Mysterious Ways


Season 1, Ep 6, Aired 8/28/00
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  • Episode Description
  • When two students in Declan's anthropology class exhibit uncanny similarities, Declan becomes curious when both adopted young men turn out to share the same birth date, the same mannerisms, tastes, and test answers, but a blood test determines that they aren't related. When one of them becomes ill, the mystery of what brought them together intensifies. Meanwhile, Declan and Peggy discover they share a common bond as well.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Adrian Pasdar

    Declan Dunn

  • Rae Dawn Chong

    Peggy Fowler

  • Alisen Down

    Miranda Feigelsteen

  • Anne Wheeler

  • Barbara Covington

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    • Declan: They got some answers wrong. The same ones I should add. Peggy: Then YOU don't know your subject very well.

    • (Peggy and Declan are discussing the fact that they went to the same community college and only just discovered it) Declan: I can't believe it. You know, I really wanted to get to know you. Peggy: Really? Declan: Yeah, in fact I was even planning on asking you out. Peggy: Oh, really? Declan: You know it took me two weeks to finally get up the nerve to sit next to you in class? Peggy: You were the guy who wore those big thick glasses! Declan: Yeah, that was me. I even changed my socks for you. Peggy: Ah, nice. Declan: And then you split, you disappeared. Peggy: Yeah I dropped out, my brother got ill so I enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania. Changed majors. Declan: Let me guess, psychiatry. Peggy: Yeah, I met my husband there. Both: (Simultaneously) Wow. Declan: Don't tell me, separated at birth, you and me.

    • Peggy: Declan, did you go to Grand Oaks Community College? Declan: You bet. Two proud years as a fighting ferret. Peggy: Dr. Hess, (in a deeper voice) Dr. Hess. Declan: Dr. Hess. Peggy: He taught there didn't he? Declan: Yeah, why? Peggy: The other day when you mentioned him, it triggered a memory; the name, the accent. I went to Grand Oaks Community College. Declan: Oh yeah? Peggy: And I took a class with Dr. Hess, but I was there only a few weeks. I'd completely forgotten. Declan: Fall of '84? Peggy: Yep. Declan: Your hair was shorter. You sat in the front row and you always argued with me! You were a real pain in the ass!

    • Declan: What you said last week about me thinking everything is weird; it's true I do. I'm always looking for a meaning when there isn't any. Peggy: People have been doing that for thousands of years; it's perfectly normal.

    • (A student hands Declan beer at a college party) Peggy: You shouldn't be drinking with the students. Declan: Why not? They're all 21. Peggy: How do you know? Declan (Pointing to student): Just ask him. Student: Twentyone!

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    • Declan (Talking to a student at a college party where dance music is playing in the background): What is this? Grass Roots? I'm only kidding, I know my music. The Grass Roots were an American rock and roll band who released songs between 1965 and 1975.

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