Jap]

  • Mai Nakahara

    Mai Tokiha [Jap]

  • Sakura Nogawa

    Shiho Munakata [Jap]

  • Saeko Chiba

    Natsuki Kuga [Jap]

  • Ai Shimizu

    Mikoto Minagi [Jap]

  • show Description
  • My-HiME (Mai-HiME) - Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen (May contain violence, bad language, mild nudity)Fuuka Gakuen is a unified school from primary through senior high school. In Fuuka Gakuen, there was a rumor that a mysterious monster appeared, and that the only counter measures for the monster were girls called HiME. They have abilities of HiME (Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment).Mai was a transferred and she didn't know the rumor. However, she was suddenly told her she had the power of a HiME. After facing a few problems, she learns to live her life as a HiME.Opening: "Shining™Days" by Minami KuribayashiEndings: "Kimi ga Sora Datta" by Aki Misato __________________ Mai Tokiha - A new transfer student to Fuuka Academy and the main heroine of the show. She has been taking care of her younger brother Takumi since the death of their parents. She hates to burden others with her problems. Her Elements are four gold rings with emerald magatama on them which float around her wrists and ankles that allow her to fly, generate flame streams, and create force fields. Her Child is Kagutsuchi, named after the Japanese god of fire.Natsuki Kuga - Natsuki leads a double life; in one, she is just a normal Fuuka Academy student. In the other, she is a girl on a mission. She seeks vengeance for her mother's death, which was seemingly at the hands of an organization known as the First District. Her Elements are a pair of small firearms, which shoot ice bullets. Her Child is Duran, a silver and purple wolf named after the dog she had as a child.Mikoto Minagi - A middle school student of questionable origin who was pulled from the sea by a passing ferry. She is quite attached to Mai, though her purpose for going to Fuuka Academy is to search for her brother. Her Element is a large jet-black claymore called Miroku. Miroku possesses several special powers including the ability to cut through almost any object without needing to be physically swung and the ability to summon energy blasts. It is initially assumed that the sword itself is her Child, but her Child is later revealed to be a monstrous ogre-like creature which wields a gigantic spiked club; this also bears the name Miroku.Takumi Tokiha - Mai's little brother. His heart is weak and requires daily medication due to an accident he suffered when he and Mai were younger.Akira Okuzaki - Takumi's roommate. She is actually a female ninja in disguise, sent by her father, the head of the Okuzaki ninja clan to observe the HiMEs. Her weapon is a double-bladed dagger. Her Child is Gennai, which resembles a giant frog. The giant spotlights on Gennai's back are used in conjunction with Akira's Element to incapacitate an enemy.Yuuichi Tate - A member of the Fuuka Academy student council who met Mai on the same ferry that rescued the nearly-drowned Mikoto Minagi. He doesn't seem to get along with Mai, although it is clear that he cares for her at least in some way. He takes care of Shiho Munakata, a childhood friend. He was a former member of the Fuuka kendo club, regularly making it into the nationals until he was injured severely at some point in the past. In the manga, Tate is in fact the hero of the story and is the Key to both Mai and Natsuki.Shiho Munakata - A girl who calls Yuuichi her brother (though they are not related). Shiho follows Yuuichi around but the whereabouts of her parents are unknown, assumed dead. Her grandfather owns the local Fuuka Shrine where she serves as a miko. Her Element is a flute. Her Child is Yatagarasu, a crow-like creature.Haruka Suzushiro - The hot-headed director of the Fuuka Academy student council who enjoys an equally spicy meal. She has a tendency to mispronounce and misspell things, often as a form of comic relief. She is Yukino's best friend and Shi'zuru's rival. She often uses the term bubuzuke (rice with tea) to refer to Shi'zuru, though the first time she used it Haruka didn't even know what it meant.Yukino Kikukawa - The secretary of the Fuuka Academy student council. She appears rather introverted and was often defended by Haruka when they were children. Her Element are mirrors through which she can see all of Fuuka Gakuen with help of the spores her Child, Diana, a plant-like creature with long vine-like tendrils, spreads. The spores act as cameras and can also generate cloaking fields. She is often correcting Haruka's mispronounced words.Reito Kanzaki - Vice President of the Fuuka Academy student council. He has a calm attitude and is quite popular with the female students. He is interested in Mai romantically. He is later revealed to be the earthly host of the Obsidian Lord and Mikoto's missing brother. His name in Japanese is Koykyo no Kimi.Shi zuru Fujino - President of the Fuuka Academy student council. Her cool yet inviting disposition and distinctive Kyoto accent have made her quite popular with both the male and female students. Her weapon is a multi-sectioned Naginata. Her Child is Kiyohime, which resembles a multi-headed Hydra and is an allusion to the legend of Kiyohime. Shi zuru secretly harbors romantic feelings for Natsuki.moreless

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (41)

    • (Yuuichi is about to perform CPR on the girl) Shiho: (Whacks him) NO! Yuuichi: What you problem? Shiho: Your eyes look indecent. Yuuichi: It's no time to be saying that. (Tries again) Shiho: (Strangeling him) Nooo! I don't want you doing indecent things!

    • (Remembering the CPR she performed on the girl) Mai: (Blushing) So this is what it means? That... That was my first kiss. No, that doesn't count. It was for saving a life, for saving a life.

    • (Yuuichi is escorting Mai to the Board of Directors) Yuuichi: (Looking at the mountain) You think lightning could do that? And that incident on the ferry, too... Weird things sure are happening. Maybe you're possessed by something. Mai: You saw that, too? Yuuichi: Huh? Mai: No, Umm... Yuuichi: Why not get exorcised? Seriously, want me to introduce you to a place that does them cheap? Mai: (Angry) Mind your own business!

    • (Mai is dreaming) Mai's Mother: Mai. Please. Take care of Takumi.

    • (Takeda is accussed of being the lingerie thief and is sent to the church) Takeda: I really didn't do it! please believe me! Father: I aware of that. You are not the one who committed the sin. Nun: The sinful one is the darkness in your heart. Yes, a devil with the name of overwhelming youth. Father: Now, let us continue to pray together.

    • (They learn that Mokoto doesn't wear a bra) Schoolgirl: Hey, if your roommate's walking around without a bra, you have to warn her about it. Mai: But no matter how you look at it, Mokoto is AA cup. Schoolgirl: That's not the point. There are a bunch of peodophiles who like undeveloped girls. (Mokoto nods) Do you understand? (Mokoto shakes her head)

    • Midori: Orphan. An existence that threatens mankind. Men spend days in agony from the fear. However, a girl with a passionate heart has arrive from among them. Her name is... HiME of the Violent Wind, Sugiura Midori.

    • (Shiho was trying to hug him) Yuuichi: (Annoyed) You're already in the second grade of middle school, so grow up a little. Acting like a kid all the time... Shiho: I am growing. (Puts his arm on her chest) See, see? Yuuichi: (Blushing) That's not what I'm talking about!

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    Notes (32)

    • Ending Theme: "Kimi ga Sora datta" by Aki Misato

    • Original Japanese Title: Sore wa Otome no Ichidaiji

    • Original Japanese Title: Himitsu no Houkago

    • Original Japanese Title: Honoo no Mai / Hoshi no Chikai

    • Original Japanese Title: Kaze no I*ta*zu*ra

    • First District - This is some sort of a secret organisation that are gathering the HiMEs to the Academy. They also own a fake ambulance in which they use to take innocent bystanders that have seen an Orphan, to their hospital and make them forget everything they saw.

    • Original Japanese Title: Ame--. Namida……

    • Original Japanese Title: Moeru Juushichi-sai

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    Trivia (2)

    • This is the first time Sister Yukariko, is seen without her veil.

    • This marks the first time Mikoto has summoned her Child, Miroku.

    Allusions (7)

    • The way that Natsuki is wearing plastic blue shorts is much like the other Natsuki from the short series, Dears.

    • Yggdrasil - Norse mythology The Yggdrasil is also the name of the tree of life in Norse mythology. The name was also used in the anime series "Ah! My Goddess", for their supercomputer and for the artificial life project in "Shuffle".

    • Natsuki nameing her child Duran comes from her dog. This is much like S-CRY-ED where Ryuhou has a dog name Zetsuei when he was young, than when his dog died Ryuhou created his alter and named him Zetsuei.

    • Handsigns - Naruto The secret ninja (Akira) used Handsigns, representing animals, to summon her Child. This is also used in the popular anime series "Naruto" to summon animals, or just to do special moves.

    • Yukariko's child is a winged unicorn and her weapon is a bow, this resembles "The Melody of Oblivion" where the Warriors of Melos use bows as their weapons and they ride on unicorn motorcycles.

    • Book - Lord of the Flies The book that Nagi was reading is called "Lord of the Flies", it is written by William Golding and was turned into a movie.

    • Full Metal Alchemist - Hand clap. Mashiro's maid, Fumi Himeno, summons here element, a large scythe, by clapping her hands. This is similar to the way Alchemist perform alchemy in the show "Full Metal Alchemist".

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  • Fan Reviews (7)
  • A very good anime show but to be honest I still prefer the sequel.

    By drdan2410, Jan 28, 2009

  • Gambling and girl fights, need I say more?

    By h8r_h8r, Oct 24, 2008

  • What can I say?

    By titan4lizife, Jul 31, 2008

  • I love this show I wish it was still on

    By StellaRocks, Mar 29, 2008

  • A deeply moving story where an ordinary girl's life turns upside down due to superpowers and conspiracy behind it all.

    By Inthernet, Mar 16, 2008

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