My Little Pony

(ended 1992)
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  • S 3 : Ep 26

    Who's Responsible?

    Aired 12/5/92

  • S 3 : Ep 25

    Ponies in Paradise

    Aired 12/5/92

  • S 3 : Ep 24

    Just for Kicks

    Aired 11/28/92

  • S 3 : Ep 23

    Bon Bon's Diary

    Aired 11/28/92

  • S 3 : Ep 22


    Aired 11/21/92

  • Cast & Crew
  • Cloris Leachman


  • Danny DeVito

    Grundle King

  • Tress MacNeille

  • Cree Summer


  • Charlie Adler

    Spike, Woodland Creatures

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  • show Description
  • Based on one of the most beloved toylines of the 1980's, My Little Pony started out as a couple of animated specials and a feature film before finally becoming a cartoon series. Its various incarnations told the adventures of the little ponies and all of their friends as they lived in the beautiful Dream Valley. There were literally dozens of ponies of all different colors and they were divided into Earth ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasus ponies. All were fundamentally magical beings and each had a small picture on her back that reflected her name or personality. The ponies' most cherished friend is Megan, a young girl of about 13 who was brought to Ponyland to help them in their darkest hour. She continued to visit her friends and often served as leader when trouble struck. Eventually, her younger brother Danny (probably 11) and sister Molly (around 9) met the ponies, and the three of them came to stay in Ponyland for extended visits. There were many different beings who lived in Ponyland besides the ponies. Those who were seen most frequently were Spike (a baby dragon), the Moochick (an absent-minded magician), the Bushwoolies (multicolored fur balls who all seemed to act as one) and the Grundles (friendly troll creatures who tunneled underground). They were always willing to lend a hand when a lesson needed to be learned or villains threatened Dream Valley. The show featured original songs and lessons about teamwork, love, kindness, and bravery. The stories began as 15-minute episodes, but eventually they were expanded into multi-part 15-minute episodes. These were shown alongside other cartoons in a half-hour block titled "My Little Pony and Friends" which included The Moon Dreamers and The Potato Head Kids before being given their own half-hour time slot. In 1992 the Disney Channel would create a new series featuring brand-new ponies with a more preteen spin on the storylines called My Little Pony Tales, which is featured in this guide as Season 3. The Disney Channel would continue to show these episodes for many years in syndication.moreless

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  • Quotes (34)

    • Megan: ME? What can I do? Firefly: You're strong. Megan: No, I'm not! Firefly: You can fight. Megan: No, I can't! Firefly: And you can fly. Megan: I said I could ride, not flyyy!! (Firefly takes off with Megan on her back) Firefly: Ponyfeathers!

    • Firefly: Danger is my life, Medly.

    • Sundance: I'll do it, I'll do it... Sparkler: Way to go Sundance, you've ruined our sign. Now we'll never be ready for the party on time. Sundance: I only tried to get the ball...

    • (at the beginning of a rock slide) Fizzy: What is it? Thunder? Drums? Heavy dancing?

    • Reeka: Can't we stop eating these donuts now, Mama? Hydia: No! And don't call me "Mama"!

    • (while honey is being poured into the honeycomb prison) Sting: Don't you think that's enough, Bumble? You don't want to drown them! Bumble: I don't? Of course I don't! I want to "ground" them, not "drown" them.

    • (The Ponies, Bushwoolies and Furbobs are cornered by the Stonebacks) Spike: Maybe I can "snort" to them--I heard my father do it once! (Spike growls and snorts at the Stonebacks, and the Stonebacks get angrier) Fizzy: What did you say?! Spike: I don't know!

    • (The Ponies, Bushwoolies and Furbobs are cornered by the Stonebacks) Spike: Maybe I can "snort" to them--I heard my father do it once! (Spike growls and snorts at the Stonebacks, and the Stonebacks get angrier) Fizzy: What did you say?! Spike: I don't know!

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    Notes (10)

    • The song "A Little Piece of Rainbow" was edited out of the TV version nor was it included in the Season 1 DVD set, but it was included in the "Firefly's Adventure" video.

    • This special is included in the "My Little Pony" The Complete First Season boxed set.

    • This premiered in primetime and is considered the pilot for the "My Little Pony" TV series. That's why the designs on the ponies and Megan changes after this special.

    • This video title for this episode is "Firefly's Adventure".

    • This episodes is known as "Dreamland" in the UK.

    • The song "The Good Old Days" was cut out in syndication, but included in both the DVD and video versions of this special.

    • It is revealed in this episode that unicorns can only "wink" through empty space.

    • Featured Song: "Where Have the Unicorns Gone"

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    Trivia (103)

    • On the My Little Pony DVD boxed set there are a few minutes cut out of the film: After Applejack's apples get turned into applesauce, she shakes herself off and gets applesauce on Glory and Moondancer. There are also a few lines of dialogue between Scorpan and Spike that are cut out that show how much Scorpan looks out for Spike.

    • There is a bit of a goof-up early on in the feature. After Firefly crashes into Applejack and her basket of apples, the screen flashes briefly to three ponies who are laughing. The Pegasus pony of the group, Medly, is actually painted in Firefly's colors.

    • There is a pony in this special that was never made into a toy. She is white with rainbow hair and has the rainbow logo as her symbol she's often seen with Twinkles the cat on her back.

    • During the song, "Let's Not Take a Nap", when Baby Surprise catches the rings, in a couple scenes, she's shown as a Winged Unicorn.

    • The song sung in this episode is "From the Sun".

    • Hydia makes reference to The Smooze, which was sentient purple ooze that attacked Dream Castle and covered Pony Land until the Ponies defeated it in "The My Little Pony Movie".

    • The song sung in this episode is "Oh, Family".

    • This episode reveals that the Bumbles were kicked out of Flutter Valley because they were tough and mean to everyone.

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  • Fan Reviews (9)
  • Yuck.

    By jmbsonic555, Sep 09, 2011

  • I loved this show so much when I was young like 3 or 4 and watching it again brings back good memories of when cartoons had morals and where actually age appropriate !!!

    By heatherJane, Mar 15, 2007

  • This animation is what childhood needs!

    By tanilu, Jan 21, 2007

  • I would rate it higher if I was at the right age.

    By crystaldragon18, Nov 05, 2006

  • My Little Pony, My Little Pony, You'll always be in my heart!(the lyrics to the song on the commercials)

    By Spongeyfan, Oct 25, 2006

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