My So-Called Life

ABC (ended 1995)
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  • S 1 : Ep 19

    In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

    Aired 1/26/95

  • S 1 : Ep 18


    Aired 1/19/95

  • S 1 : Ep 17


    Aired 1/12/95

  • S 1 : Ep 16


    Aired 1/5/95

  • S 1 : Ep 15

    So-Called Angels

    Aired 12/22/94

  • Cast & Crew
  • Claire Danes

    Angela Chase

  • Jared Leto

    Jordan Catalano

  • Devon Gummersall

    Brian Krakow

  • A. J. Langer

    Rayanne Graff

  • Bess Armstrong

    Patty Chase

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  • show Description
  • My So-Called Life started in 1994 on ABC. It was very popular. It was a show that many could relate to and came off as more realistic than many other high school shows. Unfortunately, ABC cancelled it after one season. It has remained a favorite for long after. There are many questions left unresolved. If there was a season 2, would Rayanne and Angela be friends? Would Graham overcome his fidelity issues? Would Angela ditch dreamboat Jordan Catalano and go with geeky Brian Krakow? We'll never know.moreless

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  • Quotes (171)

    • Rayanne: Mr. Policeman. Oh, perfect! 'Cause we need a ride.

    • Angela: I thought you were on my side. Graham: I'm not on anyone's side. Patty: Graham. Grow up. Choose a side.

    • Graham: Is this girl's mother going to be there? Angela: No. No, Rayanne lives by her wits. In an alley.

    • Angela (voice over): My mother's adopted. For a while, she was looking for her real parents. I guess that's what everyone's looking for.

    • Guy #1: How old are you guys? You guys wanna go somewhere? Rayanne: (To Angela) Do you? Angela: I dunno. Guy #2: There's really young, isn't that like kidnapping or something?

    • Angela: Look how thin yours are. Rickie: Tino, where are you? Rayanne: But yours are really little. Angela: But they're fat, they're like fatter. Rayanne: Rickie loves cuter feet! Rickie: Me? Rayanne: Let's trade shoes.

    • Rickie: Where is Tino? Rayanne: He'll be here, okay? Haven't you ever waiting for anything? Rickie: Yeah, for my life to start.

    • Brian: Hey Chase. Angela: Get out of here, Krakow. Brian: Um, you're breaking like 14 different laws. You looked better before. Angela: Like I'm devastated. Brian: Like I am. Oh, look at me, I'm way cool. I'm off with my way cool friends to sniff floor wax. That's right, cover that zit. Angela: Want me to do yours? Brian: Oh, that hurt.

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    Notes (68)

    • Scott Winant was nominated for the 1995 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing for a Drama Series" for this episode. Winnie Holzman was nominated for the 1995 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing for a Drama Series" for this episode.

    • Early in the production, Claire broke a blood vessel in her eye. It was digitally color corrected frame-by-frame at considerable expense.

    • This is the only episode that used a real house in Los Angeles to film the scenes at the Chase house. The rest of the episodes were shot at a sound stage in Los Angeles.

    • Premiered in Germany on Sunday February 18th, 1996 at 6pm CET on RTL2. Premiered in Australia on Monday July 27th, 1998 at 7:30pm on FOX8.

    • Original episode title: "My So-Called Life" German episode title: "Im Disco-Fieber" (Disco Fever) French episode title: "Ma nouvelle Amie" (My New friend)

    • Early series titles included "The Real Me", "Someone Like Me" and "These Days".

    • A.J. Langer originally auditioned for the role of Angela, but didn't get the part.

    • Fourteen year old Alicia Silverstone auditioned for the role of Angela Chase.

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    Trivia (14)

    • This is the only episode that shows the school cafeteria.

    • The name tag Rayanne wears at the fashion show says "Slut."

    • Although the list is called "Sophomore Girls - The Top 40," there are only fifteen girls on it.

    • The substitute teacher wears different colored socks.

    • The Chase family cat, mentioned again in this episode, is never seen throughout the series.

    • Goof: Patty says in this episode that the family doesn't have a basement. Yet in "Life Of Brian", Patty and Graham were downstairs in the basement when Patty was trying to braid Danielle's hair.

    • Nicky Driscoll died on the Halloween before the Kennedy assassination, which would be 31 October 1963. Indeed, Angela finds a ticket stub from the dance with that year on it. However, the yearbook she checks to find Nicky Driscoll's picture is the yearbook from the year 1963, which would have been for the year before, for the class of 1963, who would have graduated in May/June of that year. Instead she finds Nicky Driscoll's picture with the phrase "In Memorium",which would normally appear in the class of 1964's yearbook, since that would come at the end of that school year. Also, the ghost dance in the gym announces that the dance is for the class of '63, another reference to the class that would have already have graduated.

    • How did Angela get to Rayanne's party so quickly if, as stated previously in the episode, it's 20 minutes away and, as we see in "Pressure", she can't drive?

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    Allusions (62)

    • Graham: Oh. Well, I can see it now. The social world, wild parties, Axl Rose... Axl Rose was the frontman for Guns 'N Roses, a famous American rock band.

    • The movie playing in Patty’s bedroom as Angela comes in at the end of the episode is the black-and-white “It's a Wonderful Life” directed by Frank Capra and released in 1946. The scene shown on the TV set is the passage where Zuzu, daughter of the hero George Bailey, gives her father a flower before he puts her to bed.

    • Playing on the TV Jordan watches during Tino’s party is the music video for the hit single "I Touch Myself", released in 1991 by the Australian rock band "Divinyls".

    • Patty: God, Chelsea Clinton. Will you look at this? No freedom, no privacy, constant surveillance, Secret Service men... That's what we need. The only child of former President Bill Clinton and United States Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton spent her teenage years growing up in the White House. When the pilot episode was first aired in 1994, Chelsea's father was in his first time in office and Chelsea herself was fourteen years old, about Angela's age. Patty therefore deadpans in this quote that she would like the same close watch to be kept on her daughter as on Chelsea so she could stop worrying incessantly about Angela.

    • Several references are made in this episode to The Diaries of Anne Frank, a German Jewish girl persecuted during World War II. Also known as “The Diary of a Young Girl”, the book Angela studies in literature class was first published in 1947 and is a record of Anne Frank’s hiding during the Nazi occupation. Angela relates to the moving life testimony of this girl who was approximately her age when she kept the diary (especially when it comes to Anne Frank’s romance with Peter van Pels, the teenage boy who shared her confinement), and sees the book as a metaphor for coming of age and freedom versus subjection, both literally and figuratively.

    • Graham: Short, like uh, Hillary Clinton? Patty: Forget it. You know, Hillary Clinton is a brilliant woman and people should stop judging her by her hair. Graham: Who's judging her? I think she looks great. I mean, don't you think Hillary Clinton looks great? Hillary Clinton, a United States Senator from New York, is a candidate for the 2008 presidential election. Married to Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, she was the First Lady from 1993 to 2001.

    • Camille: Didn't Jane Seymour write a book about that? Patty: Ah. Yes. And now she's divorced. Camille: Oh, but she's remarried. She's that medicine woman. Jane Seymour, an English actress, is famous for her role on the TV show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

    • Patty: It's this working together. It's pushing us apart. God, that sounds like a Redbook article. Redbook, first published in 1903, is a magazine designed for women.

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