My Little Margie

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Quotes (6)

  • Margie: Don’t you understand? If Willie makes a big hit with the fans tonight, this is just the start for him. May be the beginning of a big career for me, too. Maybe someday I’ll own a whole stable of wrestlers. Vern: A whole stable of wrestlers?!

  • (after hanging up from talking to Margie on the phone) Freddy: I’m a toy. That’s what I am. Just a toy in her hands.

  • Margie: Everything I do, I do on a sound, business basis. Just so we understand one another. Edward Kinka: Well, of course, Miss Albright. May I ask how you happened to come to me? Margie: Well, certainly. I have a date for luncheon on 54th Street. I looked in the phonebook under ‘Investments’ and your office was closer to my luncheon date than anybody else’s.

  • Willie: They say I’m not even a has-been. They say I’m a never-was.

  • Margie: I saw a horse but there was no horse, I saw a horse but there was no horse.

  • Margie: It wasn't a rose, it was a carnation, and I didn't kiss it, I ate it. But that was back in kindergarten, he couldn't have remembered that.

Notes (15)

  • This episode is also known as "Marrying Off Roberta".

  • This episode is also known as "Margie Sings".

  • This episode is one of Gale Storm's personal favorites.

  • Harry Hayden and Lila Bliss who portray Freddie's parents in this episode were the real-life parents of actor Don Hayden.

  • Starting with this episode the series moves from CBS to NBC.

  • With this episode the series returns to CBS.

  • This is the first of only two episodes not directed by Hal Yates.

  • Writers Robert Raff and Jim Bullock were credited as "Robert James" on this episode.

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