My Super Sweet 16

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Quotes (79)

  • Pauly Shore: Can I get a kiss on the cheek? Jacqueline: No way, that's bad.

  • Lauren: I'm black belt at shopping.

  • Jacqueline: These glasses are by Chanel, I look like Madonna.

  • Lauren: Great, and I've already cut myself.

  • Lauren's Friend: Your Mom would kill you if she saw you right now. Lauren: (To camera) Hi Mom!

  • Jacqueline: I feel like a cupcake, I should just sit down!

  • Jacqueline: Well we're way over capacity.

  • Chad: I think she has a crush on me. I guess it's my hair. It's like, bizzare.

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Notes (46)

  • A whopping 5.9 million viewers tuned into the show's debut where it set a new record for the network among viewers 12-34. Said numbers led all basic cable networks in the 10:30/9:30c slot.

  • Hart's step-mom's store is a very famous one, it is called Josephine Sasso (self-titled). Hart's step-mom has even designed clothes for Oprah Winfrey.

  • Music featured in this episode: Jason Mattia, "Tribal Grind" Jason Mattia, "Pump Rock" Jason Mattia, "Strobe" Drawz, "Make Ya Bootie" Mr. Rey, "All You Need" Mr. Rey, "New Year's Anthem" Reality, "New South" Will Lora, "Video Game"

  • Natalie checks out a store where Paris Hilton shops.

  • Jacqueline and Lauren who had their own episode of My Super Sweet 16 were seen at the party.

  • Natalie's dad had a guard watch over her during the party to make sure that none of the guys she dances with get too touchy.

  • Sierra also was at Carlysia's (Season 2) Sweet 16.

  • Music featured in this episode: Drawz, "Caroline's" Drawz, "Have Fun" Drawz, "Coors Light" Drawz, "Caroline's Clap" Drawz, "Your Hands" Jason Mattia, "Groove Rodeo"

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Trivia (40)

  • Jaque got a 1005 Mustang from her mom and a Fall Out Boy CD from her crush, Chad.

  • Ava's birthday present from her parents was a white Road Ranger.

  • Ava's credit card was cancelled for sneaking away to Santa Barbara.

  • Ava had the option of a bat mitzvah or a sweet sixteen. She chose the sweet sixteen.

  • Ava says she will marry for money.

  • This is the first episode of "My Super Sweet 16" to have a male celebrating his sixteenth birthday. Usually, a female celebrates her sixteenth birthday.

  • The first store in Las Vegas that Natalie walks into has the exact dress that Ava wanted to get but her mother said it was "too much" for her. It is shown in the window on a mannequin as she walks in.

  • Sierra's birthday present from her parents was a tiara.

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Allusions (1)

  • Rachel's father: We need a white person with unusually good rhythm. We need an aspiring John Travolta. John Travolta is an American film star. He first became famous in the movie Saturday Night Fever, in which he dances at a disco club.