My Name Is Earl

Quit Smoking

Season 1, Ep 2, Aired 9/27/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Earl must make amends to Donny, an intimidating thug who spent two years in jail for a robbery Earl committed. Oddly enough, the only way he can do this is by helping Donny's mom quit smoking. Meanwhile, Joy discovers she's the beneficiary of Earl's will and decides to kill him!

  • Cast & Crew
  • Marc Buckland

  • Bobby Bowman

  • Dava Waite

  • Henry Lange Jr.

  • Feliks Parnell

  • Fan Reviews (13)
  • This episode makes each character a little bit more lovable, and brings the humor up another notch. Maybe Earl had it a little bit too easy so far, though. Crabman is cool.

    By Slamex, Sep 28, 2005

  • I can't believe how much it made me laugh.

    By Dawnsdinosaurs, Sep 28, 2005

  • Didn't see it coming

    By clevernamehere, Oct 05, 2005

  • Good...

    By Thacks1, Oct 06, 2005

  • this was a very funny episode

    By csinylover, Feb 01, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (13)

    • Donny Jones: I've gotta help a prayer buddy in the garage. When he showed up I thought he was speaking in tongues, but it turns out he was just back on the stuff.

    • Earl: So you're all churched up now, huh. Good for you. Giving up all that hurting people. Donny Jones: Turn the other cheek now. Earl: And you got a tattoo of the Red Sea to prove it. Donny Jones: Wanna see it now. (he goes to pull down his pants) Earl: No, I'm still gonna pass on that.

    • Earl: Why are we stopping? Randy: I think we got a flat in the back. Catalina: Yeah, I heard it, too. Earl: Damn it! I just got those tires five years ago.

    • Earl: (voiceover) Joy knew that video is the only thing close to a will I have, and normally she's not violent, but money makes people crazy.

    • Joy: Next time you steal a camera Earl, make sure the thing works. Earl: I think I got it on. Joy: I love you Earl. Earl: I love that you love me.

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    Notes (2)

    • The Czech episode title is "Earl přestává kouřit", meaning "Earl Stops Smoking".

    • Original International Air Dates: Germany: July 25, 2008 on RTL Czech Republic: September 8, 2009 on Prima COOL

    Trivia (5)

    • Randy holds up a sign saying "High Def rocks!" in the copy store, that can only be seen using 16:9 HDTV.

    • Featured Music: "Smoke Smoke Smoke (That Cigarette)" by Tex Williams "Livin' Thing" by Electric Light Orchestra "La Grange" by ZZ Top

    • Earl's 'video will' was recorded over another video where we hear a woman scream "Aunt Millie's walking!" just before the scene cuts to Earl and Joy talking about their stolen video camera.

    • 258 open lines from last episode plus one new line in this episode makes 259. Two crossed off in this episode leaves 257 to go.

    • List Trivia: (Re-)Introduced in this episode #49 Been wasteful. #73 Always took a penny, never left a penny. #86 Stole a car from a one legged girl. (Previously introduced in the pilot episode) #102 Harmed and possibly killed people with second hand smoke. (Previously introduced in the pilot episode) #112 Let Donny Jones serve jail time for a crime I commited. #260 (new) Took Donny away from his mother for two years. (259 items on the orginal list) Crossed off in this episode #73 Always took a penny, never left a penny. #102 Harmed and possibly killed people with second hand smoke. #112 Let Donnie Jones serve jail time for a crime I commited. #260 Took Donny away from his mother for two years.

    Allusions (1)

    • (At the yard sale) Randy: Deal, ahh say "Luke I’m your father." Old man: Luke I am your father Needless to say, this is a reference to the immortal line from the film The Empire Strikes Back(1980)

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