The Magic Hour

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Quotes (3)

  • Buddy: Have you ever seen a movie without Burt Reynolds in it? Earl: Not all the way through, no.

  • Earl: Buddy? I thought you were dead. I saw you on the news. Randy: I know what happened. He made a wish to still be alive. Why don't they all do that?

  • Earl: So, I take it you're a movie buff? Buddy: Hell yeah! You spend 95 percent of your teen years in bed you're gonna watch some flicks.

Notes (3)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Posledn√≠ klapka (The Last Clapperboard)

  • In Latin America, this episode aired as an one hour special alongside "Monkeys Take A Bath".

  • Original International Air Dates: Latin America: November 2, 2008 on Canal Fox Belgium: June 19, 2009 on 2BE Czech Republic: July 8, 2010 on Prima COOL

Trivia (3)

  • Featured Music: "The Seeker" by The Who (Earl and Buddy cast the film) "Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright (Closing scene)

  • The woman playing Buddy's Mum (Mindy Sterling) also played Scott Evil's (Seth Green's Character) Mum in the Austin Powers Movies.

  • Guest star Seth Green and series star Jason Lee co-starred together in the 1998 Jerry Bruckheimer hit Enemy of the State.