My Little Pony and Friends

(ended 1990)
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  • S 5 : Ep 16

    The Nightmare (2)


  • S 5 : Ep 15

    The Nightmare (1)


  • S 5 : Ep 14

    Zodies on the Loose


  • S 5 : Ep 13

    Whimzee Come Home


  • S 5 : Ep 12

    Dreamland Express


  • Cast & Crew
  • Tress MacNeille

    Additional Voices (My Little Pony)

  • Charlie Adler

    Spike (My Little Pony)

  • Tony Randall

    the Moochick (My Little Pony)

  • Nancy Cartwright

    Gusty (My Little Pony)

  • Mona Marshall

    Scuttle Bug (Glo Friends)

  • show Description
  • My Little Pony 'n Friends was a showcase for the popular My Little Pony series, which began life as a handful of animated specials that eventually spawned a fondly remembered movie. In this incarnation, the Little Ponies' adventures where divided into 15-minute segments and paired off with 15-minute episodes from a rotating block of other series – the Friends in the title. The other series that filled out the half-hour were Glo Friends, Potato Head Kids, and Moondreamers. Each of these shows had their own nifty toyline. My Little Pony revolved around the magic ponies whose peaceful existence in Dream Valley was threatened by nasty (but not scary) villains. These earthling, unicorn, and pegasus ponies came in every conceivable color and had small pictures on their backs that indicated their names or personalities. Living and learning with them in Ponyland were three humans (siblings Megan, Danny, and Molly), a spunky baby dragon (Spike), a forgetful magician (the Moochick) and his faithful rabbit, the Bushwoolies, and the Grundles. Songs were sung and new friends were made as the ponies and their allies defended their happy home. See Season 1 and Season 2 as well as the Others section for the specials. Glo Friends told the story of tiny glow-in-the-dark bugs and animals who lived in a part of the forest called Glo Land. The magical Moon Drops that made them glow (the source of their power to heal nature) rained down at night and had to be brought to the safety of Moon Drop Pond. Glo Worm, Bashful Bug, Slugger Bug, Glo Cricket, and the other Glo Friends continually evaded the Moligans, a family of mole creatures led by Starnose who wanted extra light and diggers to work in their mines. Plenty of singing took place as the Glo Friends tried to prevent the Moligans from finding their home and destroying the forest. See Season 3. Potato Head Kids depicted the misadventures of the small group of Potato Head Kids who were looked after by Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Spud, Spike, Dimples, Smarty Pants, and all their friends rallied themselves with their trademark cheer of "Potato!!!" before heading off on their next adventure. These were very creative little spuds who easily got into trouble but were most often able to get themselves out of it again. These were the only potato people in a world full of humans, but they were friendly bunch and no one really said anything about it. See Season 4. Moondreamers were tiny glowing pixies that lived with their friends in Starry Up and looked after the dream world. A kid named Bucky, who rode on a magic comet, brought Dream Crystals to the Moondreamers. The Dream Crystals were used to power the Dream Machine that generated pleasant dreams for people on Earth. Covered black holes throughout Starry Up led to Monstrous Middle, where the evil Scowlene and her Sleep Creeps lurked. Their goal was to get to the Dream Machine and turn good dreams into nightmares – it was up to the Moondreamers, led by their ruler Crystal Starr, to see that this never happened. See Season 5.moreless

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  • Quotes (103)

    • "Let's Not Take a Nap" - sung by Megan and the Baby Ponies (Moondancer, Surprise, Glory, and Cotton Candy) M: Let's not take a nap! Who wants to take a nap? Let's let go, let's cut loose Be a locomotive and caboose Whoo, whoo, whoo! All: Let's not nap today Let's stay awake and play! M: Let's not sleep, let's keep busy Play a game of leap frog till we're dizzy Boing, boing All: Boing boing boing boing! BM: Let's do somersaults BS: Let's do cartwheels M: Let's stay up until dawn BG: Let's have a pillow fight BC: Let's have a tug-of-war (yawn) M: Goodness me, did someone yawn? Time we took our naps Before we all collapes BM: (sleepy) No, it's not BS: (sleepy) We're not ready BG: (sleepy) Glory wants her bottle BC: (sleepy) Where's my Teddy? M: To your beds, douce the lights And put your sleepy heads down And sleep tight

    • "The Good Old Days" - sung by Rep and Catrina R: There used to be a time Or maybe you've forgotten When you weren't mean and rotten Remember those good (before you turned bad) old days? C: Don't hand me that line! - I've heard enough! I like to play rough, and if you don't it's tough! R: Oh, how I long to see The sweetie puss you used to be The cute cuddly kitten sittin' on my knee C: That girl is gone - good riddence to her My advice - forget you knew her! But now I'm in my prime - the people, my power! And soon I'll make the whole world cower R: And the sweet pussycat I knew? C: She made like a windstorm and blew She's gone, like those... R: Good (before you turned bad) Both: Old days!

    • "Dressed Like a Dream" - sung by the Sea Ponies and Megan SP: Shoo-bee-doo-shoop-shoop-bee-doo Shoo-bee-doo-shoop-shoop-bee-doo Dressed like a dream They're all dressed like a dream Take a look and you'll agree They stepped right out of a fantasy Dressed like a dream Like stars that shine and gleam Party clothes so heavanly They're lighting up the whole galaxy Isn't it fun getting all done up Pretending you're someone new? Life is supreme when you're dressed like a (dressed like a, dressed like a) dream come true M: Isn't it fun getting all done up Pretending you're someone new? SP: Life is extremely sumpreme When you're dressed like a (dressed like a, dressed like a) dream come true! Shoo-bee-doo-shoop-shoop-bee-doo

    • "Dancing on Air" - sung by Firefly and Megan F: They'll be dancing on air when they meet you Dancing on air with glee! M: I doubt they'll be celebrating When they see it's only me F: They'll do cartwheels in air when they see you Their hopes will start to rise! M: From what they're anticipating, They're in for a big surprise! F: They'll be floating lighter than a cloud M: They'll be floating - laughing right out loud F: The sight of you will send spirits flying M: One or two may burst out crying F: (spoken) Why can't you believe? You're gonna be great! M: (spoken) But, Firefly - F: (spoken) Trust me! F:Megan, you're a dream come true That, my friends all think so too You're the answer to our every prayer M: Time will tell if I'll come through But just imagine if I do... F: They'll be dancing... M: Prancing... Both: Dancing on air!

    • "Call Upon the Sea Ponies" - sung by the Sea Ponies Shoop-bee-doo-shoop-shoop-bee-doo Call upon the Sea Ponies when you're in distress, Helpful as can be ponies - simply signal SOS. If you find you're past the drift and haven't got an oar (oar), Count upon the Sea Ponies - they'll see you to shore! Shoop-bee-doo-shoop-shoop-bee-doo Are you sinking fast? Had some nasty shocks? Feeling like all hope is gone, And washed up on the rocks? Washed up on the rocks! Shoop-bee-doo-shoop-shoop-bee-doo Call upon the Sea Ponies when you're in distress, Helpful as can be ponies - simply signal SOS. If your rudder runs aground or seewead holds a grip (kelp) Count upon the Sea Ponies - they'll see you get help! Sea Ponies, Sea Ponies Simply signal SOS, simply signal SOS Sea Ponies, Sea Ponies Simply signal SOS, simply signal SOS Oh, yes!

    • "A Little Piece of Rainbow" - sung by the Moochick, Megan, Twilight, Bow Tie, and Firefly Mo: Somewhere there's a little piece of rainbow I saved it for a rainy day It's either underneath the rug Or in the cupboard - ug, a bug! But, have no fear, I'll find it right away Wait until you see this piece of rainbow It's brighter than a peacock's plume It's ocean blue and sunrise pink I left it by the sink I think Or was it in the closet with the broom? (Perhaps we ought to try the other room) That piece of rainbow must be hiding some place Search every nook and cranny high and low M: You'd think that with a rainbow there's be some trace T: But not a gleam B: Not a glimmer F: Not a glow! Mo: Oh, where's I put that little piece of rainbow? I ran across just last week It might be in the flower pot My goodness gracious, no it's not That piece of rainbow's playing hide and seek I'm sorry but it seems... I'm sorry but it seems we're up the creek M: (spoken) You're not giving up, are you? Mo: (spoken) Might as well; looked every place; absolutely no place else we could - Mo: Wait a moment! Beg your pardon! Silly me - come and see - it's in the garden! This is where I put that piece of rainbow It's buried here beneath the ground I left it in the flowerbed It's how I am - I plan ahead I knew that here I'd find it safe and sound A lesson for you all When hope seems past recall The piece of rainbow always can be found!

    • "What Good Will Wishing Do?" - sung by Baby Lickety-Split, Morning Glory, and Spike L: No one's in a fix like I am MG: I am L: No one has the luck I do MG: I do L: No one had the setbacks I have MG: I have L: Look where life has led me to MG: Me to L: Nothing I can see can help me MG: Help me! L: And with all that we've come through MG: Come through! L: I wish this was a dream so I could wake up MG: Wake up! L: But what good will wishing do? Spike: (spoken) Ah, come on, Lickety-Split, make a real wish. Feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to improve the situation. L: (spoken) I can't help it. Everything looks so hopeless! (sung) Nothing I can see can help me MG: Help me! S: Somebody will save you L: Who? MG: You! L: I wish there was some cozy little inn near MG: IN HERE! L: But what good will wishing do? MG: It might make your dreams come true!

    • "Grundles Good" - sung by the Grundle King and his people, Baby Lickety-Split, and Spike G: Don't be frightened! What's you're hurry? Have no fear! Not to worry! Sorry to alarm you Grundles won't harm you S: (spoken) Grundles? How do we know you won't harm us? L: (spoken) We thought you were some kind of monsters GK: (spoken) Grundles good! L: (spoken) They still look like monsters to me GK: (spoken) Is what everyone thinks, but Grundles not monsters. Grundles good! G: Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles small, Grundles nice, Grundles also quite concise Grundles don't waste words Wasting words for the birds People stunned, often scared Meeting Grundles unprepared Grundles are misunderstood Grundles neat, Grundles gentle Grundles sweet and sentimental Grundles hug you, never bug you Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles are misunderstood! Take a shot! Take a (lyrics unknown) Grundles not as we're painted Grundles love all and above all.... Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good!

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    Notes (117)

    • Featured songs: “Let's Not Take a Nap,” “The Good Old Days,” and “Dressed Like a Dream.”

    • None of the Little Ponies who played important roles in the first special appear in this one. At this point, the specials existed to advertise the toyline, so Hasbro probably asked them to feature as many of their new ponies as possible.

    • Several of the ponies introduced in this special (such as Skydancer) never appear again.

    • This episode had to be split in half so it could air on My Little Pony 'n Friends. “The Good Old Days” was cut out due to time constraints.

    • Featured songs: “Dancing on Air,” “Call Upon the Sea Ponies,” and “A Little Piece of Rainbow.”

    • This special is also known as “Firefly’s Adventure.”

    • The three Sea Ponies introduced in this special look exactly like three of the Little Ponies. Seawinkle looks like Bow Tie, Wavedancer like Firefly, and Sealight like Cotton Candy.

    • This special was divided in half so that it could air as part of My Little Pony 'n Friends. The break comes just when the shell closes on Megan and Applejack when they fall in the river. "A Little Piece of Rainbow" had to be cut for time constraints.

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    Trivia (43)

    • After this special, the Bushwoolies don't have striped arms. The few times they do is an obvious animation error.

    • Sparkler's hair is white in the scene where Catrina makes it snow. It later turns back to purple.

    • In a couple shots during the song "Let's Not Take A Nap," Baby Surprise is shown as a winged unicorn.

    • In order to wink out, Twilight says "I wish, I wish" several times. She's the only unicorn we see in this special, and this is shown to be her special power. But every other unicorn we'll see can wink in and out easily and has a special magic power in addition to that.

    • Magic Star goes back to Dream Castle to warn the others about the Smooze. Shady is seen among them even though she's supposed to be off looking for Baby Lickety-Split.

    • Why did Megan have the Rainbow of Light? She always gives it back to the Little Ponies before she goes home because she knows they need it for protection.

    • The Smooze moves very slowly through Dream Valley after it's reawakened. It should have covered Paradise Estate way before Megan and the others came back with the Flutter Ponies.

    • In the field of giant sunflowers, there's a Smooze river whose height keeps changing. Sometimes it's really high, other times there quite a drop between the edge of the cliff and the river.

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  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • a nostalgic reminder of childhood. Not written horribly well but enjoyable none the less. Keeping my fingers crossed for a season 2 release since the season 1 is already available.

    By Sundancer202, Feb 07, 2006