My Little Pony and Friends

The Glo Friends Save Christmas

Season 3, Ep 27, Aired
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  • Episode Description
  • It's Christmas Eve and the Glo Friends are getting Glo Land ready for the holidays. Santa Claus and his reindeer are also preparing for their yearly trip around the world. But an evil witch named Blanche decides to put an end to Christmas by trapping Santa in a cage of ice. It's up to the Glo Friends (and a clumsy Moose) to set things right and ensure Christmas isn't destroyed forever.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tony Randall

    the Moochick (My Little Pony)

  • Melanie Gaffin

    Ursa Minor (Moondreamers)

  • David Mendenhall

    Additional Voices (Potato Head Kids)

  • Mona Marshall

    Scuttle Bug (Glo Friends)

  • Susan Blu

    Paradise, Lofty, Pluma (My Little Pony)

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  • Quotes (6)

    • "Glo Friends Christmas Theme" - sung by the Glo Friends We're Glo Friends, and everyone we know is so full of joy! It's cold out, yet everyone's aglow, each Glo girl and boy! The reason is the season, a time to give and receive, We're Glo Friends, let's go friends, Tonight is Christmas Eve! We're Glo Friends, we've hung the mistletoe, the snowman's complete Our stockings are hanging in a row – and don't they look sweet! Our pine tree is a fine tree, (lyrics unknown) We're Glo Friends, high-ho friends, Tomorrow's Christmas Day, Tomorrow's Christmas Day!!

    • "Say Good-bye to Christmas" - sung by Blanche Say good-bye to Christmas, bid farewell to Christmas cheer Thanks to me, Christmas won't be showing up this year! It soon will be a memory, a thing of yesterday Say good-bye to Christmas – I'm blowing it away! Say good-bye to Christmas, don't fill out your Christmas list Thanks to me, Christmas will be ceasing to exist! I'll take each twinkling Christmas tree and crush it underfoot! Say good-bye to Christmas, - it soon will be kaput! I'm gonna launch and assault and bring Santa Claus to a halt, The world will know my name – I'll win fortune and fame, When they learn it was all my fault! MY FAULT!!! Say good-bye to Christmas, bid farewell to Christmas cheer Thanks to me, Christmas won't be showing up this year! I'll use my evil sorcery to send it up the spout Say good-bye to Christmas – I'm wiping Christmas out!

    • "The ‘What If There's No Christmas' Blues" - sung by Santa Claus and the reindeer SC: I got the blues I got the blues I got those "what if there's no Christmas" blues RD: He's got the blues (woh-woh) He's got the blues (woh-woh) He's got those "what if there's no Chrismas" blues SC: I got the blues RD: He's got the blues! SC: I got the blues RD: He's got the blues! SC: Those dreadful "what are they gonna think of Santa" feelings Tonight I though I would cover the map RD: Yeah! SC: With the gifts I'd brought for the kids to unwrap RD: Right! SC: Instead I'm caught like a rat in a trap! I got the blues RD: Got the blues! SC: I got those "what if there's no Christmas" ALL: Bluuuuuues!!!

    • "Time to Be Brave" – sung by Glo Cricket and the Glo Friends GC: When the shadows are closing in, It's time to be brave! When the snarls and screeches begin, All: It's time to be brave Though danger is near We won't dive into fear We'll get through somehow, GC: We can always be frightened later ALL: But the time to be brave The time to be brave is now!

    • "Everybody Glow" – sung by Glo Worm, Bashful Bug, and the Glo Friends GW: Glow, everybody glow Start low, GW&BB: Build it nice and slow All: Allow the light within you to show Glow, everybody glow! Glow, everybody glow Let go, let the magic grow And see the light continue to glow Glow! Glow! Glow!

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    Notes (2)

    • Featured songs: "Glo Friends Christmas Theme," "Say Good-bye to Christmas," "The 'What If There's No Christmas' Blues," "Time to Be Brave," "Everybody Glow," and "Glo Friends Christmas Theme (Reprise)"

    • This special definitively establishes that the Glo Friends' glow power is most effective when they form a complete circle of joined hands. Any gap in the circle significantly diminishes their collective strength.

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