My Own Worst Enemy

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    Nice 2 z Christian Slater back on top form !!!

    By danamesplissken, Apr 23, 2011

    This is one of the most original & innovative shows of recent times (which is great and at the same time "dangerous" as usually this type of shows r underrated & underestimated... hope this 2 b 1 of da' FEW exceptions).

    I've always thought Christian Slater 2 b 1 of the best actors of his generation and on the past several years he's been "unexplainibly" relegated 2 playing roles on -mostly- forgettable films (with the exception of "MINDHUNTERS" which I loved by the way).

    It had been a while since I expected with such eagerness & anticipation the premiere of a new show and I must say that the wait was worth it as I think this show is destined 2 become an instant CLASSIC.

    I hope people watch this show and z for themselves how good, well directed, greatly paced and superbly acted... "MY OWN WORST ENEMY"

    I really hope so as it is up 2 us (TVFANS) who will determine it's faith... hoping that it gets fastly renewed 4 a 2nd. seasonmoreless

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    Excelent. Very good idea with a great actor. But not for the typical american people because is not simple, hiperviolent or stupid.

    By hughpons, Oct 12, 2009

    A series misunderstood, it was intelligent and addictive. Alias style, but more concrete and agile and less fanciful. A great performance by Christian Slater. It is unfortunate that American TV is limited to 24, which has 5 seasons telling the same story, but all the violence that so captivates the americans. A MOWE second season would be the best choose.

    A My Own Worst Enemy second season would be ideal, with a deeper argument that you can solve the unknowns still open to the first brief season. Give the opportunity for people to have truly memorable stories and real good performances.moreless

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    What on earth were they thinking?

    By Zucchini4067, Sep 17, 2009

    Admittedly, "My Own Worst Enemy" was not a very well known show; however, that does not mean that it was not loved. Whenever I mention this show, or ask if anybody had seen it, the general response was the same; either "No, I have never seen the show" or "Yes, I it was great! Why did they cancel it?"

    The show was amazing! "My Own Worst Enemy" was a great combination of comedy and action; as well as having character development that I personally cared about. I found it fascinating that Henry's son was more like Edward in the way that they both like to fight, and the type of car that they are attracted to-Edward having a new Camaro, the son having an old one that he was trying to fix up.

    I believe that this show could have lasted for a good long run, or at very least could have been a stellar miniseries.moreless

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    This was a superb show. It should never have been canceled, and I think it should brought back. (Spoilers)

    By Jason5550123, Apr 13, 2009

    My Own Worst Enemy was a unique, and very entertaining show. It was without a doubt, canceled before it's time. It was getting better when it got canceled, and I want it to be brought back somehow. This show had great action, good characters, good plot, comedy elements; it was just a really entertaining show. Christian Slater played the roles of the two main characters perfectly, and I think it's unfair to him that he didn't get the chance to keep acting as these two characters and to actually finish the show and the stories of these two characters. My Own Worst Enemy reminded me of 24, which is my favorite show, but at the same time it had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde element going for it; which was pretty original for a Spy TV show. I don't think NBC is willing to bring the show back, so I just hope they make a TV movie or something to finish off all the story lines. I'll miss this show, and overall I give My Own Worst Enemy a 9.5 out of 10.moreless

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    Spy and hard working husband in one, split personality, enough said.

    By gelace, Feb 05, 2009

    This is a perfect example of how economics destroys a perfectly good show. Just like what happened to Firefly. These two shows were written well, had good actors and was exciting to watch. It's a tragic loss of a great story and idea. Great acting too from a good cast. Just because the greedy studio executives decided to axe it because it wasn't doing well in the ratings, doesn't mean they should. Ratings are overblown and useless. If you greedy, money grubbing executives don't want to bring this show back, then at least finish the show properly. That's my two cents worth.moreless

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    From IMDB : "Henry Spivey, an efficiency expert, lives a typical suburban life... In contrast, Edward Albright is a lethal, multilingual operative...and they inhabit the same body. When each personality finds himself out of his element, things go awry."

    By momgaret, Jan 27, 2009

    I'm very picky with shows, and I love Christian Slater, which is why I decided to give this show a shot...and it did not disappoint! Something was happening at every point in the show, fast paced and extremely entertaining! Plus how can you not love a show that has 2 characters played by Christian, and many scenes without his shirt?! All the characters were interesting and the plots were well thought out and never boring. I got really into this show, and am very upset that it's done! Left with unfinished story lines, and the craving for more! BRING IT BACK!!!moreless

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    Perfect example of why it's not worth your time to get invested in a new show. Might as well just start watching everything from DVD.

    By Jeffrey9910, Jan 22, 2009

    I really don't know what's up with these TV people anymore. I don't understand how you can keep shows like Knight Rider going but cancel Journeyman and My Own Worst Enemy. I think MOWE was by far one of the best new shows on TV. I'd consider it Alias on steroids. It had the same concept, going to exotic locations every week. But the one big difference was that all the agents live double lifes and one part doesn't know about the other. Christian Slater was the main reason I watched the show. He done a great job of playing two completely different roles. I think MOWE was on at a bad time and canceled way before it should have been.moreless

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    This is completely insane....!

    By twistedvincent, Jan 04, 2009

    I just re watched the final episode of My Own Worst Enemy and I fail to understand WHY this show is over.(and I NEVER watch shows twice!)If anything NBC has GOT to tie up the loose ends.I'd go as far as to say the final episode was easily the best ever aired.

    The show was\is top notch....definitely not the same old regurgitated crap we seem to get lately.The acting is top notch.And most of all,it was developing quite a fan base.

    C'mon NBC....give the fans a break!They're plenty of outlets for remaining episodes or perhaps a TV movie to finish the story.

    A true waste of an excellent show.moreless

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    This is a great show that no one gave a fair chance.

    By CELEBBOYCRAZY, Jan 03, 2009

    This show is totally awesome and Christian Slater did an awesome job playing a person with two personalities. He's a great actor! This show definately wasn't given a fair chance. I would love to know who killed Tony and who found out that Edward/Henry was broken. Even if they don't bring it back, I think they should do a movie to tie up all the lose ends. Though I am sad that it's gone, I understand why because it was just too expensive which is why I think it would be better as a movie instead of a TV show.moreless

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